Phototherapy Patch Q & A September 6, 2021


Dr. Dennis Lobstein and Dr. Karen Kan share phototherapy patch protocols live on the Light Warrior Radio Podcast. They will continue to answer questions on-air during the first Monday of each month starting at 12 noon Eastern in order to help customers, distributors, and users from around the world get the most out of their phototherapy patches.

Over the last several years, we’ve spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain, to detoxification, and addressed almost every organ in the entire body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and sharable.

Folks that call in live, or post their question in the chat will be the first priority in our Q & A monthly radio show sessions. After that, I’ll take questions from the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page, under the discussion tab.

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The Metal Element

In the five-element chart, the top of the chart is usually designated as the FIRE element. Going clockwise, we have EARTH, METAL, WATER, and then WOOD. In the autumn season, we are entering the Metal season. that is when the energy is descending in Yin. In the winter, we have Water and spring is Wood. In the summer we have Fire. Early harvest season is Earth.

What is metal? It is also known as Air in other systems including Ayurveda. The real name for the five elements is Wu Xing (Five Phases). In the metal phase, we have two officials/organ systems. In Asian medicine, we are talking about the energy of the systems, not just the organs. This includes the yin which is the lung and yang which is the large intestine.

In the autumn, changes occur in the lung and large intestine. Typically the lung takes in Yin Qi from Sky and the Large intestine is “letting go”. If someone is emotionally blocked, they won’t be able to let go. The Ji, Qi, Shen (physical, energetic, spiritual) aspects translate to: letting go of poop, emotional stagnation, and spiritual stagnation. The energy of the metal happens to be Po. The Po is releasing and going back to earth as Yin sinks. When that is happening, the lungs can take in more when the large intestine can let go more. Imagine a straw analogy pulling out of the liquid. If the lungs are stopped up, the large intestine can’t let go. When the large intestine can’t let go, then the lungs can’t take in more.

These stagnations and blockages prevent manifestation abilities.

In the autumn, we have Yin sinking. When Yin sinks, people start getting depressed. We want to raise the Qi and relieve that. One of Dr. Dennis’ favorite points to help the metal/lung is to use the lower He Sea point of the large intestine. He Se points stimulate movement in yang hollow organs to clear blockages. Stomach 37 is a great point for clearing. You can use IceWave on Stomach 37 white on right tan on left.

The lungs receive energy from Sky. Dr. Dennis likes Lung 3, a window of heaven point because it can take energy from Heaven or Sky and move it into the body. It is located at the insertion of the deltoid on the upper arm. Raise your arm and touch the tip of your nose on your bicep. It is an easy way of finding it. It helps you see what makes life worth living. Lets light come in so you can “see”. It gets rid of the dark and the blockages that occur in that area of the window and are associated with Heavenly Justice, De Qi (original nature).

When autumn comes in there is sometimes a loss of self-worth and living more in a dark time. This point helps with self-esteem as well as a seasonal adjustment. Wounded warriors have a lot of injury from being traumatized. Lung 3 is a great point to use to support healing. This also helps you “see through the darkness”. You can use Energy Enhancer or IceWave on both Lung 3 points, white on right, tan on left.

He likes using Lung 8 to clear toxic energy from the lung meridian in combination with using Stomach 37 to clear toxic energy from the large intestine meridian. In this case, you can put the white on the YIN meridian (left Lung 8) and Tan on the YANG meridian (right Stomach 37) in this case using the Sky-Earth paradigm. If you don’t mind using two pairs of IceWave you can put both white patches above and both tan patches below.


Q & A

Leslie W – Can you offer some good protocols for low anxious mood? Also, for bloating/gas? Thank you!

  • Dr. Dennis: Spleen 4 and Pericardium 6. The former supports the Chong channel (this energy enters the uterus/prostate area and that is often where Qi gets stagnant when people have low mood) and the latter supports anxiety. Using Energy Enhancer tan on left spleen 4 and white on right pericardium 6. These two points are synergistic with each other. The bloating would be helped with Spleen 4 or 6.

Rhetah – She has a couple people, one with extreme low mood who needs caregivers (a tremendous darkness) and won’t do anything for themselves. It’s been a slow spiraling down over 3 years. She is willing to eat but that’s it. Not wanting to brushing her teeth even. Dr. Dennis said this was not wanting to nurture self (since brushing teeth is gums which is spleen channel (earth) related) This is a major withdrawing happening. Another person who is normally very lively, has fallen into a deep low mood. Rhetah says there is less muscle mass as well.

  • Dr. Dennis: the belly button is the receiver of spiritual energy. One of the ways of restoring spirit and revitalizing someone is pouring salt in the belly button and putting burning moxa on top (Chinese medicine). Moxa inhibits the breakdown of the acupuncture meridians through blocking the hyaluronidase enzyme that breaks down the points underneath the skin. We can use the patch over Conception Vessel 8 instead of the moxa. Make a triangle out of Kidney 27 and the belly button CV 8. Put an x39 or Aeon on the belly button with IceWave or Energy Enhancer on bilateral KI 27 to “restore spirit” while putting your positive intention. Kidney 27 helps with lowered energy.
  • For lowered muscle mass, you can activate Gallbladder 34 on both sides to support the sinews, in addition to the above using another set of IceWave or Energy Enhancer patches (optional)

Jerry – has someone who is feeling down and angry, irritable, with anxiety, lack of sleep, and mind racing. He is thinking about recommending the Aeon brain balancing protocol.

  • Dr. Dennis – recommends using the Aeon brain balancing protocol at night for the first two weeks, so it will help her sleep. After the first two weeks, switch to X39 using the brain balancing protocol at night. Then after that, switch over to Carnosine using the brain balancing protocol at night for an additional two weeks. If the person would like to continue Aeon after the first two weeks, he can use it during the daytime.
  • Using five elements rotation using Energy Enhancer patches would be helpful to support all the meridians in balance.

Sharon – using patches for five months. She had a car wreck years ago. She hasn’t found any relief from the pain in the hip. It is between the center of the back to the outside of the hip. It prevents her from exercising or doing a lot of physical work because of the constant pain. She doesn’t want to live on ibuprofen. She doesn’t have pain except when she moves. She’s using X39 daily and rotates through the others. She’s tried IceWave.

  • Dr. Dennis – Try the Support Mountain Triangle using IceWave (white on right, tan on left) at Bladder 57 and the apex of the triangle would go on Governing Vessel 2 and/or 4 and/or 14. to keep it in the small area and the problem is just on the low back and pelvis, put a patch on the midline GV 4 with a Y-Age patch such as Aeon, Carnosine, or Glutathione. Put micronutrients such as a few pinches of Himalayan crystal salt and structured ionized water may help improve the efficacy of the patches through better hydration.
  • Governing vessel 19 just behind Governing vessel 20, intention that the energy flows down through the three triangles.
  • Dr. Karen – add the X39 for only 12 hours just below the belly button. Don’t wear more than 12 hours max.
  • Dr. Dennis – Tesla Protocol – Use X39 on the bottom of the heart at Conception Vessel 15 (xiphoid process) and a second X39 on the painful part of the hip, with intention to release pain, this may help as well as an alternate protocol.

Vickie – She has a lot of stuff going on for 32 years. Constipation is one issue that is lifelong. She is emaciated and needs to gain weight and can’t. She also has a thyroid issue. She feels she has leaky gut. She’s been working with a functional medical professional but hasn’t really improved to an appreciable degree. She doesn’t detoxify well. She has great hair and nails after eating bone broth.

  • Dr. Dennis – Use Stomach 37 to move the colon and Bladder 25 is the back shu point for the large intestine. You can use both sets of points or rotate through them. use IceWave or Energy Enhancer patches on these points, white on right, tan on left.
  • Dr. Karen – X39 may be helpful to help rejuvenate and support the adrenals on Governing Vessel 4 the Life Gate point – start slow 12 hours max, 3x a week.

CathyEye issues and cataracts?? We are improving eye cataracts energetically and would love your input per eyes/liver/kidney energy, to support the lens. 

  • Dr. Dennis – The eyes are the window to wood energy. Gallbladder 37 is a great distal point that helps the eyes using IceWave or Energy Enhancer bilaterally. Near Small Intestine 18, Qiu Hou, (margin of the lower orbit on the lateral side) but closer to the lateral side of the orbit, not on a meridian, is a good point, or above the eyes in the middle of the eyebrow (Yu Yao)or Bladder 2 near the bridge of the nose. You can put Aeon on the higher point and Carnosine on the lower point for example. 
  • Dr. Dennis prefers Carnosine patches, one on each temple for example. To increase the flow you could put Aeon on the right and Carnosine on the left.

Nallely – Hello, I have a person who has pain on the left side of the neck. We tried with several patches: X39 and Aeon where the pain is but it does not seem to work. Btw, the pain is down almost on the shoulder.

  • Dr. Dennis – bracket the pain by putting IceWave on either side of the pain, ah shi (ouch) point. White on top and tan below the pain. Also, Small Intestine 11 is a great point (trigger point) on the scapula and another point in the front Jian Quian (special point) located on the front of the shoulder halfway between the armpit and the top of the shoulder. under the clavicle in a depression more lateral than Lung 1 or 2. Try the different colors and see which one works best with the tan on it/white on it.
  • Triangle Protocol for Trapezius using Aeon on Governing Vessel 16 and IceWave on Small Intestine 11.
  • Dr. Karen suggested also bracketing through the trapezius muscle and seeing if that works.

Marty – had stem cell injections in both knees previously. She is using X39 for three months so far according to the brochure. David mentioned using Aeon and glutathione and carnosine on the knee separately.

  • Dr. Dennis – Aeon on the top He Ding (top of triangle) above the knee patella. Then put carnosine behind the knee on Gallbladder 40 and Glutathione on Stomach 36 or the space outside of the patellar ligament. This is one of the “eyes of the knee” point. 
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