Phototherapy Patch Q&A August 7th, 2023


Over the last several years, we’ve spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain to detoxification and addressed almost every organ in the body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and shareable.

People who call live or post their questions in the chat will be a priority in our Q & A monthly radio show sessions. After that, I’ll take questions from the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page Event under the discussion tab and in the comments on the Calendar Event in my private Light Medicine Community. If you are not a private member of the Light Medicine Community, you may request to join by visiting

Healthwise with Dr. Dennis Lobstein

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Discover how to improve your health, including how energy and Asian Medicine work. Nurse Heidi and Dr. Dennis will facilitate this call, and each discussion topic is open to those in attendance. He will be discussing health science about overall well-being*.

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*In this clinic, Dr. Dennis & Nurse Heidi do not cure, treat, or diagnose any allopathic, western disease.

Glutathione for Summer Sun

The principles of Traditional Asian Medicine (used interchangeably with Traditional Chinese Medicine): the lower the number of acupuncture needles used, the more powerful the treatment. Sometimes overzealous patching gives you little or negative results. Sometimes too many patches at once, especially at the beginning of the patching journey, can contribute to excess detoxification or just energetic “confusion.” Eighty percent of the time, in clinical practice, most people respond to the points in the brochure. Be careful of following patching protocols that are not specific to you and your energy. 

The nice thing about patches is that you can experiment with the patches. They are very safe. Through serendipity, you can find your own best combination. People new to LifeWave may wish to start with fewer patches.

Glutathione patch – Dr. Dennis doesn’t need suntan lotion. It helps with antioxidative stress. His experience is that wearing this patch with plenty of hydration prevents redness. Glutathione in the body replenishes the antioxidants and speeds up skin repair. 

Q&A Callers


Q: What do you suggest for all-over pain?

A: Dr. Dennis – hot point in the ear that can generally address overall body pain. Stick a patch over the ear to see if that affects the pain. Put the white IceWave over the right ear, slightly in the front, to access the hot point for less than an hour to see if it helps. You should notice a difference in a few seconds, but sometimes it will take up to 60 minutes to maximally work. 

Sky-Earth Paradigm double patching – Use IceWave on Kidney 1, white on the right, tan on the left. Or two sets of IceWave with tan patches on Liver 3 bilaterally and white patches on the arms, like on Large Intestine 4 (using the Sky-Earth paradigm where the arms are considered yang, above the head), for example. These are the Four Gates, and this helps with motion sickness and jet lag.

Large Triangle – Put IceWave on Kidney 1, white right, tan left, and patch the top of the head with Aeon or an X39


Q: Is anybody with experience getting results for gum issues with bone loss on the lower molar? Bone re-growth? The dentist suggests removing teeth, implying that the problem may spread to neighboring teeth.

A: Dr. Dennis – Hypochlorous acid using the Kangen machine may help to get rid of pathogens in the mouth that could contribute. This could supplement what the patches do. The area of the mouth is the Stomach Meridian and Spleen Meridian. Using IceWave or Energy Enhancer, patch Stomach 44 and Large Intestine 11 can drain toxic heat from the head. Put the tan patches on both feet, ST44, and white patches on LI11

Spleen 6 is a great point to use as that covers liver, kidney, and spleen energy. The Spleen helps the mucosa in the mouth area. 

Add X49 on the Stomach 4, 5, or 6 on the jaw on the right. Use X39 on the left Bladder 65, which is indicated for repairing bone. You can wrap it around the edge of the foot. If you can’t wrap it, it will still work. And alternate days, use the left Spleen 6 point.


Q: Extreme swelling in both legs below the knees, ankles, and feet. Have tried both protocols for swelling, lymphatic drainage, and damp, swelling water, plus using Ice Wave, EE, X39 left and X49 right. Have also tried patching all spleen points below the knee and under the feet with IW, X39/X49. Tried patching kidneys, BL23, and either side of the spine with the same combinations. We are doing Brain Balancing. Tried heart protocols for heart muscle and rhythm as a woman has a heart that can skip a beat now and then. She has only 1 kidney and is under a lot of emotional stress. She is staying hydrated and taking minerals. Would love your help.

A: Dr. Dennis – use X39 on the Life Gate Governing Vessel 4. This is a constitutional point that addresses the energetic imbalance. Finding the correct point can resolve a lot of things!

Five-Element Rotation with X39/49 as the yin/yang pair on alternate days to the Life Gate protocol.

At night use ShiMian on the heels with Aeon, Nirvana, or Silent Nights on the right for emotional distress. Optional (put a tan, SP6C, or Carnosine on the left)

Q: A woman in her 70's has had chronic, terrible constipation all her life. It can be like rocks for a week. We tried the constipation protocol for weeks (Aeon in ileocecal valve) – no change. She has been doing the Brain Balancing Protocol with Aeon for two weeks and is now using the advanced brain-balancing protocol with X39. She drinks sufficient water and uses a machine that hydrolyzes the water. She is a highly sensitive person.

A: Dr. Dennis said that she may still be dehydrated. Doing a lot of detoxes can cause constipation. Dr. Karen says minerals may need to be boosted during heavy detox and healing cycles. Minerals anchor the Shen (the emotions).

On the right, Lan Wei Xui – two cun (finger-widths) below the right Stomach 36 on the right only. If sore, patch here with a positively charged patch. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it treats appendicitis. Stomach 37 bilaterally also is the He Se point for the Large intestine, which is the alternative.

Dr. Karen said that overly empathetic people may need to address their empathy.

Q: How does the Lifewave patches protocol detox the brain?

A: The studies show that Aeon helps with anti-oxidation, cortisol levels, and inflammation, and that helps with detoxifying the brain. All patches help to increase the bicoherence of the body, which then optimizes detoxification of the whole body
Patching Kidney points regulate the “marrow,” which is part of the nervous system in Chinese Medicine. For example, X39 on Life Gate Governing Vessel 4 would be helpful.


Q: Male age 52 scheduled for orthognathic jaw surgery on 8/30/23. He’s in good health in general. Has undergone orthodontic manipulation since May 2022 to prepare for jaw surgery. Will have several days in hospital recovery – full 2 weeks of complete rest. projection o a 6-week recovery in general. Will be on a diet through straws. Please suggest the best utilization of patches to prepare before and after surgery recovery.

A: Dr. Dennis – Five-element rotation with Energy Enhancer patches. Optional, add X39/49 on brochure points or put X39 on the Life Gate GV 4 and X49 on Conception Vessel 15 or 17 to unblock the chest or even on top of the head on Governing Vessel 20.

After surgery – X39/49 on Stomach 5 (left/right) on the jaw, adding IceWave on Large Intestine 4 bilaterally, white on the right, tan on the left.


Q: Difficulty with singing and talking for too long. Voice hasn't recovered completely from being ill 7 years ago. Currently have X39, X49, Energy Enhancers, Carnosine, Glutathione, Aeon.

A: Dr. Karen shared German New Medicine insights on the larynx. 

Use Heart 5 – put a Glutathione patch on the throat on Conception Vessel 22 and X49 on the right Heart 5 and X39 on the left Heart 5 during the day.

Shimian on the bottom of the heel goes up through the internal liver channel and passes through the throat area. Put the Silent Nights or Aeon on the right heel and Carnosine on the left heel.


Q: Appreciates the brain balancing and eye paradigm/protocols. Feels gentle to sensitive souls to tailor these protocols. She just started X39 four months ago. She had a mysterious growth in the left eye area. Using X39/49 10-12 hours long term. X39 bilaterally on the temples for two months before doing this combo. Visually she experiences excess Qi in the head. She is somatic-focused but can be caught in the mental. She does Qigong and grounding regularly. She is making good headway with shrinking the growth. Her vision has a white overcast and a bit of a blur. A month and a half ago, she stopped the patches. What is the best way to proceed from here? Also, using Celtic sea salt, purified water, and minerals. 

A: Dr. Dennis – Needs more grounding, so she needs to bring the energy down the body. Kidney 1 is a great grounding point, so he recommends X39 and X49 left/right. If she uses X39/49 on the eye, Liver 3, Kidney 1, or Spleen 6 would also be good to patch (yin/yang pair). 

Eating seaweed like Dulse may be helpful. That is an herb that dissipates stagnation and abnormal growth.

Dr. Karen said to consider the German New Medicine conflict that may have to do with her eyes.


Q: Grandchildren had to get their regular vaccinations before school. Would love to know how best to detox using patches. Is the bentonite clay bath helpful?

A: Dr. Dennis – suggested wearing Glutathione (use brochures points).

Dr. Karen – suggested using Glutathione less often if they are young. Ensure they are old enough to provide verbal feedback and adjust the schedule.

Q: Teeth filling in molars have fallen out. She hopes they can fill the teeth with something less toxic. She wishes to strengthen the gum and bone.

A: See a biological dentist if at all possible. 

Dr. Dennis – stomach and spleen channels (see above). Use X39/49 on Stomach 5 on the cheeks along the jaw line. Point location website.

Q: Her son has a feeling in his stomach “as if someone has punched him” after “bad news.” It is periodic. Nothing physical or mental is contributing. It happens suddenly without a trigger. He is a track athlete.

A: Dr. Karen – could it be a diaphragmatic spasm? Muscle spasms can be aided with topical magnesium oil. He can spray 2-3 sprays.

Aeon or Carnosine on the front using Conception Vessel 15.

Dr. Dennis – Bladder 17 behind the diaphragm spasm, right below T7. Use X39/X49 or IceWave tan on the left or white on the right.

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