Tesla Antennaes with LifeWave Patches to get to Zero Point (to manifest)

Listen to this radio show with Dr. Dennis and Dr. Karen to learn about how to set up a Tesla antennae to get to Zero point so you can manifest your intentions more easily using the field of the heart.  Join Dr. Dennis weekly for his free Acuwave clinic in person or online. For information click HERE.  For acupuncture points listed below, please refer to www.yinyanghouse.com for locations.

The sino-atrial node in the heart creates a double helical wave during depolarization to make a heart beat.  Zero point can be invoked with this double helical wave and when using Tesla patching protocol.


Back in the 1980's Dr. Dennis noticed the big huge cell phones and he was concerned about how this technology was going to interfere with natural Ley Lines.  There are pyramids scattered all over the earth that serve as antennae for the ley line grids that form a pattern of the tree of life (sacred geometry).  There are ones where Atlantis and Lemuria used to be.  There are pyramids in central america and south america etc.  All these ley lines are energies grids we tap into and we are much more sensitive to it in pre-ancient times.  He believes that the pyramids were not built with Egyptians.  They were built with antigravity technology to move rocks using monoatomic gold he surmises from the current evidence.

Unlike other elements, monoatomic gold weighs less because it has a fourth phase because it exists in other dimensions.  This was the technology likely used in ancient times.

Evolution of telecommunications:  Brick phones – flip phones- 3G-  smart phones – 4G LTE (long term evolution) – 5G.  We have 200 thousands antennaes for 4G, the telecommunications companies are planning to build millions of towers for 5G.  By 2020, we'll have so much 5G in place, we can have so much in place for artificial intelligence.   Sort of like Skynet from the movie Terminator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Microwave to millimeter width bands (5G) network grid, which dramatically interferes with our biocoherence and our body's ability to function. By developing the ability for AI to communicate, we interfere with our own ability to communicate through telepathy through the ley lines. There is a spiritual war between harmony and disharmony.  The ancient light uses these ley lines.  The earth was in a position in the galaxy to reset the Source code and all the ley lines.  There has recently been reset to the Source code.  In spite of all this AI and 5G being constructed around us, our spiritual powers are gaining strength.

Most people haven't been able to telepathically communicate because of this artificial low vibrational bubble/fence.  There is enough people to be aware that they aren't using their cell phone as much.  Some, however, have broken through this fence.

How to become impervious to negative Qi

The patches help us reinforce our natural healthy biocoherence and guard against these disharmonious frequencies.  In Chinese Medicine, these are called “Evil Qi”.  At the physical level, 5G and these types of energies, block the flow of Qi and it causes pain.  Patches help to increase the free flow of Qi and increase bioelectrical energy in the body (meridians carry energy signatures like liquid crystal like optical fibers).  Some people can see these fields (aura).  In those that are sick or dying, their aura looks grey and it is full of holes.  For those who are very strong and have worked through their ego, their auras often look strong and gold color.  The energy/life force is a material substance and leaves through the top of the head when we die.

Emotional level – if coherent we have joy, peace, confidence.  If interfered with and blocked with disharmonious frequencies, in contrast we have sadness, depression,  anger, guilt and shame.   Mental level coherence, we have clarity, optimistic thoughts and high self-esteem.  On an incoherent level we have confusion, paranoia, pessimism and low self-esteem.  Spiritually (the morphic fields interact here) we have faith, one with spirit,  know our mission, trust our intuition and connecting with spirit.  Fear, separateness (from Source), big Egos, no mission and mistrust intuition.

How to Evoke Zero Point

If we evoke the Zero point energy from the heart to the injured area of the body, we can use the field of the heart to make that area more coherent.  Using alchemy the way the ancients used crystals to reinforce energetic grids, we can do this with lifewave patches crystals, intention and the field of the heart.  Because the heart is at zero point energy, when we place our intention projected through the heart, we can tap the quantum waves of possibility and collapse those into our 3D reality.  It is more of a 4 and 5 D reality now that we are ascending. Unconditional love is the paradigm of the Source code (some call it Christ consciousness). We are waking up and being more aware of these higher level frequencies.

Tesla antennas tap into Ley lines (and Source), however the healthy pattern is disrupted by 5G. In other words we are creating a synthetic communications network which in the next 10-20 years will become self-aware (Terminator movies) according to Dr. Dennis.  The 5G that are projected from satellites can potentially control behavior.  The good news is that those of us above the artificial grid are going to be able to make huge positive changes on behalf of humanity.

World health organization considers the EMF (radiation) can contribute to cancer, ALS, and all sorts of diseases.  Tom Tan, Chinese medicine teacher, used to clear patients with ALS's Qi blockages and they would be able to leave the group without needing their oxygen.

We are tapping into the energy from the field of the heart and sending it to the hurt area of the body.  Dr. Dennis said we can use any of the patches to reinforce biocoherence.  When we use them as Tesla antennas we use channeled intent from the heart to the part that hurts.

Tesla LifeWave Patching Protocol

Points you can use to create Tesla Antennae.  Choose two of the same patch (two Aeon, two Glutathione, two SP6C, two Nirvana, two Carnosine, two Alavida etc.)

STEP 1: Heart Patching –  Choose one of

  • The CV17 point on the center of the chest opens up the Zhong Qi,
  • GV11 (spirit gate on the back of the body) at the level of the 5th thoracic vertebra.
  • Spleen 21, 6 inches down from armpit, The Great connector, on the left, it resonates the apex of the heart (use tan or SP6C if you're patching the left side)
    • Example for left ankle pain – use TAN icewave on left spleen 21, TAN on left ankle pain and add a WHITE patch on the right for energy balancing.
  • The BL 43 is the yellow Court Gate on the outer bladder line which is 3 inches on the sides of the spine at the level of the lower border of the scapula. Choose the point (right or left) that is the most sore.  If they are both sore, you can choose one side one day and choose the other side the next day as your heart point.


  • Place second  (same type of patch) patch on the painful area or the area you wish to focus on.
  • OPTIONAL: if you're using a white patch on the right, you can also opt to add any negatively charged patch (TAN or SP6C) on left side of the body (mirrored point).


  • You can send energy from the heart to multiple areas at once.  For example, you can patch your heart with Aeon patch and also at the same time patch your brain and stomach as well. That would help your focus and help heal abdominal issues.

Dr. Dennis Tips for Charlene who called into the show (who is empathic):  From Matrix Energetics – Frequency 9 – discern self from not-self and purge it out of you.

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