Testimonial: ‘My sleep with the x39 is just fantastic!’

‘My first 24 hours with the x39. I have a scoliosis and a prolapsed disc from which I have a lot of pain when I sleep in beds that are either too soft or too hard.

Travelling a lot means that I am staying at different hotels and sleeping in new beds a lot. For so many years switching beds have been a problem for me because I would wake up with pain in my back.

My first night with X39 I was able to sleep in a bed (when I’m sleeping in this specific bed I would normally wake up with a lot of pain) and I had no pain at all during the night! I woke up at 6am 15 hours after putting on the x39 and then the pain started. 1 minute after putting on a new x39 patch the pain was gone again and I could go back to sleep for another 3 hours!

Beside sleeping better than normal I had the most vivid dreams ever. My sleep with the x39 is just fantastic! I did not know what to expect from the x39 patch and how soon I would be able to feel anything, but it was so quick, and I’m blown away!’


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