Phototherapy Patch Q&A January 2nd, 2022


Over the last several years, we’ve spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain to detoxification and addressed almost every organ in the body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and shareable.

People who call live or post their questions in the chat will be a priority in our Q & A monthly radio show sessions. After that, I’ll take questions from the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page Event, under the discussion tab and in the comments on the Calendar Event in my private Light Medicine Community. If you are not already a member, you may request to join by visiting

Nirvana for Sleeplessness

Dr. Dennis has been helping people sleep with the Nirvana patch lately! By putting it on the right heel Shi Mian point, the energy goes straight to the brain. If the Silent Nights patch isn’t working well, switch to the Nirvana patch! You can take the supplements during the day. The point is at the bottom of the heel. We put Nirvana on this spot. It cuts down anxiety and agitation and elevates mood. The patches are designed to regulate dopamine levels, according to Dr. Dennis. They will raise central catecholamines.

The pills that come with the patch are made of seaweed that influences enkephalin, a neurotransmitter that works on the dopamine neurons that regulates dopamine. Dopamine gets regulated through these two mechanisms. The endorphins actually regulate dopamine. There are endogenous opiate receptors on the dopamine neurons.

Our understanding is that the seaweed pills would normally take 6 months to elevate the endorphins, but with the combination with the Nirvana patch, the effects happen in a few weeks.

Healthwise with Dr. Dennis Lobstein

To tune into more in-depth training with Dr. Dennis Lobstein, you may attend the AcuWave Community Health Education Healthwise Clinic Zoom room on the third Monday of every month at 3:00 PM EST (find your timezone).

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Discover how to improve your health, including how energy and Asian Medicine work. Nurse Heidi and Dr. Dennis will facilitate this call, and each discussion topic is open to those in attendance. He will be discussing health science about overall well-being*.

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*In this clinic, Dr. Dennis & Nurse Heidi do not cure, treat, or diagnose any allopathic, western disease.

Q & A Callers

Kathy R (LMC)

Q: I listened to your podcast on teeth and have been working on placing the patches on those recommended points and the 5-element 5-day detox. My question is, is it best to remove a tooth that already has a root canal, or can you work with the various patches, especially X39 and X49, while taking algaecal, vitamins, herbs, and mineral supplements and eating organic, low-sugar diet plus exercising rebuild teeth to a state that they are no longer sending toxins into the body? If it can repair, do you have any patch location recommendations and additional supplement recommendations for repairing the L14th tooth? Thank you, Dr. Kan and Dr. Lobstein!

  • Dr. Karen – a dead tooth can seed bacteria that may harm the body as there is no circulatory or nervous system tissue in the area.
  • Dr. Dennis – glutathione may be helpful to detoxify this area (where there is circulation). Acupuncture points would be Stomach 5 and 6 (on the side of the jaw) just in front of the masseter muscle. In Chinese medicine, an infection is toxic damp heat by using Large Intestine 11 (connected to the stomach channel). In the six-channel theory, the Yang Ming “bright” channel carries a lot of heat. That includes both the large intestine and stomach. Both meridians go around the area and collect heat around the mouth area. Stomach 44 can drain toxic heat out of the mouth area. Use White IceWave on the right LI11 and Tan on the left ST 44. If you have toxic fluid, use Spleen 9 with an additional patch like Aeon or X49 on the right and SP6C or X39 on the left.
  • Dr. Dennis – Hypochlorous acid swished around (Waterpik works great) really helps post-root canal instead of using antibiotics. Dr. Dennis has a Kangen machine, and that’s how he makes hypochlorous acid. Your immune system makes its own hypochlorous acid.
  • Chlorine dioxide, and MMS, is similar in that they both have chlorine and are anti-pathogen and disinfectant. It is more caustic to the body, so you must be more careful. Long term, it can potentially be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.

JoAnn W.

Q: My husband fell on the ice while walking down our mountain to our mailbox on Christmas Eve, fractured his 8th rib (left side), and traumatized his back, arm, and hand. What is the best way to heal this issue and mitigate the pain in the meantime? Coughing and getting up and down just about kills him. He got painkillers from the doctor, but they don't do too much. Thank you for your help in this matter.

  • Dr. DennisLung 9 is the Yuan Source Point to support the rebellious lung qi. Putting a patch on Lung 9 would help the cough.
  • You can use the Clock Method with IceWave to mitigate the pain.
  • Putting IceWave patches on Liver 3 and the Back Shu Point for the liver Bladder 18 or even just the pain points on the rib cage.
  • The bracket method – put an IceWave patch on either side of the pain area. Optional: add a third patch to make a triangle (like Aeon)
  • Bladder 34 is the command point for all the sinews and is good for anything ribcage-related. You can put Energy Enhancers or a combination of GB34 on the right and LV3 on the left. On the left, you can use tan IceWave or Energy Enhancer, SP6C patch, or X39 patch. On the right, you can use white IceWave or Energy Enhancers, Aeon patch, or the X49.
  • Dr. Karen – after a fall, even if you don’t hit your head, sometimes the brain and nervous system get stuck or jarred. Use the Aeon Brain balancing protocol.
  • Kidney 9 is really good for resetting the nervous system. It is like clearing “static” from the body’s energy field. The kidney controls the marrow, which includes the brain and nervous system. For example, you can use one Y-Age patch on the right Kidney 9.

Jeanette T.

Q: I have multiple issues and am not sure where to start. I tried to use a glutathione combo first, but the brain function symptoms were too much! The body symptoms I don't care, I can push through, no worries) here's what I'm addressing… There's an overload of toxins in my brain from environmental toxin exposure. I had a brain injury due to extreme stress that the Dr. explained showed the same as a chemical brain injury would display. Diagnosed with a node on my thyroid after years of being told my thyroid function was fine when I knew it wasn't. I have managed to live a somewhat normal life, to look at and interact with me; no one could tell anything was wrong. Every time I try to detox, my brain gets overwhelmed/overloaded, interrupting my normal schedule. I am currently smoking, and I was told the patches wouldn't work if you were smoking. Is that true? I saw a Lifewave Patch stop smoking protocol in the Self Healing with Light book. I desperately need help creating a personalized patching protocol! I would Greatly Appreciate some Expertise on this healing journey Thank you!

  • Dr. Dennis – Stop smoking points Tian Wei: Sp6C on the left wrist and Aeon on the right wrist help to mitigate withdrawal symptoms and help with quitting smoking, according to Dr. Dennis and Dr. Karen’s clinical experience.
  • Aeon and glutathione can cause significant detox symptoms. Aeon can cause feeling sleepy. Detox symptoms: dry mouth, metallic taste, dry skin, fatigue, headache. Drink more water, preferably with electrolytes and minerals, to mitigate detox symptoms. Take patches off if the detox symptoms are too severe.
  • Dr. Karen – an alternative to support detoxification is to use the 5-element detox protocol using Energy Enhancer or X39/x49 combination to support the detoxification organs (colon, lymphatic system, kidneys, liver, lungs, skin). The five elements protocol helps to circulate energy in all the meridians.
  • Dr. Dennis – movement helps with lymphatic clearing. Walking, stretching, and bouncing, are great. Taking a bath. Light Beam generator also circulates lymph and takes toxins out. However, just doing movement (including Qigong) is super helpful.
  • Patches can be swept to dredge the energy of the channels. This is the sweeping protocol which can be found HERE.

Hoo Nei

Q: Dear Dr. Karen and Dr. Lobstein, thank you very, very much for your help with my dog, Buddy (who had torn ACL) last time. He has completely recovered. Really really appreciate your help! Currently, I have another question regarding Buddy's hind leg too. We found out recently that Buddy's left hind leg joint is not smooth and may be experiencing an early sign of joint damage. Please let me know what patches we can use to help him with this. Thank you very very much.

  • Dr. Karen – Reverse the process of Bu – decrease inflammation and encourage stem cell activation. The Y-Age patches help to lower inflammation. You can also put IceWave patches on the inflamed joint.
  • If there are no symptoms, possibly use X39 on the joint or create a healing triangle with X39, IceWave, and/or Aeon. If this is inconvenient, just put the patches on the collar. Oversee him to see whether he communicates that this is too much stimulation (more than one patch at a time). Sometimes just above the tail works as well.


Q: What do you recommend for the constant urge to pee and pain in the bladder, please?

  • Dr. Dennis Conception Vessel 3 is one inch above the pubic bone in the midline. Stick an X39 there. You can also stack a glutathione patch on that point as well. This will lower inflammation, repair tissue and release damp, toxic heat.
  • Spleen 6 is good because the spleen, kidney, and liver meridians run through it.
  • Spleen 4 is helpful as the energy goes to the uterus and bladder (prostate as well in men). You can use them both if you like. Use Aeon on Pericardium 6 combination is synergistic (right). SP6C on Spleen 4 on the left and CV3 in the middle.


Q: I have been using x39 since Oct 1, and the saliva production in my mouth has dramatically increased. It is not disconcerting but definitely something I've noticed and would appreciate your thoughts on it. I have to swallow a lot. I am using glutathione, X39, and X49.

  • Dr. Dennis – that usually happens in the parasympathetic relaxation mode. We are so used to being stressed that it may seem unusual to be in relaxation mode. If this is disturbing, you can use Energy Enhancer or IceWave patches or SP6C or Carnosine/Aeon combo on Kidney 6 (potentially) and X39 on the right Heart 5 (benefits the tongue and may benefit with saliva). The tongue is the window to the heart. If you’re stimulating Heart 5, you help with the heart window.
  • Try Aeon underneath your chin at night as a trial to see if that helps. Conception Vessel 23. On the front of the chin Conception Vessel 24 is also indicated for excess saliva. That’s an alternative point.


Q: Chronic migraines (with visual issues including vertigo and nausea), chronic pain & extreme fatigue along with GI issues, shortness of breath, and weight gain. My hair has also thinned out, and all of this has affected me emotionally as well. What patches would you recommend for me?

  • Dr. Dennis – Hair loss is a kidney Qi deficiency. Put Energy Enhancers on Kidney 3 or Bladder 23 on the back at the level of lumbar vertebrae 2. Place an X39 between the kidneys on the Life Gate Governing Vessel 4 instead of the Energy Enhancers on Bladder 23.
  • For creating a Support Mountain Triangle, you can put the IceWave on Bladder 57 and add X39 on the Life Gate to recharge the kidney batteries. This protocol will help with whole-body pain and overall energy.
  • Instead: you can also use the five-element protocol with X39 on the left/yin side and X49 on the right yang side. That would support all the body’s organs and meridians. Here are the photos.
  • Dr. Karen – for added efficacy, at an Aeon using the brain balancing protocol at night when you sleep.


Q: Hi, Dr. Kan and Dr. Lobstein; I have a 60+-year-old female friend that has severe dry, cracked skin. She also suffers from skin blotches/rashes on her body.

  • Dr. Dennis – X39 would be a great base. That would help the body repair the skin and other organs. It also elevates glutathione to support the immune system and detoxification.
  • The Lung Qi circulates and supports healthy skin. Lung 9 is a great point. You can also use X39 on the left and X49 on the right.
  • Dr. Karen – skin reflects the health of the gut and other detox organs (liver, lungs, lymphatic). In clinical experience, the X39 helps support the gut’s healing of itself.


Q: How do you support the HPTA axis? She uses Bladder 23 and many patches.

  • Dr. Dennis – The most elegant way to balance the endocrine system is to put Alavida on the third eye GV 24.5 at night to support the pineal gland, which communicates to the rest of the endocrine system. 
  • Daytime: Continue with Bladder 23 for tonifying Kidney Qi – Energy Enhancers or X39 on the left/X49 on the right.
    • Or you can just put the X39 on the Life Gate on Governing Vessel 4
  • Optional: Add Aeon behind the right ear and SP6C on the left Spleen 6 or Kidney 6


Q: My daughter with spinal curvature. She sticks the IceWave on her for three days, takes a break, and then does it again. She is stable! Is there a place where it tells you the polarity of the patches? She has had three back surgeries for scoliosis (now 43). She has two metal rods in the upper part of the back. She has two rods in her lower back that was for a slipped disc and fractured vertebrae. Tons of wear and tear on the vertebrae joints. She’s been on the patches for three months. She is doing so much better. She feels like she is healing. The back pain is much shorter in duration! She doesn’t feel unstable in the vertebrae any longer. Is there something she can do to supplement the healing process? She does X39 during the daytime and Aeon and Alavida at night. She has carnosine that she has been testing out. Her lower back was hurting or spasming the other day, so she used Carnosine on Gallbladder 34, and it totally went away! Sometimes the bones hurt around the screws, and the carnosine helped.

  • All the white patches are positive except SP6C patch. Carnosine is more electronegative than the other white patches but more electropositive than the SP6C and tan patches.
  • Dr. Dennis – using Gallbladder 34 on a regular basis is a great idea as it is a master point for connective tissue, what’s necessary to keep the vertebrae intact and aligned. You can use Energy Enhancer or X39/49 combination. 
  • IceWave, white on top and tan on the bottom of the spine to support the alignment. White on Governing Vessel 14 and the Tan right above the butt crack, Governing Vessel 2
  • Instead, you can use the Support Mountain points with IceWave on Bladder 57 (bladder 40 is also good for the whole low back). You can add X49 or Aeon on the top of the Tai Chi pole Governing Vessel 20 or Governing Vessel 14. You can add X39 over the worn-out vertebrae.
    • Alternatively, right Bladder 63 with X39 to keep bone intact may support bone mending. 
    • Carnosine can be placed on the Life Gate or sacrum GV 2 in this protocol
  • Dr. Karen – again, consider block therapy to release, realign, and reinflate the fascial spaces.


Q: She is new to LifeWave. She has right upper leg pain and sometimes knee and hip pain. The latter might be connected to her hip. Where can she patch to release pain and support healing?

  • Dr. Dennis feels the simpler version of the Support Mountain triangle protocol is potent for whole-body/back/limb support.
    • Use IceWave white on the right and tan on the left on Bladder 57 on the back of the calves.
    • Put the X39 between the kidneys, Governing Vessel 4
  • Contact to purchase the X39 and IceWave patches.

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