Phototherapy Patch Q&A July 3rd, 2023


Over the last several years, we’ve spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain to detoxification and addressed almost every organ in the body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and shareable.

People who call live or post their questions in the chat will be a priority in our Q & A monthly radio show sessions. After that, I’ll take questions from the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page Event under the discussion tab and in the comments on the Calendar Event in my private Light Medicine Community. If you are not a private member of the Light Medicine Community, you may request to join by visiting

During this episode, Dr. Dennis shares that there are black bears in the forest of Arizona. In a rare instance, a black bear attacked a man and wouldn’t stop. Why would that happen? Dr. Dennis said the most reasonable explanation is that drug runners are coming up with cocaine, and maybe the bear was affected. It reminded Dr. Dennis of addiction recovery. Maybe the bear was in withdrawal?

Withdrawal symptoms are mitigated with SP6C on the left Tian Wei point. The stop addiction point is halfway between Large intestine 5 and Lung 7. He starts with SP6C on the left and sometimes adds an Aeon on the right if necessary. 

For the body to heal itself, it has to change energetic patterns. Whether one believes in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as it has been taught, or Germanic Healing Knowledge, the body will learn to adapt.

Phototherapy supplies beneficial frequencies reflected in the body, amplifying your body’s ability to heal itself. They are a helpful tool to support self-healing. 

Anecdote RE: Jing Wan Hong is a patented salve in Traditional Chinese Medicine that will heal burns and supports the skin. He combined this with X39/49 bracketing an abnormal skin area in a client, and the skin healed well. The X39/ 49 have stem cell-enhancing frequencies. Putting the patches on either side of the area of interest is called bracketing

If there is pain, on the other hand, you can put the patches right on the painful point, Ah Shi, or bracketing on either side. 

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Q & A Callers

Beth T

Q: Is a patching protocol for hearing loss? I have significant hearing loss, and via muscle testing, I got that Lifewave patches would be helpful for this symptom. I started using Lifewave patches this past April.

A: Push around the ear for tender points. Try points like Small Intestine 19 in front of the ear to see if it is tender. Poke around the ear and see if any points are sore, and make a note of them. The Y-Age patches, starting with Aeon, Glutathione, or Carnosine. If you have multiple sore points, you can patch around the ear using one or more patches.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ears are the windows to the kidneys, so tonifying Kidney 3 will help with hearing. That works synergistically with Triple Burner 3. Put X49 on the right Triple Burner 3 and X39 on the left Kidney 3 to activate both points. Alternatively, you can put Energy Enhancers or IceWave, both white patches on the TB3 and tan patches on K13. This latter is using the Sky-Earth Paradigm rather than left-right

Mio B

Q: What is the best patching protocol for blurry vision symptoms?

A: We don’t have enough history to ascertain what the cause may be, so the recommendations that follow are general:

  • The eyes are the window to wood. Patching wood points like Liver 3 and Gallbladder 40 (source point for gallbladder) or Gallbladder 37 helps with the eyes. Using IceWave or Energy Enhancer, you can patch both sides white patch on the right and a tan patch on the left. Or you can use one set with tan on the left Liver 3 and white on the right Gallbladder 37. You can always substitute the tan with SP6C or X39 and the white with Aeon or X49.
  • Locally you can use a Carnosine patch on the temples over the eye that is blurry. If both eyes are blurry, you can use Carnosine on the left and Aeon on the right. Any points around the eye are possible points to use. 
  • Dr. Karen said that using IceWave on both temples shoots energy through both eyeballs, which may help more than points above or below the eye in many people. 
  • Sweeping or dredging may help as well but holding IceWave patches in the palms and sweeping around the temples and eyes, from top to bottom and in front of the eyes. 


Q: She’s been healing from a broken wrist and is doing well. Her occupational therapist is blown away by how much the swelling has decreased. Symptom: the entire left hand fingers goes to sleep from time to time. The injury was 3.5 months ago. When she is very active or when sleeping is when numbness happens. Hanging it down makes the feeling come back quickly.

A: The outer and inner frontier gates, Triple Burner 5 and Pericardium 6, may be helpful. She’s been wearing X39 on the initial swelling area and it is doing well. The X39 is on the pinky side right above the wrist crease at the area of the bone break. Dr. Dennis and Dr. Karen said if the latter is helping her, continue using X39. Put the X49 on the opposite wrist for energy balancing. 

The retinaculum (fascia) may be damaged, and thus the swelling could be compressing the nerves and causing them to temporarily go numb.

Consider sweeping the lymph upwards. Stick IceWave to the right fingers and sweep up the arm into the armpit area. You can put white on the thumb and tan on the third finger.


Q: A client had below the right knee amputation because of an issue with his foot. He has bilateral pain in the feet before that. He put IceWave in different locations with some positive effects. Feels like knives stabbing him. Mild relief under the amputated area using IceWave so far.

A: Dr. Dennis: Option 1: Using Kidney 1 on the left side and Bladder 40 behind both knee areas is a triangle. White IceWave behind the right stump and Tan on left Kidney 1 and X39 on left Bladder 40

Dr. Karen: Use Aeon for Brain Balancing at night or daytime, rotating through the various points. Continue with the favorite 2-3 positions while doing the rest of the patching.

Option 3: The homunculus is the map of the whole body on the brain can be useful. You can use patches in your hand to sweep his brain front to back to reset the brain. Kidney 9 with an SP6C on the left can reset the brain. 


Q: Double curve of the spine. She’s had her atlas adjusted and that has helped tremendously Age 16 with herniated discs. She is on sole and natural supplements. She is not an average patient. Been taking charge of her health. She has mild tingling ton the left arm. Bending down with yardwork makes her feel like she is an eighty-year-old. The pain is in the low back area. She is taking fish oil and collagen.  She isn’t sure what minerals.  She loves Qigong.

A: Dr. Karen: pain may or may not be caused by herniated discs. Using MgCl baths/sprays (which she has) may be additionally helpful to relax the fascia. The iliacus muscles might be tight. The fascia is obviously restructured on the side of the spine causing it to balloon out the other side. She may benefit from more salt SOLE or magnesium to support the sinews to relax more. Using X39/49 may support the sinews and muscles 

Dr. Dennis: The convex side is a “deficiency” and the concave side is “excess”. When there is a deficiency, you tonify it, and when excess, you sedate it. Using IceWave, you would put the tan over the excess and the white over the deficiency area. Use X49 on Governing Vessel 14 and X39 further down on the spine right on the sacrum around Governing Vessel 2.


Q: She’s been using patches for a couple of years recommended by her acupuncturist. She has had head pain for a number of years. What positions might be best with patches? Pain (constant pressure or pulsing), visual changes, and nausea. 

A: Dr. Dennis: patch as soon as you have auric changes. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is an obstruction in the Shao Yang channels (gallbladder, triple burner). Patching Liver 3 (the liver becomes stagnant and you can get liver yang rising which goes up to the head causing blockages in the Shao Yang channels. You can sweep with IceWave patches from the top of the head down to the neck by putting them in your palms and sweeping. After the energy has shifted, then use the patches on Liver and Gallbladder to hold the improvement. You can patch IceWave tan on left Liver 3 and white Icewave on the right Gallbladder 40 or 41, or 8. Put X39 on the left Triple Burner 5 and X49 on the right Triple Burner 5. If the pain is on the left, use left Gallbladder points using Carnosine or SP6C

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