Testimonial: I’m not struggling up and down stairs anymore!

I wanted to share my experience, to be perfectly honest initially although I was blown away by the testomonies of others I was sceptical how a little patch that was drug free that worked off light/heat could help me with the pain I was in. 

Although I did read and watch the videos. I still was sceptical. Bearing in mind I was getting little relief from pain killers and more importantly my mobility was poor. 

I remember saying to Jon . I dont want to do it as a business I’m busy enough . I just want to see if they work. 

Why did I say that ?  It was because I really was busy with my crypto stuff. Also I had tried health and wellness companies before and although great products I sucked at selling them. 

So the business side was never why I was trying these patches.

However after the results I was getting almost immediately and after only a few days realised these little patches worked. 

I still didn’t tell anyone.

 It was a lady in the choir I go to who said.” Are your knees ok this week.” I said Yes she said “i thought so you have been struggling to get up and down and you seem to be moving better.” 

As the days went by more people noticed I was not moaning and groaning not having to go upstairs with my hands. Getting out of the chair with ease. Being able to walk round the shops. 

Dont get me wrong I still have the odd day usually when I’ve walked too far where I can feel my knees. 

But its early days 8 weeks is nothing.  

I decided now was the time to share with others and it’s been a dream. No selling no trying to convince people to buy.

This I realised was different. 

All I had to do was to share my journey the good and the bad days. 

I add people to this group and ask them to do the same when they feel comfortable. 

To be honest even if I wasnt running it as a business now and I just shared with others to help them I would be happy doing that as I know this little patch will help so many people. 

I have always had an interest in natural health. Especially products that are not tested on animals and dont use animal products. 

So watch this space for other products to compliment the patches that lifewave do. 

Try it, feel it, the  the prices becomes irrelevant. 

Share it yourself with a few folks once you’re a believer and you’ll cover the future costs of your patches and may make a great business too 

Its also  the price of a good  coffee  each day. 

With the  incredible results your health is your  number one priority.

Gail Potkin

For a quick and easy way to get your 30 or 60 day supply of X39, check out the instructions on PDF HERE

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