There is liquid crystal in your body – why appendix and fascia are important!

The appendix is a processor of lymph nervous and endocrine systems. Dr. Dennis has been doing some research in this area.  Some forms of Chinese Tui Na (Chinese Massage) it may be similar to Rolfing which involved digging deeply into the fascia.  “Lines in the body are not mystical they are forces balanced, ” said Ida Rolf.  The Fascia is a seamless web of connective tissues and contains the Chinese Meridians.

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The meridians are tubules made of hyaluronic acid and that makes the liquid crystal water circulate more efficiently to move information of light frequencies around the body.  That is the mechanism by which the phototherapy LifeWave patches come in as they re-resonate beneficial frequencies back into the meridians.  The liquid crystal water holds energetic information like frequencies of light.  The frequencies from the patches can then be distributed to the body very efficiency. When those channels are compromised it means the fascia is compromised.  There are obstructions to the flow of Qi and the liquid crystal in the meridians.  Bacteria has hyaluronidase that breaks down hyaluronic acid.  Infections, toxic heat, the structure that can hold the water deteriorates.

Chinese herb called Artemisia that enters all channels (mugwort) and it inhibits this enzymes so the hyaluronidase doesn't work to break down the walls of the channels anymore.  The mugwort energy can go into the meridians.  Qigong can stretch and move around, the fascia can become hydrated when we're relaxed and then when we stretch, we can get toxins out into the lymph…and the blood can deliver nutrients to the cells that need it.

There are points of CONVERGENCE in the fascia and those are junction points.  The changes in fascia can cause blockages (accumulation of waste, toxins).  There is a decrease in signal transfer = blockages.  For every one percent increase in hydration there is a 10% increase in metabolic efficiency.  Trans Fats are bad for our cells because it diminishes their ability to function and vegetable oils like canola etc. can gum up the cells' ability to hydrate.

There are cells in the fascia that lay down collagen and elastin.  Cortisone injections to lower inflammation acutely, but the long term effect is to decrease immune integrity and that kills off the live cells in the connective tissue.  Then the cells building and repairing the fascia are fewer and we can't heal as well.  The fascia is like a semi-conductor (James Oschmann – Energy Medicine).

Fascial Restriction Causes:

  • Trauma
  • inflammation – can then cause adhesions
  • poor posture
  • toxins such as chem trails, encapsulated nano-particles and synthetic RNA (with frequency resonances with HAARP)


  • TMJ
  • migraine
  • fertiliy
  • digestion
  • back and neck problems
  • heart problems
  • musculoskeletal pain

It's important our psyche, our resonance (including what we connect with, emotional, mental etc.), be consistently attended to.  When we vibrate at a higher frequency, our bodies are more protected.  The lung Qi has to be healthy first so our Wei Qi field (protection) can be strong.  In order for the Lung Qi to receive from SKY we have to LET GO of negative frequencies (large intestine meridian) both physically, energetically, spiritually.

Clearing blockages clears the symptoms of pain.  The fascia can shorten thicken and solidify and these can block up the 2000 pounds of square inch of pressure in the fascia.

  • Influential points for sinews and muscles – GB34 and GB36
  • Influential points in vessels  – Lung 9
  • Influential points for GI track CV 12
  • Influential points for Bones bladder 11
  • Influential points for Marrow (includes Kidney, Qi, brain spinal cord) Gallblader 39
  • Xicleft points are used for pain – where Qi and blood accumulate.  If there are blockages around the area of a channel we can treat a Xi-Cleft point to release the blockage. There is one Xicleft points for every channel.  ST34 (knee) SP8 (abdomen) Bladder 63 works lateral ankle, GB36 lateral ankle also thighs, ribs, chest and the neck.

Use Energy Enhancer or IceWave patches Tan on left and White on right on the influential points, the latter breaks through blockages quicker.


If you ask any surgeon trained allopathically, the appendix is considered “extra” and not necessary for health.  However, Dr. Dennis notes that it is a center for processing lymph and neuroendocrine function.


Lan Wei Xue- located between ST 36 and ST37.  “RIGHT LEG appendix orifice acupuncture point”.  It calms down toxic heat of inflammation and infection in acute situations.  You can also use it to process and stimulate lymph, endocrine and nervous systems.  Stomach 37 is about 6 cun/inches underneath the lower border of the knee cap.  The lanweixue is one inch/cun above ST 37.  If it isn't functioning well, then this point might be sore.  This point activates qi and blood and clears heat and toxins from large intestine.  The large intestine houses 80-90% of the immune system is in the large intestine! It makes sense this point would be a regulator of the endocrine system!

This points helps people “let go” – on three levels.  Constipation or physical blockage in the large intestine.  Qi, Jing, Shen.  Energy comes in from SKY and old energy is released by large intestine and the appendix orifice can assist in the letting go of the Jing, Qi and Shen energy.

Put the following patches on ONE of the right lanweixue:

  • Gluathione (antioxidant, immune)
  • Alavida (for pineal body to increase epithalmin which affects all the hormones)
  • Nirvana (dopamine and endorphins)
  • Carnosine (repair and rejuvenation)

Add Icewave or Aeon (or combo Sp6C  on left and Aeon on right  bladder 25 bilaterally) which is the back Shu point for the large intestine.  Then we have created a nice triangle!


Tina called in with microbiome, large intestine issues (mucous) and blockages and restrictions in her body.  Electrolyzed water may help with the manifestation of letting go.  He recommended Spleen 9 to drain dampness.  Example Glutathione patch on appendix orifice and IceWave on Bladder 25 bilaterally and then rotate that pair with Spleen 9 on a different day.

Use Aeon on the Zero Point (Dr. Karen muscle tests for this) and then one Aeon on the blockage point to amplify the effects of using intention and manifesting on the zero point.


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