Distributor Spotlight: LifeWave Distributor Ana Cadena, California

“I grew up in a rural setting: hiking, hunting scorpions, climbing trees, riding bikes, and horses. After high school, I spent a few years exploring the west, and the meaning of life in rock climbing, “If you wait too long before making a decision, you will fall.” Ultimately, I returned to academics, earning both a Bachelor (1997) and Master of Science in geology (2013) at Central Washington University. Great joy and fulfillment came through opportunities to collaborate with other geologists. The site investigations took me from Washington State to Alaska, down to Central America, and inland California along the San Andreas fault system where I studied my thesis topic. The life I knew would forever change in May of 2007, when an accident led to a head and neck injury, stunting my geology career. By the end of 2008, it became clear that my goals would rightly shift entirely toward self-care. In this process, I learned to show myself patience and compassion, during challenging chapters. After a period of being bedridden due to severe pain and vertigo, a largely successful spinal surgery started me back in a favored direction, toward higher independence. One lucky day in 2016, I came across a video by Dr. Karen Kan on YouTube, who spoke about the what happens when the brain fails to reliably, or accurately send information from the left to the right side, and vice versa. I realized that the way my brain functions could be key to getting closer to optimal. Once I mopped up the puddle that came forward with my sense of relief, I readied myself to reinvigorate my efforts and get patching.
I’ve been utilizing simple patch solutions for a myriad of symptoms ever since that day, and when I fall out of my routine, I really feel it. With patch solutions, I was able to discontinue the use of all pharmaceutical pain relievers and anti-inflammation medications within a couple of weeks. Every good scientist devotes a healthy level of skepticism to new technology. And every smart scientist recognizes solid, clinically proven science, which I finally did. The whole concept of small stickers leading to higher health seemed had so far fetched until I experienced the benefits. Light Therapy benefits me in so many ways, including aforementioned pain relief, I appreciated: deeper sleep; increased stamina; mood support; fewer and less intense cravings; reduce inflammation, and higher immune function. I was one of those who thought I had to get a couple colds and the flu every year. LifeWave affords me a far higher quality of life than I could imagine given my health history. The potential with the 3rd generation patch, X39 – the Stem Cell Activator, is practically unfathomable. I am about 10 patches into my trial and already am personally appreciating pain relief and reduced inflammation, as well as connectivity around surgical incision sites that had previously felt numb. Helping others reach a higher quality of life drives me to share about the benefits of LifeWave. There are plenty of rewarding stories, testimonials I keep close to heart; each one seems a miracle. I have an uncle who reports no longer bouncing off the walls like a pinball. The truth is that wellness, greater health, is right around the corner. There is nothing to lose by giving LifeWave a 30-day Trial. I’d be happy to help you open up a wholesale account, whether you choose to utilize patches in your self-care program and/or decide to help others along the way. There’s no pace to match, nor any pressure to perform. This program means the world to me and I want to help others feel at ease as they reach their highest optimum.”
~ Ana Cadena, Certified Yoga Trapeze and Pilates Instructor Distributor #880391 Book a free consultation with me HERE.

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