Phototherapy Patch Q&A March 6th, 2023


People are more interested in light and light therapies these days. That’s a good sign! Phototherapy patches are portable light therapy devices that can be placed on Acupuncture Points!

Over the last several years, we’ve spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain to detoxification and addressed almost every organ in the body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and shareable.

People who call live or post their questions in the chat will be a priority in our Q & A monthly radio show sessions. After that, I’ll take questions from the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page Event, under the discussion tab and in the comments on the Calendar Event in my private Light Medicine Community. If you are not already a member, you may request to join by visiting

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Q & A Callers


Q: Can the patches help the immune system deal more effectively with viruses? I’ve had blood tests and am told I have multiple viruses. Thank you. 

A: Law of the terrain versus germ theory has the paradigm of keeping the body healthy and strong, so we are less susceptible to disease. When we are healthy, we have harmony and ease. Our objective is to use patches to support this energetic harmony. We aim to keep the body healthier through its natural healing mechanisms.

Use the Energy Enhancer (EE) patches in the Five Element Protocol (5 Element Protocol) using Yin/Yang pairs. Use one set of Energy Enhancer patches per day, rotating through the elements using white on the right. Tan patch on the left:

Fire – left Pericardium 6 and right Triple Burner 5 (wrists)

Earth – left Spleen 6 (inside left lower leg) and right Stomach 36 (outside leg)

Metal – left Lung 7 or 9 (wrist) and right Large Intestine 4 (hand) or 11 (elbow)

Water – left Kidney 3 inside ankle, and right Bladder 60 outside ankle

Wood – left Liver 3 on the foot, and right Gallbladder 41 on the foot

This balances physical, energetic, and spiritual levels!

Use five days a week with two days of rest

By rotating these yin/yang pairs, we rebalance energy in all of the meridians. This will help support all the organs, the detoxification system, and the immune system's health. You can replace the white Energy Enhancer patch with an Aeon and the tan Energy Enhancer patch with an SP6C patch (for more hormone balancing). If you don’t have Energy Enhancer patches, you can also use the X39 on the left-hand side points and the X49 on the right-hand side points in the protocol above. 

X39 helps the body produce more glutathione which can help with the immune system. Adding a Glutathione patch on a point in the midline (see brochure), like on Conception Vessel 4 or 6 or the Life Gate on the back, Governing Vessel 4, to make a nice big energetic triangle.


Q: Can patches help with peeling fingertips? I've had this for well over 30 yrs now, and while I can get some relief (for a very short duration), it always comes back. When I muscle test, it says it's fungi related.

A: Acidic environments promote fungal growth. Wearing Energy Enhancer patches can help the body become more alkaline. It is important to avoid sugar and hydrate well. All patches increase the bicoherence (the EMF field around the body is strengthened), which may support inhibiting pathogens (including toxic frequencies). 

In the ancient Yellow Emperor's Classic, they weren’t familiar with quantum physics, so they thought you had to avoid supporting the immune system when there is a pathogen. Still, in this day and age, we can transmute negative energies.

Dr. Karen said that X39 could be helpful to support the gut in healing itself.

The lung/large intestine yin/yang pair can be very helpful to patch. The skin is regulated by the Lung Qi, and it works better if the colon is clear of toxins. Using the 5 Elements Protocol rotation, especially the lung/large intestine pair, can be very helpful. (see above. You can also use the lower He Se point for the colon with his Stomach 37 (X49) and lung regulating points like Lung 9 (X39)


Q: I am treating myself for Hay Fever Allergies before it hits me. For this, I am currently clearing trapped emotions. Once I have cleared these emotions, do I need to wear a patch to hold the cleared-out emotions, or do I need to do periodic emotional clearing to maintain being symptom-free?

A: The yellow court area of the body (around the diaphragm area) – emotions can get stuck there. It is associated with stagnant Liver Qi. When there is Liver Qi stagnation, that affects the earth element. When clearing the yellow court, the clearing can happen in stages. Break up the stagnation by sweeping patches across the yellow court area using Icewave in the palms, sweeping from the liver towards the spleen from right to left, with the white patch sweeping the front and the tan patch sweeping the back, and then swapping the colors.

Alternatively, put the Tan on the Great Luo, which is 6 finger widths underneath the underarm, then just use the white patch on the right hand and sweep from the right/liver to the tan patch.

And/or use Bladder 43 on the back on either side of the spine (1.5 inches bilateral to the spine along the inside scapular border right below thoracic vertebra 4). It is very close to the Spirit Gate, Shen Dao. Patch Bladder 43 with Energy Enhancer patches or X39/49 pair to open the yellow court gate. Emotions may be detoxed. 

For hayfever symptoms, one of the most effective protocols is patching Bladder 13 on the back if it is sore, Energy Enhancer or IceWave white on the right, and tan on the left. You can also use Source Point Lung 9 on the wrists: SP6 or Carnosine on the left and Glutathione on the right Lung 9


Q: How to treat pain from inoperable cancer in the anus-rectum area?

Use the Support Mountain Protocol that can be used for low back pain or anal pain.

Use IceWave on Bladder 57, white on the right and tan on the left.

Use any Y-age patch such as Carnosine, Glutathione, or Aeon on Governing Vessel 2 (as close to the bottom of the gluteal cleft as practical).


Q: Please share details about the benefits of the aromatherapy sprays and what makes SHINE & DREAM different/more effective than other sprays from other companies.

A: The energized structured water in the aromatherapy sprays supports the body’s natural anti-aging mechanisms in addition to the herbs and essential oil blends. Shine helps with alertness and energy, and Dream helps with deep sleep and rest. 


Q: When she had brain surgery, and things went wrong – the inside arch felt like knives were cutting in when doing lunges. She has done the brain balancing protocol. 

A: The acupuncture meridians are embedded in the fascia. The fascia connects everything with everything. Thus the scar tissue of the meninges of the brain eventually pulls on the fascia down in the feet. By hydrating, stretching, and flexing the fascia, we may be able to release the signal of pain down in the feet.

Qigong can help these practices. The Aeon advanced brain protocol may help the fascia in the brain relax and reorganize. Reflexology models with massage or patches on the bottom of the feet can help the body heal the fascia. 

Shi Mian goes directly to the brain, and Kidney 1 may be helpful to patch. The nervous system is supported by kidney energy. For example, you can put X49 on the right heel Shi Mian to go to the brain and X39 on the left Kidney 1; it can set up a healing mechanism for the fascia. Shi Mian is in the center of the heel on the bottom and goes straight to the brain. This seems to support healthier sleep patterns as well. An Mian using Aeon or Glutathione, behind the right ear is synergistic. 


Q: I have placement questions about attenuation, the body getting used to the patch. Is it to a specific point or the whole body that it attenuates? How do we combine patches during the day – as I would like to use X39/49 + Alavida + Glutathione simultaneously. 

A: For example, 12 hours on one point and then the same patch on another is the most common attenuation issue. Try not to use the same acupuncture point day and night. Moving patches around to different points is helpful.

Dr. Dennis said that using Aeon for 12 hours on one point and another Aeon for 12 hours on another point is probably fine for most people.

Daily X39/49 should be used for 12 hours maximum in a 24-hour period.

Ann would like to wear Alavida during the day. Dr. Dennis mentions trying Triple Burner 17 behind the right ear may cause less intense dreams in case she would like to wear it at night. If using X39/49 and Alavida during the day, you can add Glutathione on Conception Vessel 15 or 17 or at the throat. Carnosine Dr. Dennis often uses it at night unless it keeps you awake, then just use a point in the brochure. Try not to use too many patches during the day. Simple if often better.


Q: Been with LifeWave since 2009. How do I use Nirvana to support sleep?

A: Put Nirvana on the bottom of the right heel on Shi Mian. You can use Silent Nights behind the right ear on Triple Burner 17 simultaneously. 

Since having cataract surgery, I’ve been having issues with the right eye. Like a film in front of it. The doctor can’t seem to find the problem. How can patches improve her right eye?

Carnosine can be placed on the right temple or above the right eye (experiment) during sleep. You can also use it on top of a blindfold right over the right eye instead of the temple for more direct treatment of the eye.

Place a Glutathione patch on Gallbladder 37 during the day.

Q: I have a friend with TB. He is spitting blood. How do we help support the lungs to heal better?

The front Mu Point of the lungs is Lung 1. Place an X39/49 on the left/right Lung 1 and place a Glutathione patch on Bladder 17 on either side of the spine, on the right back (near the base of the right shoulder blade as it is the influential point for blood. If you can’t reach behind on Bladder 17, then use Glutathione on the front on Conception Vessel 17 for opening up the chest.

She’s doing X49 on GV 14 and Energy Enhancer on the Lung 1, and Glutathione on her belly and then Energy Enhancer on the feet and Icewave on the sciatic nerve and X39 middle of her lower back. She has vertigo symptoms.

Example: Use Energy Enhancers on Liver 3, IceWave on Kidney 1, and then add Glutathione and X39/49 in the centerline. You might even want to skip Glutathione patch on alternate days since X39 also increases glutathione. 


Q: Dealing with a left and foot situation excess heat (but only at night). Left leg was overstretched. Feet heat up and burn and are tingly. The latter is improving during the day. The left foot with damaged nerve, at night, it heats up pretty badly. Any little friction in the sheets really exacerbates the symptoms. 

A: Trial – do the Triangle Protocol. IceWave on Bladder 57, white on right and tan on left, or Kidney 1 instead. Then Carnosine on the Governing Vessel 4 Life Gate, between kidneys. Alternatively, instead of Bladder 57, you can use Kidney 1 instead. 

And then use X39/49 during the day on the belly or Life Gate (center line)

Alternatively, if you wake up around 9:30 PM  then you can balance Triple Burner Meridian by patching Triple Burner 6 which is on the forearm – you can put a Carnosine there at night on the right side (or you can use Aeon or Nirvana or any night-time patch). If you want you can patch both (IceWave white on right, tan on left for example)

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