Why Pyramid and Triangle Patching is so powerful…

Dr. Dennis Lobstein became interested in triangles since his youth.  He remembers the significance at the end of watching The Wizard of Oz.  He co-authored a book, Consistent Winning, about the PHI function, Golden Ratio, and the Fibonacci numbers.  **Join Dr. Dennis every Wednesday for his Acupatch clinic in person or online.  Download info here: The AcuWave Health Education Clinic The AcuWave Health Education Clinic FLYER.  Here is the direct zoom link https://zoom.us/j/6600570113

He has researched sacred geometry for years, and when he does Matrix Energetics. They would often feel a quantum wave of scalar energy.  He decided to patch them in the triangular formation, it prolonged the quantum wave experience.  Just like in ancient civilization where they would use crystals to use the hold energy after/during healing.  Triangles present scalar energy.

When we meditate in the midbrain in the pineal we develop a magnetic structure of the Einstein-Rosenberg bridge that is similar to a wormhole through which space and time is no longer linear, so taking us out of 3D into other dimensions..  They are created by our thoughts.  We align our DNA Tesserac (when aligned, they create a giant wormhole when we meditate for example).

A perfect and amazing fibonacci pattern in a nautilus shell

The carvings on the Mayan pyramids were snakes and diamonds and you see apertures in triangle shape in their art.

Get rid of toxins, we send them through these wormholes.  By setting up triangles it is safer to release entities!

Newtonian, Quantum, Torsion field and Multidimentional physics and Alchemy and Metaphysical Energetics

Math and Art of Source is Sacred Geometry.  The Golden Ratio/spiral is part of that.  You can see it in the Sri Yantra Mantra – you’ll see triangles!  It represents thought forms with occult and mystical meanings and they exert influence in frequency sets.  They have spiritual significance.  They are shaped in spiritual sigdials – symbols.

Newtonian Physics

If we patch someone with a triangle, we’re setting up poles of positive and negative electrodes and that creates a voltage difference.  When there is a difference created, there is an electrical current created between the two poles.  In a triangular shape we have three poles.  Since the body is a semi-conductor, we have a current going between those three poles.  If you have an electrical current going through the body, then there is a magnetic field generated in the center of the triangle.  Setting up a strong magnetic field is beneficial and can change the pattern of dysfunctional areas/blockages.

The appendix is a processor for lymph and the nervous system.  There is one acupuncture point appendix orifice that can help us deal with those systems, clear heat and let go of toxins.  It is re-inforced when we used triangles.

Torsion Field Physics

Involves spirals fields.  When we rotate triangles in opposite directions, we’re creating zero-point energy in the center of the fields.  When we’re patching, we can, with our intent, focus energy to open up the wormhole.  With wormholes you can reach for a possibility for a new reality. When we superimpose triangles doing opposite directions, the center of that rotation expands.  It already happens in the field of the heart!  The electrical fields/scalar fields around the heart rotate in opposite directions.  Thus a Merkaba zero point energy is created.  We can expand that to the whole body by using the horizontal line through the belly button as the pivot between sky and earth.  Sky rotates clockwise and earth counterclockwise.

The TaiChi pole is the main conduit of Qi in the body where yang comes in at the top and the yin out the bottom, then it circulates around back to the top.  It looks like a donut, a Torus. It isn’t static donut however.


Grounding – Energy moves downward and inward – yin.  Higher Vibe frequencies: Source is moving outward and up – yang.

Connecting KI1 bubbling spring to the earth and ground it.  And anchor it as opposed to letting it fly all over the place.  If someone doesn’t have their yang grounded, they get incoherent and “crazy” seeming (Shen disturbances)!  The Wei Qi field normally (9 layers) vibrate with their yin anchor keeps the Evil Qi out (disharmonious frequencies) out.  When the Qi is weak, the “shields” go down (like when you’re holding a cell phone near your head).  Dr. Dennis suggested using Carnosine patch on the phone and changing it every week (if holding cell phone a lot of the time during the day) or for up to a month when using the phone rarely.


Triangle Protocols:

1. Grounding and for Hemorrhoid pain:

  • Icewave on BL57 white on right tan on left (left leg grounding yin patch)
  • Carnosine GV 2

2. Triple Triangle Protocol – for body pain especially back pain.

  • IceWave on BL57 white on right tan on left
  • Carnosince GV2
  • Glutathione GV4 Life Gate (second triangle)
  • Aeon patch on GV 14 (back of the neck) (third triangle) or GV20 top of the head or GV19 (for relieving back pain)

3. Quadruple Triangle Protocol for back pain and any pain between calf and top of the head!

  • IceWave on BL57 white on right tan on left
  • Nirvana GV2
  • Carnosince GV4 life gate
  • Glutathione GV14 crossing point of all yang channels
  • Aeon patch on GV 19 or 20

4. Double pyramids by rotating triangles with our intent. Merkaba model: Use the belly button as the apex of the pyramid by putting a Y-Age (any of them Aeon, glutathione or carnosine…or Nirvana…or Alavida if you’d like to include the pineal support) patch there.

Sky-Earth paradigm:

  • Kidney 1 both sides TAN
  • Kidney 27 both sides WHITE Qi goes in and goes through the belly button and down through both legs to be grounded and the yin coming out the bottom.  Alternatively you can use HT3 on the inside elbows instead of Kidney 27 (for fire/water when yin isn’t anchoring the yang properly and that helps emotional/mental disturbances better than KI27.

Ana called in with emotional turmoil from

  • BL43 – Use IceWave stuck emotional energy – clear Yellow Court
  • Carnosine patch CV 17 releases grief

or use HT3/KI1 double triangle mentioned above – this will help grounding and those with excessive empathy.  All patches reinforce biocoherence of your own field.

To find locations of acupuncture points, go to www.YinYangHouse.com

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