Phototherapy Patch Q&A September 4th, 2023


Over the last several years, we’ve spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain to detoxification and addressed almost every organ in the body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and shareable.

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Dr. Dennis has noticed many psychological and stress problems lately.

Yin Issues

Sinking Yin, for example, has symptoms like this: slow to move, depression with apathy, feeling like you are weighted down, and walking through peanut butter. You can raise the Yang Qi by putting a patch on Governing Vessel 20, the top of the Tai Chi Pole.

Yang Issues

People can feel agitated, agitated, and frustrated. That could be due to Yin deficiency heat. That often affects the small intestine channel and the heart channels. Fire-Water disharmony can manifest as the kidneys being low Yin, therefore not anchoring the Fire of the Heart. When there is disharmony, the kidney Yin can be deficient, and the heart fire is too much. So, one can get hyper. Mania psychosis can be an example of the Yang Qi flying all over the place and not anchored by the Yin. 

In the Fire element, the heart is the commander of all the organs, and the small intestine is the heart-fire protector. The small intestine acts like a filter. On an energetic and spiritual level, it also acts as a filter. If the small intestine orifices are blocked, the heart can be out of balance. If that imbalance is from too much heat, it infects the small intestine channel. One way to relieve it is using the Luo connecting point Small Intestine 7 (SI7). That will relieve the irritability in someone agitated. 

You can use Energy Enhancers, IceWave, or SP6C/Aeon combo on the small intestine on both sides. 

On the other hand, being overexcited (and losing contact with reality) with uncontrolled energy, you could use Kidney 3 and Heart 7 combination. These are both Yin organs. Put a positive patch on the right Heart 7 and a negative patch on the left Kidney 3

A positive patch (Yang energy) has an energy that spins in a way that is similar to rotating an acupuncture needle dextrorotation to the right. That is considered “tonification.” The negative patches have opposing rotation energetically.

Most of the patches are a positive rotation. The exceptions are SP6 Complete, the Energy Enhancer, and IceWave (tan) patches. That being said, some patches are relatively more Yin than others, even if they are considered positive patches. For example, Carnosine is quite Yin compared to most other patches, so they can often be used on the left (advanced protocols) with accompanying positive patches on the right.

Dr. Dennis feels that X39 is more Yin than X49, so in advanced protocols, he often uses X39 on the left and X49 on the right instead of Energy Enhancer or IceWave patches, which have a tan and white.

Q&A Callers

Marta A.

Q: I had a miscarriage and have a history of the immune system attacking the body. I have about 3-4 months before we can try for a baby again, and I would like to take advantage of this time as much as possible using Lifewave products. I have started the regular Y-Age protocol, which I plan to continue for 4 months. I have also started the Advanced Brain Balancing Protocol. I plan to do the Hormonal Balance and Thyroid Protocols for 2 months after the Advanced Brain Balancing Protocol. Do you recommend anything else or a different order of protocols?

A: Dr. Dennis likes using the Brain Balancing Protocol with Aeon and the Y-Age protocols. He also recommends doing the 5 elements rotation, possibly using the SP6C/Aeon combo (if you’re done with the Brain Balancing at night for two weeks) or X39/X49 instead of traditionally using Energy Enhancers or IceWave. In this case, the X39 would be used on the left side.

He wouldn’t use 3-4 patches at a time, thus dividing them into AM/PM. For example, if using the 5 elements, add the other patches to the midline (like on the thyroid), and save some for nighttime use (Carnosine, Aeon, and/or Alavida on the third eye etc.)


Q: What are the best patches for supporting healthy blood sugars?

A: From a Clinician's experience, Dr. Dennis saw that after doing Qigong on the Stomach 21 acupuncture point, her blood sugar levels went down to normal. That means changing the energy of the middle jiao may be effective. He likes patching Stomach 21 right on the ribs. On the back, on the level of T8 on the inner bladder line, 1.5 cm on either side of the spine is also a great point to support blood sugar. The point is called Wei Guan Xiashu. T7 is at the level of an imaginary line connecting the bottom edge of the shoulder blade. Because there is a point on each side of the body, you’d use a combination of patches (Energy Enhancers, IceWave, SP6C/Aeon, X39/X49 combo etc.)

Easy version put Energy Enhancer on Stomach 36


Q: She just started the patches 3 weeks ago. She was sleeping great. On the first day of X39, her nervous system was super-relaxed. After seven hours, she felt “cooked” so she took them off. That night she only slept for 3 hours. She falls asleep easily but hasn’t been able to stay asleep. She is dialling back the use of X39 and Aeon. She tried Aeon at night. She did stop the other patches for 3 days. She did try IceWave on Gallbladder 20 and felt great. But she only slept three hours afterwards! She is trying patches for short periods. She will use patches to get re-regulated the next day but won’t sleep. During the two days off the patches, she wasn’t sure if she was sleeping better. She is getting up between 3-4 AM. She always has to urinate. She is stiffer on the right side of the body. Sudden shocks or stress can reverse polarity.

A: Dr. Dennis – it sounds like her central dopamine is getting too high and might be preventing her sleep. Nirvana on the Xi Mian (calm down the brain). If you don’t have Nirvana, you can use Silent Nights instead. This point is the heel on the right foot. If that makes it worse, that means reversed polarity and thus Dr. Dennis said to experiment with putting the patch on the left foot.

Consider using an Energy Enhancer on Pericardium 6. If polarity is reversed, you could potentially patch in reverse. So white on the left, and tan on the right. 

Alavida behind the right ear may help hormonal balance. If reversed, then put it behind the left ear. If she doesn’t have Alavida, try Carnosine instead. 

The energy switches from the Liver to the Lung at that time. If there is a blockage, that could account for why the energy isn’t moving smoothly. You can look up Chinese Acupuncture Clock for an image. 

According to the former medical director. Dr. Steve Haltiwanger observed that 30% won’t feel the change with patching even though the instruments show a change in the energy system in the body


Q: My husband had vertebrobasilar damage on left side. He has a PEG tube because he can't eat or drink anything. His UES isn't opening enough. What patches do you recommend to help with swallowing? Also, what do you suggest for excess phlegm?

A: Dr. Dennis – for excess phlegm, an accumulation of dampness, you must drain damp. Stomach 40 is halfway between the knee and ankle and is excellent to disperse phlegm. Spleen 9 is great for draining damp. Use a Yin/Yang pair such as left Spleen 9 with Energy Enhancer/IceWave/SP6/or X39) and the right Stomach 40 with Energy Enhancer/IceWave/Aeon/ or X49). Add in the front Mu point for the stomach, which is Conception Vessel 12, with one of the Y-Age patches (Aeon, Glutathione, or Carnosine)

Another option is Conception Vessel 12 and 22 simultaneously. That opens the esophagus and the energy of the throat. Put a more positive patch on CV 22 above and a negative patch on CV 12

Do the Aeon brain balancing protocol first for two weeks at night to clear neurological blockages, then perhaps add the X39 +/- the X49 to the vertebrobasilar area to encourage stem cell activity here. 


Q: Calling in for her aunt. It involves neurological degeneration where the voluntary muscles become paralyzed. She has done one month of X39 so far. Her energy and strength are good. She isn’t getting worse. Her speech is impacted. She is having trouble with swallowing. She is interested in the patches and wishes to support her nervous system. 

A: Dr. Dennis – Clear neurological blockages first with the Advanced Brain Balancing Protocol with two weeks each of Aeon, X39, X49, and Carnosine, respectively

Gallbladder 39 can be helpful for flaccidity. You can use X39 (left Liver 3) and X49 (right GB 39). If you use X39/49 other times during the 24 hours, use Energy Enhancer instead. You can always patch both GB39s.


Q: Any advice for frequent urination? X39 alone hasn’t helped.

A: Dr. Dennis – Conception Vessel 2 with X39 or Aeon. Support the urinary system by patching Bladder 23 on the back near the kidneys or Bladder 28 (back SHU point for the bladder) located on the sacrum around the level of S2. You can use Energy Enhancers, white on the right, tan on the left or the X39/49 combination with Aeon on CV2.


Q: Hi, I'm very new to Lifewave.  My stomach issues include regular gurgling, occasional gas pains and pressure/pain on the right side in the groin area.  Currently I use an X39 along with energy enhancers 5 element detox protocol during the day, and a silent night during the night.  Is there anything else you would suggest?

A: Dr. Dennis – to regulate stomach Qi, Conception Vessel 12 with Glutathione patch. Consider doing the Spleen/Stomach rotation every other day in the 5 Elements Rotation

Dr. Karen – Do the Aeon Brain balancing protocol every night for two weeks and then periodically thereafter to keep the nervous system more balanced. I would also recommend periodically trying the Aeon patch over the ileocecal valve on the Lan Wei Xue (right leg between Stomach 36 and 37 that helps the appendix area). Dr. Karen also recommends trying the Food Combining system to separate protein and starches in the meals.


Q: She moved to the AZ desert in June 2023. She has new symptoms, a strange headache that radiates to the scalp and neck. Creepy, crawly feeling. Fatigue, Throat was irritated. She has never had headaches in her life. This is so strange. Some joint pain now. Low cough in the AM. She was healthy before this. She is in an EMF-free home. She rarely uses a cell phone.

A: Dr. Dennis – 5 Elements Detox protocol can be helpful. Avoid sugar. Consider whether draining damp with Spleen 9 in the protocol helps (instead of Spleen 6) on the left. Conception Vessel 12 on the stomach or Conception Vessel 17 with Glutathione or X39.

Bladder 13 is the back SHU point for the lungs, with X39 on the left and X49 on the right. It’s great for allergies. If it is sore, then definitely use this point! A negative ionization machine might be helpful. A waterfall in the house may be super helpful. Put more plants inside the house.

Dr. Karen – Consider the Uhe Desensitization Method for mitigating any potential allergy-type symptoms, just in case. Jane wrote this down; this is not a public protocol, so it isn’t written here. Consider using the Mayu Swirl.

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