Testimonial: “I’m still astounded at this effect”

“I've been a LifeWave member for more than 13 years and have seen and experienced quite a number of ‘miracles' from this technology. But this most recent one with the X39™ has to be among the most amazing of them all. 

A week ago, I inadvertently closed the hatchback door of my car on the end of my right hand's 3rd finger. It took about 2 seconds for it to start hurting, but then it was off to the races – owww!! 
At about 10 seconds, it was really hurting, beginning to turn blue, and darkening by the second. I thought of going all the way back into the facility I'd just left and asking for some ice, but really didn't want to do that. On a somewhat desperate whim, I fished out an X39™ patch and – with it still in the very small plastic bag I keep my 'emergency' patches in – I gently wrapped it around the last third of this finger, with very little expectation that this would do any good, but seeing little else to do.

For probably 30 seconds or so, the pain continued to rise (though probably more slowly), and the colour continued to darken (though also more slowly than before I'd put the patch around it). Then these changes slowly came to a stop, and unmistakably started reversing: the pain started to decrease, and the colour – by now dark blue with some black over most of the last third of that finger – slowly started to lighten. 
In another couple of minutes, the pain was down to negligible, and the colour – except for one very small line on one side of the finger – was back to normal! I was quite frankly astounded! 

After still another minute or so, I then comfortably took the patch off and started to drive home. A few minutes later, though, I could feel the pain just beginning to return, so I fished the X39™ out of my backpack and replaced it over that finger, leaving it there 'till I got home, about another 10 minutes. By then the pain was again essentially completely gone, and the colour was now completely normal. Except for being a little careful not to apply strong pressure on it for another day or so, I did nothing more for it, and it caused me no more difficulties whatsoever! 

The end of this finger is exactly 1/2″ thick, and the gap in my car's hatchback door is exactly 1/4″; the door had completely closed and latched, with the end of my finger in that gap. I'm still astounded at this effect. I only wish I'd had the presence of mind to take some pictures of this unfolding ‘miracle' – I can still scarcely believe it myself!”

– Roger Byrd

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