Phototherapy Patch Q & A October 4, 2021

Dr. Dennis Lobstein and Dr. Karen Kan share phototherapy patch protocols live on the Light Warrior Radio Podcast. They will continue to answer questions on-air during the first Monday of each month starting at 12 noon Eastern in order to help customers, distributors, and users from around the world get the most out of their phototherapy patches.

Over the last several years, we’ve spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain, to detoxification, and addressed almost every organ in the entire body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and sharable.

Folks that call in live, or post their question in the chat will be the first priority in our Q & A monthly radio show sessions. After that, I’ll take questions from the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page, under the discussion tab.

You can listen to all the archives of Ask the Doctors phototherapy podcasts on Dr. Karen’s Podsite Page.

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Q & A

Amish C – Is there a patching protocol for numb thumb from squishing the carpal tunnel nerve? 

  • Dr. Dennis – Find pericardium 6 and patch with the tan IceWave patch. Flip to the outside wrist and find triple burner 5 (TB5) and put the white IceWave patch here. Alternatively, you can try triple burner 10 white on right and tan on left to relieve qi stagnation in the neck to free up the wrist.
  • Dr. Karen – If the above doesn’t work optimally, you can try patching the scalene muscles on the front outside of the neck, white on the right, tan on the left.

Rhetah – What to do with someone who has wood imbalance emotionally during a metal time of year? 

  • Qi accumulating and stagnated in the wood can cause this issues.
  • Use yin-yang pair – Left liver 3 and right gallbladder 41. You can use IceWave or Energy Enhancer patches. 

Rhetah – cognitive issues – what minerals may be helpful in addition to patches?

  • Eidon minerals has a good source. Dr. Karen uses Mineral Force and Mag Force from with Dr. Dale. 
  • Use Kidney 7 which is good for the brain and you can put a drop of minerals underneath each patch, white on right, tan on left with Energy Enhancer or IceWave. Alternatively, you can use Aeon on the right and SP6C patch on the left (if you want hormonal support)

Peggy C – For someone who has had 35 years of drainage – she is using X39 a lot over the belly. She is coughing up yellow globs. She doesn’t feel sinuses are plugged, but she makes mucus that is thicker. She wakes up at night having to clear it out of her throat. She’s been using the 5 Elements Protocol, 365 days a year she has it. It doesn’t matter what she does. No dairy, gluten. Nothing seems to make a difference. She was allergic to every food or mold upon testing previously. She had red spots on her face labeled as rosacea.

  • Dr. Dennis – Bladder 17 would help direct blood flow. Phlegm being thick – the point that helps is Stomach 40 which disperses this. Bladder 13 is great for allergy symptoms. These points on the back may be sore. For either bladder point, put a positively charged patch on the right and relatively negatively charged patch on the left (white/tan, or Aeon/Sp6C, respectively). Lung 8 helps to dispel toxins. Rotate Bladder 13, Bladder 17, Stomach 40, and Lung 8 to see which ones works the best.

Tina – working with her partner who has a lot of nausea. She’s been using Liver 3 with various patches. He has hiccups and nausea and has blockages in the solar plexus. She is stacking x39 with glutathione on Conception Vessell 12 and Energy Enhancer on the pericardium 6.  He is throwing up mucus. He doesn’t have an appetite because of nausea. He is drinking 32 oz of high-quality water a day so that is an improvement. 

  • Dr. Karen – He might have electrolyte imbalances causing nausea, such as low minerals (sodium, potassium, etc.). Consider putting Himalayan crystal salt crystals underneath the patch to place the energy of the minerals, in case he can’t down minerals. He can also put a few crystals underneath the tongue to see if that helps. I suggest organic bone broth to get some nutrition in.
  • Dr. Dennis – Heart 5 right wrist with Aeon and Carnosine is Conception Vessel 12 to redirect the stomach qi to go down.  X39 can be on the front Mu point of the bladder with is Conception Vessel 3Gallbladder 8 is helpful for alcohol toxicity, vomiting, headaches, vertigo. He can use IceWave on either side. Seaweed may be helpful according to Asian medicine

Tina – one person has lots of pimples all over the back. And rash 
Dr. Dennis – Use spleen 6 and large intestine 10 on the right. Use lung 8 to detoxify the skin. If you chose to do all three at the same time: use carnosine on left lung 8 and SP6C on left spleen 6 and either glutathione/Aeon/x39 on the right Large intestine 10.  
You can also use points around the face (Three Sisters acupuncture points) If the pimples are around the face Aeon on GV24 ½ in behind hairline, and 3 cun on either side: gallbladder 13 (glutathione on right and carnosine on the left) on the forehead. The three sisters points help people relax. Lowers sebaceous secretions.

Kirsten – Recently purchased Nirvana to help with sleep. She has Silent nights and Alavida, as well. What is a good combination?
Dr. Dennis – Alavida on third eye, Silent Nights or Nirvana on the bottom of the right heel. You can put Silent Nights alternatively on the triple burner 17 behind the right ear on the mastoid bone (An Mian point). Use either Silent Nights with Alavida, Nirvana with Alavida, or all three.

Kirsten – She’s been using Silent Nights for over a year and they don’t work as well as they did previously. She heard about the 4-Gates protocol. Will that help her sleep? She’s tried carnosine at night with silent nights. 
Dr. Dennis – sometimes the patches quit working when you habituate to the signal, so you have to move them around different points. The 4 Gates is good at relieving stagnation and lowering excess yang qi in the head. It relieves a lot of symptoms including jet lag and hangovers. Left liver 3 with tan patch, and Right large intestine 4 with white patch. 
You can also patch both liver 3’s and both large intestine 4’s to make it more powerful using two sets of IceWave, tans on the feet and whites on the hands. If she doesn’t have Energy Enhancer or IceWave you can replace the white patches with Aeon and replace the tan patches with Carnosine or SP6C as the relatively negatively-charged patch in combination. 
Dr. Dennis – for reverse polarity patching for sleep, you can use two patches with the positive patch (white) on the left and the negative patch on the right (SP6C, tan, or Carnosine when incombination with the others). You’ll be using kidney 6 (sedating/relaxation point) on the left and bladder 62 (tonifying arousal/alertness) on the right. 

Anonymous – What would you suggest if someone has adverse effects from the recent inoculation. 
Dr. Dennis – use glutathione according to the brochure, on the Conception 8 point, i.e. belly button, or the Five elements rotation protocol, combining it with carnosine on the left side to lower inflammation and rejuvenate and repair tissue (or use Sp6C as the negative patch if you don’t have carnosine). 
For supporting healthy blood flow, liver 3 is a great point. For integrity of the vessels you can use spleen 6 (keeps blood in the vessels) is another possible good point. Spleen 6 is helpful because you get spleen, kidney and liver energy support! Aeon or X39 right stomach 36 and SP6C or carnosine on the left is a great yin/yang pair. 
Concerned about being exposed to someone who might be transmitting vax components. Dr. Dennis says first four weeks is higher risk and after that, there is less of a problem. 
Dr. Karen – suggests X39 for everyone to help rejuvenate stem cells, make your genes go back to a healthier state (GHK-Cu peptide effects), decrease inflammation, cellular repair, and elevation of glutathione (not as strong as Glutathione patch). Use as per brochure.
Optimizing glutathione:
Increase hydration ideally with structured clean, pure water. Electrolyzed water may optimize the efficacy of the patch
Give building blocks – N-Acetyl Cysteine is a great supplement to increase your cysteine levels (whey protein and hemp protein). You can get those in capsules as well. Liposomal delivery may be extra helpful. 

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