Distributor Spotlight: Dr. Teresa Shen, Master of Chinese Medicine, California

Teresa Shen, Master of Chinese Medicine, California

My name is Teresa Shen, L.Ac. I am acupuncturist and CEO of Eastern Medical Center. Since 1982 Eastern Medical Center has been serving the Bay Area with the practice of ancient Chinese Medicine. Our team of specialized practitioners help activate one’s natural healing abilities, using drug-less and non-invasive methods. We have helped individuals reduce pain, eliminate medication, prevent surgery, recover quick from surgery, stimulate the immune system, severe digestive and respiratory disorders, get pregnant, have an easy healthy pregnancy, as well as help kids with anxiety/depression, autism, ADHD. With a team of specialized practitioners, Eastern Medical Center is ready to help you live your life with energy, youth, and purpose using all natural methods.

Our newest discovery is that of activating one’s own stem cells non-invasively and inexpensively using patches called X39. This is superb in the area of reducing inflammation, wound healing, and scar tissue reduction. So many transformations are happening at our clinic!

To learn more about me visit www.easternmedicalcenter.com

Teresa Shen, L.Ac

Eastern Medical Center

5933 Coronado Lane Suite 100

Pleasanton, CA 94588

Distributor #1020655

Telephone: 925-847-8889 – drshen@easternmedicalcenter.com

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