Phototherapy Patch Q & A September 5, 2022


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Q & A Callers

Sue: Just wondered if any patch protocol could help alleviate sensitivity to swimming pool itchy rash issues!! I’ve tried all sorts of creams and antihistamine products!!  but I wonder if you can help as I love my swimming classes and don’t want to stop them? Would the Glutathione patch help, and where? 

  • Dr. Dennis: itching is considered wind/movement in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Wind Gate on the back of the neck Gallbladder 20 on either side of the base of the skull. Gallbladder 31 (wind market) on your iliotibial band is very helpful for itching. 
  • Spleen 10 just above the knee on the inside is also good for itching.
  • You can use IceWave or Energy Enhancer bilaterally on each side, white on right, tan on the left or Aeon on the right, and SP6C patch on the left. Alternatively, you can use X39 on the left and X49 on the right sides.
  • Use the Glutathione patch for detoxifying. You can use them on brochure points. You can use it on the right Gallbladder 31 with the SP6C patch if you like. You can also put it on the midline Gallbladder 16, which is part of the wind gate on the back of the skull. 
  • You can regulate wind with Liver 3 and Gallbladder 40. That’s another way to regulate excess internal wind (instead of GB31 or 20). The energetics of the skin is regulated by the Wei Qi (lung meridian) field. You can use the Source point of the Lung channel, which is Lung 9 (use Glutathione, for example). 

Elisha: I have been living with a hysterectomy and prolapsed bladder for 4 years. I want to heal this lovely body and revitalize the ligaments that hold everything in place.  I've had zero success. Any ideas?

  • Dr. Dennis: the organs are held up by connective tissue, and the master point for tonifying connective tissue is Gallbladder 34 on the outside of the knee between the tibia and fibula. You can use X39/49 on these points and alternate with the points below. 
  • Liver 3 on the left and Gallbladder 34 on the right on alternate days as a yin/yang pair with liver 3 on the left and gallbladder 34 on the right. 
  • The energetics of the uterus and bladder fall under the regulation of the Chong Ma channel that goes up from the center of the perineum straight up the middle of the body through the reproductive organs to the head. The master point for the Chong channel is Spleen 4 on the inside of the foot. This helps to reverse prolapse.
  • Spleen 4 on the left and Pericardium 6 on the right because they synergize and enhance each other’s effects. For example, you can use X39 on the left and X49 on the right. 
  • Or you can patch SP6C/left and Aeon/right since they regulate hormone levels. 

Helen: I need help with my gut: lifelong constipation, turning to pendulum swings with constipation/diarrhea half my lifetime ago with the onset of lactose intolerance (I am close to 70). I also want more energy and help for irritable bladder.

  • Dr. Dennis: for bladder irritability, use the front Mu point, Conception Vessel 2 or 3, for the bladder channel. You can put an X39 there. Dr. Karen says X39 has been helpful for gut symptoms in her clients. X39
  • The lower He Se point for the colon is Stomach 37 below the knee using Energy Enhancer patches, tan on left, white on right (alternatively, you can use X39 on the left and X49 on the right)
  • Bladder 25 is the back Shu point for the colon on the back body, which is around the level of Lumbar 4. You can use a yin patch on the left and a relatively yang patch on the right (IceWave, Energy Enhancers, X39/49, or SP6C/Aeon combination). Add Aeon patch on the Life Gate Governing Vessel 4 between the kidneys around lumbar vertebrae 2, so you make a little triangle. 
  • Consider this point to regulate the ileocecal valve. Try an Aeon patch around where the appendix point would be on the lower right belly. 
  • Two inches below Stomach 36 on the right leg, if tender, would be good to patch (Lan Wei Xue) as another alternative.

Eileen: gassy and bloating stomach. Severe constipation due to opioid medication for pain. 

  • Patching Spleen 6 or 9 for bloating and gas. You can use the X39/49 combination to tonify the spleen. If you want to drain damp, you can use spleen 9 if there is swelling. 
  • Triple Burner 17, place a Nirvana patch and the supplements to regulate dopamine. Enkephalin receptors on dopamine neurons may support opiate production in the body. 
  • Use IceWave according to the brochure to treat the pain, and you may be able to decrease the opioid medication dependency and thus decrease constipation side effects.

Amy: She feels like her metabolism is sluggish. Is using apple cider vinegar. She wants to boost her metabolism at age 56. Since her early 20’s, she’s had a possible strain. All of a sudden, her heart rate wants to flutter to 210. Then she has to take something to get it back to the rhythm. She has had eight of these this year! The “healthy man’s heart problem,” she was told. There were four years when she didn’t have any. But then, in 2018, they started again. She has X39/49 at home. 

  • Dr. Dennis: Deal with the acute symptoms (flutters) first, then deal with the root secondarily, including the heart's metabolism. He recommends IceWave with the tan on the left Heart 7 and the white on the right Small Intestine 4 (Source points). The latter is a fire meridian and is the closest fire heart protector. It filters things coming into the heart. For mechanical issues, we often use this combo. If there is a more emotional issue, you can use Pericardium 6 on the left wrist and Triple Burner 5 on the right wrist with IceWave or Energy Enhancer. 
  • Alternatively, you can put the white IceWave on the center of the chest Conception Vessel 17 with the tan IceWave on the Great Luo Spleen 21 to the left to support healthy depolarization of the heart from right to left.
  • There is a Chinese herbal remedy for heart fluttering called Gui Pi Wan. One can intend that the frequencies of Gui Pi Wan be added to the frequencies of the patch before sticking the patches on. 
  • For overall metabolism, you can use X39/49 with the Five Elements Protocol with X39 on the yin point(s) on the left and yang point(s) on the right side of the body. 
  • Dr. Karen suggested using the Aeon patch Brain Balancing Protocol, for example, either behind the right ear, the back of the neck, or at the neck notch at night to support the autonomic nervous system (the heart has a lot of nerves).
  • Side effects of blood pressure and heart rhythm medications can be magnesium depletion which may exacerbate heart rhythm issues. Check out Dr. Karen’s Healthy Habits – Healthy Life video on Magnesium Oil for more information and links.

Ted: He wrote last month about his wife’s bad back pains. He combined Dr. Dennis’ Support Mountain approach with Dr. Karen’s YouTube video suggestion, which helped. The pain comes back when going to work. Purchased Mineral Force and Mag Force, and she is taking both. Low back pain radiating down the butt cheeks. Waitressing is making it worse. They are doing X39/X49 daytime and Aeon/Sp6C for hot flashes at night. She was having muscle spasms during a  massage. 

  • Dr. Karen: Her body may be telling her that unless she LOVES waitressing, she may need to find another way to earn money. Carnosine can help with muscle spasms.
  • Dr. Dennis: in the Support Mountain Advanced Back Pain protocol, swap out IceWave with X39/49, Carnosine Governing Vessel 2, Aeon at the Governing Vessel 4, or pain points. 

Mary: She is a newcomer to LifeWave. Has vertigo attacks and wants to try everything. Has had motion sickness and altitude sickness symptoms in the past. How can she balance herself, so she doesn’t have vertigo? She has X39 on CV6 and X49 on the back of the neck. Initially sleepy, she had more energy on Day 4 of using the patches.

  • Dr. Dennis: Traditional Chinese Medicine – caused by Rebellious Stomach Qi, which normally goes down, but instead, is coming up. To counteract that, you can redirect this qi downwards by putting a Y-Age patch (Aeon, Glutathione, or Carnosine) on Conception Vessel 12, the front Mu Point of the Stomach. The ears are the windows to the kidneys, and use X39/49 combo on left/right Kidney 3 on the inside of the ankles. You’ll have a nice triangle with the Kidney points, which help the nervous system, and the Stomach Qi support as the apex of the triangle. Kidneys regulate marrow = nervous system. Inner ear imbalances cause vertigo. 
  • Dr. Karen: Aeon in front of the right ear, Small Intestine 19, on the face or behind the right ear, Triple Burner 17, on the mastoid at night to decrease inflammation in the head area to balance the brain/nervous system. 

Dr. Karen: bug bites? There is no itching now. Just red and flaky. 

  • Dr. Dennis: damp heat. Clear damp heat using Spleen 9 and Stomach 44. Use X39 on the left Spleen 9 and X49 on the right Stomach 44. 

Christiana: When consuming a lot of raw produce, you can create dampness and bloat. It spaces her out to eat like this. She is trying to introduce more heat, like arugula. She doesn’t have much dual patching but has X39 and 49, Glutathione, Aeon, and Carnosine. She has a few more IceWave. She eats a hot meal for dinner. How can she be more grounded with patches? She has been Yin deficient! 

  • Dr. Dennis: In TCM, it is observed that eating raw uses up a lot of Qi. You don’t want to eat that raw too often if you have a Qi deficiency. Just lightly cooking not to deplete the living Qi from the food may be helpful. But don’t overcook. Many people heal themselves when living in a warm climate by eating raw because of the extra enzymes.
  • Bloating is a landmark symptom of spleen qi deficiency. Spleen likes warm and dry and doesn’t like sweet. If you are eating sweet stuff that is wet, that is bad for the spleen. For example, ice cream is terrible for spleen qi deficiency. To tonify spleen qi, use Spleen 6 (which also supports Kidney and Liver meridians) bilaterally or Spleen 6 on the left and Stomach 36 on the right (using IceWave tan on left, white on right, SP6C on the left, and Aeon on the right, or X39 on the left X49 on the right).
  • For grounding, she can just use Spleen 6 on the lower legs for grounding. Alternatively, Dr. Dennis mentioned using a white patch on Large Intestine 18 and a tan patch on the left Stomach 26Windows of the Sky points.

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