Phototherapy Patching Tips for Holiday cravings, stress and overeating

In this months' radio show Dr. Dennis Lobstein and Dr. Karen discuss the “addiction” acupuncture point Tien Wei and how to use it to curb various different cravings.  Just in time for the holidays!  The AcuWave Health Education Clinic FLYER3 to attend Dr. Dennis' weekly workshop on health and wellness (virtual!).

In this short show with Dr. Dennis Lobstein, he outlines some LifeWave phototherapy patching tips using the wisdom of Chinese medicine, to support you during the holidays to minimize cravings and maximizing healthy detox.

Pineal body, limbic brain, hypothalamus, pituitary, fat burning metabolism, dehydration, inflammation, toxin accumulation and hormones like Leptin are involved in cravings and fat accumulation. Leptin is secreted by fat cells when they are full. The ventral medial nucleus of the hypothalamus is the satiety center and that is connected to the lateral nucleus that makes us eat more. When the VMN gives the lateral nucleus the signal to stop eating, we stop overeating.

When the satiety center is knocked out, the overeating center is not regulated. This is like a balance between Yin and Yang. Impulses from the limbic brain (satisfaction and reward center) helps us feel satisfied via endorphins. This also curbs our cravings for food and other substances. That even includes over-exercising.

We can affect the pineal body with patches especially Epithalamin with Alavida patches. It can stimulate the limb brain to feel satisfied. The limbic brain is attached to the hypothalamus and thus is connected to the satiety centers. Inflammation by-product is called C-reactive protein which is a marker for heart disease. CRP binds to Leptin, it prevents it from getting through the blood brain barrier and can’t tell the hypothalamus that we are satiated!

Toxins accumulating in the fat cells prevent the fat from being released. To optimize fat burning, we need to detox first!
Energy enhancer helps through more efficient fat burning.

Earth Element – spleen and stomach channels have to do with nurturing and digestion. Weight control is complicated and kidney and heart channels are involved too. Disharmony of fire and water can cause Shen disturbance which affects our emotions and thus can support our desire to eat. That then includes the liver and lung channels. The food we eat that comes through the spleen and stomach goes to the lungs and contributes to Zong Qi that gives rise to the Wei Qi (which is the strength of our protective field) through the Qi in the chest. The ming men is involved GV4 and that influences our spleens’ ability to transform food into the right type of Qi.

Favorite Combos to Curb Cravings:

  1.  Tien wei – stop addiction point SP6C on left and aeon patch on right.

  2. Food cravings – SP6C patch spleen 15 (Left) 4 inches from belly button and Aeon on Stomach 25 (right)2 inches from belly button. You can also stack Energy enhancers on those points or use this protocol alternate days for added effect…helpful for fat burning in that area.

  3. Products that are helpful and the reasons:
    – Glutathione patch lowers inflammation and rapid Detox
    – Carnosine patch antioxidants and tissue repair
    – Silent nights helps with sleep and hormone balance crucial to fat release.
    – Aeon decreases inflammation and helps to detox the body
    – Alavida helps to regulate the brain glands and thus hormone balance
    – WinFit helps to build muscle at night and that will help to burn fat and calories during the day
    – Nirvana patch helps the satisfaction and reward system supporting dopamine and endorphins.
    – Theta One can lower inflammation and lower weight by unblocking the glutathione pathways via unblocking the pathways to the brain.


– Use the brain balancing protocol (at night if it makes you sleepy) for two weeks
– You can use the energy enhancers on the five elements protocol to tune up all the meridians and to burn more fat.

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