Phototherapy Patch Q&A June 5th, 2023


During this fun show, we welcomed Patch Training Team Member Christine Baker, who hosted this episode while Dr. Karen is recovered her voice from a 5-day Light Warrior Training Camp.

Over the last several years, we’ve spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain to detoxification and addressed almost every organ in the body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and shareable.

People who call live or post their questions in the chat will be a priority in our Q & A monthly radio show sessions. After that, I’ll take questions from the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page Event under the discussion tab and in the comments on the Calendar Event in my private Light Medicine Community. If you are not already a member, you may request to join by visiting

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Q & A Callers


Q: What is the best protocol for high inflammation (CRP around 45)? Symptoms are stiffness, swelling, and pain in joints and muscle tissue, particularly in hands, knees, and feet, but can also affect other areas. Hands cannot make a fist and are very weak and starting to show signs of deforming, i.e., swan neck, swaying fingers. Been patching for almost 2 weeks. Just finished 5 days of the X39/X49 detox protocol. Also, have Aeon, Glutathione, and IceWave patches. Willing to purchase other ones too.

A: Dr. Dennis – from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, we can see inflammation as damp heat. We need to drain damp and clear heat. One of our best points for draining dampness is Spleen 9. If it is sore (inside the knee), then it needs treatment! The soreness indicates a blockage. We can use Large Intestine 11 for draining heat from the upper body. Stomach 44 on the foot drains heat from the whole body, especially the lower body. For overall “sinew” support, use Gallbladder 34, the master point for tendons and ligaments. 

Consider putting X49 as a “yang” patch on the right side of the body and X39 on the left side of the body, as it is a more “yin” patch.

Right LI 11 X49

Left SP9 X39

Right GB 34 Aeon

CL Williams

Q: Mother-in-law has had symptoms of loose stool when placing the X39 patch below her navel. This loose stool or diarrhea subsided when she stopped using the patch. She used three patches, 12 hours each over three days. I introduced her to the patch for a non-bowel-related issue, and she followed the brochure's recommended location. Oddly enough, the patch helped relieve her non-bowel-related issue during the three-day period.

A: Dr. Dennis Conception Vessel 4 tonifies yang qi, and CV 6 tonifies qi in general. If the loose stool smells, it may indicate some sort of lower Jiao infection or “toxic heat”. If it doesn’t smell, then it is a Spleen qi deficiency.

Halfway between Stomach 36-37, if sore, it would be good to patch for the ileocecal valve.

Dr. Karen – It could be a detoxification symptom since the issue has been resolved. The ileocecal valve may have remained “too open” while patching. She can always try again but add an Aeon on the right lower belly to support the ileocecal valve. The alternative is Aeon covering the belly button (for loose BM) on Conception Vessel 8. It’s a good point for accessing where the spirit enters the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses salt and burning moxa (mugwort) to increase energy in all the channels. 


Q: What patching protocol would you suggest for someone whose vision has been affected due to old surgical scar tissue in the opposite eye? It seems that the previously perfect eye (overuse) has grown excess tissue. The opposite eye was perfect until 12 months ago, from age 5-24, when she had multiple surgeries (5 total) in the other eye. She is currently age 46. She has long-standing gut issues. The previously healthy eye began having squiggly lines and poor vision. Currently, every 4-5 minutes, she has 13 seconds, a subdued reddish rainbow-colored light, and then it disappears. Opthalamologists seem to have differing opinions. She would like to avoid biopsies and surgery. Her energy is very good. Doing patches for the last 2.5 months with X39 on the temples, then Aeon 4-5x a week in the evening. Alternating X39/X49 combination daily. Thus far, she has felt positive results (energy moving). 

A: Dr. Dennis – Try Aeon on the right temple and Carnosine on the left temple. Or, at night, use Carnosine on a blindfold on the affected side. A special point is located on the lower outside of the eye, below the orbit but above the cheek point. It is a special “extra” liver point that helps the eye heal – Lan Wei Xui point

He wants to know why she had surgery on the eyelid (spleen channel). A toxic gut biome might be contributing. The surgery may have created blockages in the earth channels and thus may have contributed to the gut issues. Stomach 37 may help clear toxins from the colon using Glutathione and Aeon

X39 left Stomach 37 and X49 on the right Stomach 37, and Aeon/Glutathione on Bladder 25 back Shu Point for the colon, stacked on the right side with Carnosine Bladder 25 on the left side.

He recommends that she consult a naturopathic doctor or a functional nutritionist.

The eyes are the window of liver energy, and it is always a good idea to patch liver points when dealing with eyes. Liver 3 disperses liver qi stagnation, which is very common due to toxicity. Match it with a Gallbladder 37 point which is good for the eyes. Use X49 on GB37 and X39 on LV3, then use one of the Y-Age (Aeon, Glutathione, or Carnosine) patches on the right or use Aeon or Glutathione on the right and Carnosine on the left “extra liver point” on the face.


Q: What patching protocol do you recommend for a headache due to acidity? I vomited, but my head is still heavy.

A: Dr. DennisIceWave and Energy Enhancer will shift catabolism (breaking down metabolism) and has a lactic acid residue. If you use Energy Enhancer patches, you will likely put out less lactic acid, and you’ll be less acidic.

The body works optimally in a slightly alkaline environment. The headache may or may not be due to the acidity. The heavy head usually means dampness, so use Spleen 9 to drain damp. Shu Stream Points can be used as well. Large Intestine 4 drains excess yang qi out of the head. The combination of left Liver 3 and right Large Intestine 4. We can use X49 (right) on the right and X39 on Liver 3 (left).

Karen C.

Q: Do you know of a reason for only being “allowed” (by muscle testing) to use only a few patches every couple of days for only a few minutes at a time? Is it possible to get too much light into the body? My heart rate would elevate the first couple of times I used them.

A: Dr. Dennis – a client had something similar, and when putting patches on, the symptoms were worse when he used the Pericardium 6 points using either white on the right or tan on the left. When he reversed the patch location, symptoms improved. That might be the problem. Try switching the colors to the opposite side to see if it helps. 

It may be a detox pattern. Over time my client could tolerate the patches longer, taking them off when symptomatic and drinking lots of water (with salt). Drinking structured water helps the metabolism work better by increasing metabolic efficiency via hydration. 

Dr. Karen – is holding out for the LifeWave water machine if David sells one that structures water in the next couple of years!


Q: Nirvana is disappearing from the LifeWave store. What can we use instead? Many people have benefited by doing Aeon, X39, and Nirvana, especially people who were previously on medications and are doing well now. 

A: Dr. Dennis – The research indicates increased dopamine levels inside the brain (endorphins). People with depression seem to have lower dopamine levels. The tablet supports enkephalins. Its receptors are on the dopamine neurons. You’ll find dopamine in the basal ganglia. It fine-tunes motor output from the motor cortex. The signal that controls the motor nerves goes through the basal ganglia. You may get tremors if you get low levels of dopamine. 

For symptoms of tremors: The wood element has movement. Tremors are internal wind so that you can use liver/gallbladder points. Liver 3 (left) and Yuan Source Point for the Gallbladder, GB 40. Or use the belt channel master point, Gallbladder 41 (right). 

For supporting mood: if people are feeling low mood, you can soften these feelings by raising the yang qi by putting Aeon on the Bi Wei, which is Governing Vessel 20, at the top of the Tai Chi Pole (top of the head). 

Dr. Dennis said cocaine withdrawal symptoms were mitigated by putting an SP6 patch on the left “stop addiction” point Tian Wei, located halfway between Large Intestine 5 and Lung 7 on the radial aspect of the wrist. You'll hit that point perfectly by putting the patch with the edge aligned with the wrist crease at the base of the thumb.

One thought on “Phototherapy Patch Q&A June 5th, 2023

  1. CL

    Hi Dr Karen, Dr Dennis and community. I’m CL I asked the question about x39 patching for my mom-in-law and the loose stool reaction. Thank you for the response about the patching with the Aeon patch over the lower belly to help prevent this reaction.

    To answer Dr Dennis’s question her initial loose stool odor was pretty foul, but succeeding bathroom trips were not smelly.

    I have a something to share on this topic. Based on previous blog/radio topics on polarity I decided to place the x.39 patch on the Ying (I think) or left side rather than Yang (midline and/or right) side of my mom-in-law and the x.39 patch did not cause the runs. Voila! Is it safe to say that my mom-in-law’s polarity is reversed?

    Also in watching the divine muscle testing webinar, the process described to reverse polarity (tapping locations in sequence) is that done once or until muscle testing no longer indicates reversed polarity?

    Thanks in advance!!

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