Testimonial: ‘Pain is going away already after 5 minutes’

‘My girlfriend has a broken ankle for around 3 years, although she is only 31 years old. It is definitely inflamed and when she is only standing on her foot it starts hurting strongly after latest 5 hours. Driving a car herself creates strong pan in the ankle after already 40 minutes, so it is really a big handicap for her Of course, I was able to take the pain away with IceWave and patched her additionally – like always – Aeon and Glutathione, but nevertheless the pain was coming back always the next day. Now with X39, the pain is going away already after 5 minutes and it is staying away for 2 days.
Just with one single patch, that is really amazing.
Feedback on X39 after 2 weeks: 4 times patched and the pain is almost gone, it is really impressive. Only after sports and a lot of pressure on the ancle, the pain comes back but the pain can be controlled easily with X-39.
Better younger or more healthy looking skin – says also my girlfriend, it is more like more „light“ from inside that is shining new Let´s see what has happened after 4 weeks!‘
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