She doesn’t need to wear glasses anymore because of X39 stem cell patches

I’m super-excited to be interviewing my friend and fellow acupuncturist, Dr. Quila Rider, about how she healed her vision with the help of phototherapy patches, and in particular, the new X39 stem cell enhancing patches that I’ve been raving about.  Joining us will be Dr. Dennis Lobstein, veteran to the Ask the LifeWave Doctors segment of Light Warrior Radio show every first Monday of the month.  

Listen in to learn Dr. Quila’s awesome eye patching protocol as well as wisdom from 3 acupuncturists and healers on this very special show!

Call in LIVE by dialing 1-818-514-1190 and hit “1” so I know your hand is up.  You can get personalized protocols by calling in live or typing in your question in the chat box.   If you’re listening online, just click  on Monday July 1st (Happy Canada Day!) at 12 noon eastern ( to find your time zone) when we go LIVE.

This is going to be an exciting and spirited discussion, so please join us live for this show and get your two cents in!  We’d love to hear your stories about X39 as well any questions you have on how to naturally enhance your wellness with phototherapy patching.


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