Phototherapy Patch Q & A May 3, 2021


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Marilyn – Calling for a friend with chronic pain. It is throughout the torso and through the body and arms. It is a pulsating pain. Sometimes in the lower back as well. X39 and IceWave. Stem cell treatments helped cut the pain in half. She using X39 on the back of the neck since December 2020. She's been to two

  • Dr. Dennis – use a triangle. Use IceWave on Bladder 57 on the back of the calves “Support Mountain point” that will help the whole back. Continue with the X39 on GV14, back of the neck point that is on the brochure. Add Carnosine on Life Gate GV 4 right below L2 to help support disc support.

Tracey – A woman recently had a blood pressure reading of 142/100 — she historically has had normal range readings up until this one. Her doctor indicated that because she had the virus that has been going around — he feels that many of his patients now have symptoms of hypertension because of this.
She Asks: 1) is it OK to wear her energy enhancer patches with her blood pressure reading being elevated like this? YES
2) what patches could she use to help with the symptoms of balancing the autonomic nervous system.

  • LifeWave research shows that the Energy Enhancer helps to reduce sympathetic tone which may be helpful. Use on Stomach 36 (outside knee) or Gallbladder 8 (next to the top of the ear). The latter helps pull the pressure of the blood down. You can use IceWave instead of Energy Enhancer patches as they break blockages more quickly. The Aeon patch can be placed on GV14 on the back of the neck. You can replace the Energy Enhancer patches with SP6C on the left and Aeon on the right instead if you like. If there is any phlegm, you can place the Aeon on the right Stomach 40.
  • I single elevated blood pressure is not a diagnosis. Repeat blood pressure readings multiple times at multiple times a day.
  • If the blood pressure goes up with Energy Enhancers, that may mean, reversed polarity so you can swap the colors and see if it drops.
  • Use Himalayan crystal salt and avoid table salt.

Dora – white film over the left eye. Last year had a nerve rash in that eye, scalp and ear canal. Mild ache back of the eye into the head. Laser surgery can remove it but could reactivate the bad rash. She is using an eye mask at night with carnosine, glutathione, aeon and occasionally and used X39 on the eye on the mask. Is there another location she can patch? She's not sure if it is helping yet. She sees blurry but less double vision.

  • Gallbladder 37 (5 inches/cuns above the outside ankle) is a distal point that benefits the eyes. White on right, Tan on left of Energy Enhancer or IceWave or Aeon/Sp6C combo (white on right, tan or Sp6C on the left).
  • Stack X39, Carnosine, Glutathione in the middle of the mask and IceWave
  • Liver is the Yin component of wood and the outside eye is ruled by Liver meridian. You can use Liver 3 on the left and Gallbladder 37 on the right to help detoxify the eye with Energy Enhancer patch.

Donna – Brother had a stroke at age 56. It caused balance issues. He is dizzy 24/7. She put X39 at the base of his skull at GB16 and two energy patches on the brain. The spinning has slowed down tremendously. It has been about a month.

  • Rebellious stomach Qi causes dizziness, vertigo. The best point to reverse and regulate is CV12, halfway between belly button and the xiphoid process. Put Glutathione there.
  • Do Dr. Karen's brain balancing protocol with Aeon go through all the points for a week, and then X39 with all the points instead because we are dealing with brain injury.
  • Continue X39 on GV16 and Aeon on GV15.
  • Add Gallbladder 39 is on the outside ankle about 3 thumb widths up, for supporting “marrow” which is part of the brain. Use Energy Enhancers or IceWave.

Pain in the vulva area – estrogen and zoloft. What else can you do? Consider releasing fascia and pelvic floor release (Pelvic Pain program by Isa Herrrera) . Use double triangle using Zigong, 3 cun bilateral to CV3 with Aeon on the right, SP6C on the left, and CV1 with Carnosine or X39 which is on the perineum (on the outside of the underwear). Botton triangle use Energy enhancers on Spleen 4 bilaterally.

Kathy – 6 weeks post-op eye surgery. Using a black patch over the eye because it is difficult to function. She has exhaustion. She used the eye mask protocol and just ordered X39, Aeon, Glutathione, and Carnosine. Lack of energy and not going back to work. Her BP is consistently under 100/70. The gas bubble in the eye is 20% instead of 90%. When she closes her eye, she has a yellow tint in her vision. She got her second COVID shot Friday before Tuesday's emergency surgery and detached tears. Not been far-sighted or near-sight – just presbyopia.

  • Put Aeon patch on the right TB 17 and SP6C patch on the left TB17 (San Jiao meridian) and will help rebalance the autonomic nervous system and support healthy blood pressure. On the ear map, there is an upside-down fetus homunculus that pulls the pressure “up” by patching near the ear lobe where the fetus head is mapped.
  • GV4 – put another Y-Age patch or X39 here for supporting energy. Recharging the kidney batteries so to speak.
  • Use Gallbladder 37 using Energy enhancer patches to support the eye
  • Use Carnosine on the eye mask, possible glutathione as well.

Karen – 35-year-old woman who seven years ago had major antibiotics. She has meniscus right knee issues. Patches for three months so far. She hasn't noticed changes. She had stem cell injections a couple of different times. She didn't notice any improvement. She's done glutathione treatments in the past too. The IceWave clock protocol didn't seem to work. She was really tired – detox using glutathione.

  • Dr. Karen said gut damage can cause “leaky gut” from antibiotics.
  • Dr. Dennis Lan Wei Xue, two inches below Stomach 36 on the outside tibia area, indicated for appendicitis normally. If there is leakage in the ileocecal valve. this is a great point to help the knee and gut.
  • IceWave on the bottom of the feet on Kidney 1 for “whole body” pain or on Spleen 6 bilaterally (for all yin channels)
  • Use glutathione 3x a week in the centerline.

Lois – a man with lump on his neck 3 inches by 1.5, below the ear. Clean diet. The lump moves a bit. A clogged lymph node. Mostly not painful. It is moveable and slightly pliable. Like an egg-shape. It is smooth and well-circumscribed.

  • On obstructed lymph we could move Qi to break up the stagnation. You can use patches by doing sweeping. Take IceWave patches and put in the palms of the hand and put the tan one below the lump and white from the bottom of the ear downwards towards to tan patch. If that doesn't work, swap the colors and try the opposite (sweeping tan patch towards the white patch below the lump). Sweep for a few minutes. The longer the better. Twice a day
  • Stomach 40 on the outer lower leg, disperses phlegm in Chinese medicine and that may help. You can use Energy enhancer or IceWave, white on right, tan on left.
  • If it was inflamed or tender, then there is an “excess” so you'd want to sweep with the tan patch.
  • You can place IceWave or Energy Enhancer, on Kidney 27 on either side of the upper breast bone to keep the lymph ports open and support the kidney energy.
  • You can use CV 4 or 6 with X39 or any other Y-Age patch or Nirvana (deals with dopamine balance in the brain)

Cathy – Asks why her glutamate dehydrogenase goes up and down and how does that relate to glutathione? Glutamate is the salt of one of the amino acids and glutathione is made of three amino acids. They are not the same molecule but glutamate is a precursors of glutathione. Glutamate dehydrogenase – we were not able to answer this question today.

Dr. Dennis and Heidi Lobstein 3rd Monday at 3 PM pacific zoom meeting.

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