Phototherapy Patch Q&A February 6th, 2023


Over the last several years, we’ve spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain to detoxification and addressed almost every organ in the body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and shareable.

People who call live or post their questions in the chat will be a priority in our Q & A monthly radio show sessions. After that, I’ll take questions from the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page Event, under the discussion tab and in the comments on the Calendar Event in my private Light Medicine Community. If you are not already a member, you may request to join by visiting

Healthwise with Dr. Dennis Lobstein

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Discover how to improve your health, including how energy and Asian Medicine work. Nurse Heidi and Dr. Dennis will facilitate this call, and each discussion topic is open to those in attendance. He will be discussing health science about overall well-being*.

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*In this clinic, Dr. Dennis & Nurse Heidi do not cure, treat, or diagnose any allopathic, western disease.

Spiritual Energy

Acupuncture points can support our soul energy and spirituality! The soul is essential to our being; many people don’t think of it. Nirvana is one of Dr. Dennis’ favorites. It affects the dopamine and endorphin system of the brain. It helps with sleep, relaxation, and mood. That calms them and gives them an alternate state of stress consciousness. The Nirvana tablet fine-tunes the encephalin receptors to regulate dopamine. 

This might relieve addictions to drugs and alcohol. The Tian Wei point is the “stop addiction point” halfway between the Large intestine 5 and Lung 7 acupuncture points on the radial side of the forearm, near the wrist. Put the Nirvana on the right wrist. For cravings, a perfect combination would be Nirvana on the right and SP6C on the left, Tian Wei.


Hydration improves the efficacy of the patches, especially electrolyzed water (higher concentration of electrons and hydrogen in the water) When the water is structured or micro-clustered, the water permeates the cell membrane better. When there is better hydration, the electrical signaling system improves. Dr. Dennis used to teach medical physiology. For every increase of 1% inside the cells, you have a 10x increase in metabolic efficiency. Dr. Dennis uses a Kangen water machine, and Dr. Karen uses her ascension 3 jewelry to improve the structure of the water (and she uses Willard Water supplement at to micro cluster the water).

SOLE is a super-saturated salt solution that helps with hydration and improves the electrical potential of the cells. You make it using and put it in pure water overnight in a glass container with a non-metal lid. Work up to 1 tsp a day in 8 or 16 oz of water the first thing in the morning.

Why do people begin feeling thirsty after consciously drinking more water? The nucleus circularis monitors the osmolarity of the cells. If the cells are still dehydrated, you’ll feel thirsty (if you are detoxifying and urinating a lot). On the other hand, micro-clustered water may increase cellular hydration, but one may feel more thirsty. Maybe this is a healing mechanism where there is a reset of the ability of the body to sense dehydration.

Q & A Callers


Q: A symptom of a dry throat from mold exposure. What patches and where to put them?

A: Conception Vessel 22, CV22 – put a carnosine or glutathione patch


Q: I have a lot of pain in my entire body. I’ve tried everything to get relief. I want to try the x39/49 LifeWave patch duo promotion, as I’ve read a lot about them. I have most of the pain in my spine, shoulders, and knees everywhere you can imagine. I want to start with these patches as they are a good fit. What do you recommend?

A: This is a great approach. X39 will raise glutathione levels to the degree that it is an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. Along with X49, and all of it does as well, this is a great start. 

For overall body balancing and pain (caused by Qi flow blockages), do a Five Element Protocol using X39 (left)/49(right) as a yin/yang pair.

  • Day 1: Earth – left spleen 6 and right stomach 36
  • Day 2: Metal – left lung 7 and right large intestine 4 or 11
  • Day 3: Water – left kidney 3 and right bladder 60
  • Day 4: Liver – left liver 3 and right gallbladder 41 or 34
  • Day 5: Fire – left pericardium 6 and right triple burner 5

Find additional pictures and explanations here and here.


Q: How do I patch for pain in my foot's plantar fascia or heel?

A: Use IceWave: Tan patch on the heel (Shi Mian) and White patch near Kidney 1 or further to the base of the toes.

You would use X39 and X49 for repair on the same points as above.

You can also stack the X39 on top of the tan patch and X49 over the white patch to get both signals!


Q: Pain from the piriformis muscle on the left side with pain (a tight pulling sensation) going down the left leg at the back of my hamstring down to the calf/ankle? This is quite painful at night and day.

A: A simple approach is to put a line of IceWave patches putting a white patch above and a tan patch below on the back of the leg. The white patch would be on the sacrum like Governing Vessel 2 or just above the piriformis (or on the pain point), and the tan patch would be on the left Bladder 59 on the calf. That would move energy down the whole area. 

A Triangle approach: IceWave on Bladder 57 on the calf, white on the right, and tan on the left leg. The triangle's apex would be on the sacrum Governing Vessel 2, the Life Gate Governing Vessel 4, or even the back of the neck Governing Vessel 14. You could also put patches on all of these with the least positively charged patches on the lower points (such as carnosine) and more positively charged patches higher up (such as glutathione, Aeon) see or a picture. There is a high electromagnetic field in the center of the triangle. Quantum physics: the triangle creates a positive portal. 


Q: A 9-year-old boy has elevated bone marrow platelets, enlarged/inflamed lymph nodes, and lowered red blood cell count. What patching protocol would you recommend to support?

A: The simple approach to balance the blood and immune system. Use Bladder 17, the influential point for the blood, 1.5 inches on either side of the thoracic 7 vertebra close to an imaginary line connecting the bottom of both shoulder blades. Use either X39/49 or SP6C on the left/Aeon on the right, or Energy Enhancer tan on the left/white on the right. 

When detoxifying from a toxic treatment, then you can add glutathione. Theoretically, you wouldn’t want to use an antioxidant during a toxic treatment.


Q: What patching protocol do you recommend to support the thyroid, pancreatic blood sugar balance, and hair growth on the head?

A: Head hair is regulated by the kidneys. Use Energy Enhancers on Kidney 3 or bladder 23 on the back on one day;

For the thyroid, you can put Energy Enhancers on both Stomach 9 on the throat on either side, white on the right, tan on the left (or use X39 left and X49 right for repair)

For blood sugar balance, support the Middle Jiao (spleen and pancreas support). By using Stomach 21 below the ribs on the front of the body, four inches above the belly button, on 2 inches on either side of the midline using Energy Enhancers, white on the right, tan on the left. It helps with stagnation. As for other options, you can use X39/49 or carnosine/glutathione (left/right).


Q: Patching protocol recommendation for an enlarged uterus, heavy menstrual bleeding, and cramping.

A: Access the Qi going to the uterus using the Chong Mai channel. The master point is Spleen 4 on the inside foot. Using Energy Enhancer, tan on the left foot, and white on the right wrist, you can use left spleen 4 and right pericardium 6 on the right wrist (works synergistically). Alternatively, you can use SP6C on the left and Aeon on the right.

Alternatively, you can use Zigong, indicated with stagnation (blood clots in menstrual). Use Aeon on the right and SP6C on the left. It is located 3 inches on either side of Conception 3 on the mid-belly. For pain, use IceWave, white on the right and tan on the left.

Liver Qi stagnation causes cramping. The liver channel directs blood where it goes and helps the genitals. Use Liver 3 on the left and the master point for the belt channel on the right, Gallbladder 41. You can use Sp6C on the left and Aeon on the right. Or use Energy Enhancer white on the right and tan on the left. IceWave would also work. 

Influential point for the blood, Bladder 17 on the back, which will support the blood, platelets, etc.


Q: I’m wondering about using patches versus supplements for heart health. This was mentioned during the last LifeWave Connect call with David Schmidt.

A: Dr. Karen mentioned that she would recommend patches first and then add supplements later, maybe 30-90 days later, depending on the results.

Using patches helps relax the heart muscle, decreases irritability, and helps the heart be more stable rhythmically. Use Carnosine at Conception 17 for Zong Qi (chest Qi) on the sternum and energy element patches using the five elements rotation (see above)

Another more complex formula that involves multiple triangles is X39 on Conception vessel 17 and X49 on Governing vessel 11, at the level of T5. Carnosine on the Mu point of the heart near the xiphoid Conception Vessel 14 (or you can stack it on top of CV17), and add Energy Enhancer on Pericardium 6 or Heart 7

A third option is X49 on CV17 and X39 over Spleen 21 in the side rib area under the arms to support healthy depolarization. The apex of the heart is pointing at Spleen 21.


Q: An acupuncturist recommended that she shouldn’t use patches and only use moxa on the kidney point and stomach 36. 

A: The acupuncturist is misunderstanding the patches. All the electropositive patches “add” energy in, whereas the tan patches move patches out; however, when used in combination, the Qi moves, and it doesn't drain the body. You would never use the Energy Enhancer tan patch alone.

She can certainly use moxa if she wants (when she isn’t using patches because these patches are sensitive to heat). Moxa enters all 12 meridians and helps the Qi flow. It enhances the integrity of the meridians. Bacteria can break down the walls of the meridians made of hyaluronic acid. Moxa will inhibit the hyaluronidase secreted by bacteria. The bioelectricity of the acupuncture meridians is best when these walls are intact—Moxa options: Stomach 36. Put Himalayan or Celtic sea salt in the belly button and moxa over the top.


Q: Protocols for balancing the brain's hemispheres and anxiety and nervousness symptoms.

A: Use Dr. Karen’s Aeon brain balancing protocol for balancing the brain's two hemispheres. Dr. Karen likes An Mian behind the right ear (near Triple Burner 17, the hormone channel). It is a sleep-inducing point.

Advanced options: add Second Aeon covering the belly button 

Add Silent nights or Nirvana over top of the Aeon on An Mian

Energy Enhancers on pericardium 6, white on the right, tan on left.

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