Phototherapy Patch Q&A April 3rd, 2023


Over the last several years, we’ve spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain to detoxification and addressed almost every organ in the body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and shareable.

People who call live or post their questions in the chat will be a priority in our Q & A monthly radio show sessions. After that, I’ll take questions from the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page Event under the discussion tab and in the comments on the Calendar Event in my private Light Medicine Community. If you are not already a member, you may request to join by visiting

Change of Season Symptoms

The change of season can cause sick symptoms in people. The biorhythms of the body change and can be stressful and challenging. Superimposed is the stress of what’s going on in the world. Pollen is floating around in certain areas, which can also be challenging.

Winter is the water element. Transitioning into spring is the wood element. Emotionally we can have anger during this time to clear things and change the hormones. From spring, we go to summer, which is the fire element. Early fall is considered the earth element. The late fall is the metal element.

Winter is yin, and summer is yang. Winter is the time of rest. Summer is the time of activity. Spring is the transition between yin and yang. Fall is the transition between yang and yin.

The Five Elements rotation balances all the energy in the meridians and may help you transition between the elements and possibly prevent symptoms during the change of season.

The Y-Age patches, such as glutathione, lowers inflammation and support the immune system. As the body’s master antioxidant, patting the throat chakra, Conception Vessel 22, for the abovementioned purposes, is very popular. Any of the Y-Age patches can be helpful as an antioxidant for lowering inflammation.

Healthwise with Dr. Dennis Lobstein

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Q & A Callers


Q: Which patch supports gut healing and tolerates antihistamine foods such as coffee, wine, and fermented foods (kefir, kombucha, yogurt)? Would the liver be weak? Red, inflammation, and itchy around the eyelids.

A: Toxins in the gut can create inflammation and prevent getting rid of waste. Good fermented foods can correct the negative bacterial balance. Dr. Karen says that even though they are “good,” not all can tolerate them. Sometimes fermented foods kill off the bad bacteria/fungus, so the “dead” debris can be problematic if you’re not eliminating it very efficiently. Smaller doses may be better. 

Bladder 25 is the back SHU point for the large intestine organ. Using Energy Enhancer on the back at this point may help stabilize the qi in the colon. The back shu points address the yin of the colon. If you feel inflamed, you can use Glutathione on the right and the tan patch, Carnosine, or X39 on the left.

You’re Not Sick; You’re Thirsty is a great book about histamine and cellular hydration. Contact Dr. Dennis if you’re interested in a water machine. the clear liquid supplement is what Dr. Karen uses in her water to microcluster it. Both work to hydrate the cells better. 

The eyelid symptoms are usually a spleen energy imbalance. Spleen 4 and Pericardium 6 are synergistic. Put a negative patch on the left Spleen 4, a positive patch on the right Pericardium 6, and a patch (such as carnosine) on the right temple (use a mask if you like). Options include Carnosine on the left and Glutathione on the right temples.

Liver Qi stagnation can attack the spleen (wood attacking earth), which could affect the eyelids, and this rotating Energy Enhancer on Liver 3 might be helpful throughout the week. There is a special point, Wei Guan Xiashu (helps with liver/stomach/and excess blood sugar), at the level of T8 between the diaphragm and the back SHU Point of the Bladder 18. It is bilateral between Bladder 17 and 18.

Sarah Grace

Q: Which patches would help to support a balanced blood pressure?

A: Liver qi stagnation causes liver yang to rise and can cause blood pressure and headaches. Liver attacking spleen. The liver regulates where the blood goes. The Spleen Qi keeps the blood in the vessels. This is one cause of abnormal blood pressure. Peripheral constriction of blood vessels causes elevated blood pressure. Simple energy enhancers on Liver 3 would help this scenario, or you could use X39 on the left Liver 3 and X49 on the right Gallbladder 41

Proper hydration with at least 2 liters of water per day with enough Himalayan salt. 

Aeon can help balance the autonomic nervous system, which regulates blood pressure. Using it according to the brochure or the back of the neck is a great additional option to support blood pressure.

Exercise can improve atrial natriuretic peptide, relaxing the blood pressure if elevated.

Sue C.

Q: Is there a patch protocol for an injured gluteal muscle causing left-side back pain? This is a painful tendon issue resulting from an operation and stops me from walking any distance, causing pain and weakness in the left leg and pelvis area. I am doing some light leg exercises, but walking is the biggest issue.

A: Gallbladder 34 helps with sinews. You can patch this with X39 on the left and X49 on the right. And you can use a Y-Age patch on the Life Gate on Governing Vessel 4. You can also use IceWave on GV 34 instead.

Q: Can you suggest any patch protocol for feeling painful nerve tingling under the feet and fingers? It is linked to non-diabetic issues, but also losing balance as feet are painful! And finds walking difficult!

A: Enhancing circulation and Qi flow in the areas is important. Bladder 17 is an influential point for the blood. Along with Liver 3 (dispel stagnation) and Kidney 1 or 3 for regulating the nervous system. The kidney qi regulates “marrow,” which includes the nervous system.

X39/49 pairing on Bladder 17 (on the back – need some help putting them on). It’s at the level of T7 on the back body. It is at the inferior angle of the scapula.

You can double patch Liver 3/Kidney 1 or 3 with Energy Enhancer or Icewave patches, white on the right and tan on the left. If you don’t wish to use two sets, you can use a tan on the left Liver 3 and white on the right Kidney 1 or 3. Alternatively, you can use Carnosine on the left Liver 3 and Aeon on the right Kidney 3. SP6C (hormone influencer) can be used instead of Carnosine (repair) on the left.


Q: Tremors in the neck (head shaking) and right hand. It shakes if she tries to do fine motor skills, but if she holds it out, it is fine.

A: Dr. Dennis uses IceWave on Triple Burner 10 (San Jiao) in the divot on the back of the elbow. It is great for neck issues. White on the right, tan on the left. It creates Qi flow arcs between the right and left arm and up to the neck. That increased bicoherence and supported these symptoms. You can stack Carnosine on the left and Aeon (or Glutathione) stacked on the right (double patch both points) on top of the IceWave, or you can use them at night instead. Aeon can make you sleepy if you’re new, so use it at night for the first two weeks.

Dr. Karen mentioned that the cerebellum might be involved, but she can’t know for sure without testing. One thing to experiment on is putting left X39 on Gallbladder 20 and X49 on the right to bracket the cerebellar area.

The Nirvana patch on the right Triple Burner 17 may help the basal ganglia, and SP6C on the left is an alternative.

Q: Currently doing the brain balance. What can help kidney yin deficiency, including fatigue, sleep disturbances, and copious urination?

A: Dr. Dennis – tonify Kidney 3 with Energy Enhancer patches. It enhances energy production and affects improving the relaxation/healing state. Sleep disturbances can be affected by stress. Alternating with Bladder 23 with Energy Enhancer patches. This is the back SHU Point for the kidney.

X39 on Conception Vessel 4 or 6. Makes a nice triangle.

Another option: Five elements rotation do the Water element points (Kidney 3 on left and Bladder 60) every other day with the other points. 

Continue Aeon brain balancing protocol – on your favorite 2-3 points.

Consider adding water for micro-clustering the water. 

Ensure you have enough Himalayan crystal salt as electrolytes and support the adrenals. 


Q: Bone on bone on the knee. I can’t get in and out of the tub due to bending pain challenges. Can’t stand for any length of time due to pain and instability. The pain is on the inner side of the right kneecap. When not weight-bearing, can bend it completely.

A: Icewave protocol using Kidney 1, and the Carnosine and Glutathione on the center line

There are major alignment issues with the knees caving in (and flat feet). Dr. Karen encouraged her to look into block therapy at

Dr. Dennis – Acidic diets can deteriorate joint tissues. for Perfect Amino supplements. It is vegan.

Add X39/49 to support stem cell production. Remember for vegans to add in copper and/or alanine supplements. Dr. Karen advised going to a holistic nutritionist she is working with.


Q: Do you recommend specific points for spinal stenosis to alleviate radiating pain that travels into the head and arm(s)? Along with intermittent numbness of the fingertips or even the entire arm upon waking. 

A: Arcing Triple Burner 10 points with IceWave or X39 left/X49 on the right may help enhance the energy in that area. You can also put any Y-Age over the Ah Shi points where the vertebrae need help. 


Q: Low energy and weakness (elderly)

A: Consider Chong Ma – Spleen 4 left and Pericardium 6 on the right with Energy Enhancer patches (or any yin/yang pair).

Consider the double Energy Enhancer patching protocol. An example would be one set on SP4 and another set on PC6. You could do white on the right and tan on the left or use the Sky Earth paradigm where the whites are on PC6, and the tans are on SP4

Use X39/49 on the centerline according to the brochure.


Q: Brain fog, T7 doesn't stay in place, muscle aches, headaches since high school. She has Energy Enhancer, all Y-Age, and X39.

A: Ensure you're drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated.

Consider the Aeon Brain Balancing Protocol or the advanced brain balancing protocol.

Turn off WiFi, shut all cell phones, and do EMF hygiene.

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