Phototherapy Patch Q & A October 3, 2022


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Healthwise with Dr. Dennis Lobstein

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Preparing for the Change of Season

Autumn is “falling” in many parts of North America. Wind cold invasion can occur – the invasion of the outer yang channels. The air around is cold, and for it to move into the body, it has to move. Thus it is called “wind” cold.

When wind cold happens, people may notice that the outer sides of their necks are stiff. It can proceed to a mild headache and post-nasal drip. Wind heat is a sore throat; you want to prevent this by warming the body. You can do it with patches or herbs or both. Energy enhancer and IceWave patches support natural thermogenesis to prevent wind cold to wind heat.

If you’re healthy, your Wei Qi field will prevent the invasion, but if you’re exposed to EMF, your Wei Qi field might be weak, and the Small Intestine and Bladder channels will be susceptible. Don’t walk on a cold tile floor in bare feet. Through the soles of the feet, you can expose your channels to cold. 

The points that prevent movement of Qi are Wind Gate points: Gallbladder 20. Triple burner 5 is a great point to use as well to expel wind. Bladder 12 also expels wind and releases the exterior (the yang channels such as the small intestine and bladder). Using Gua Sha using a jade/stone spatula and an external warming oil back and forth over Bladder 12 area between shoulder blades. Moving Qi and Blood to the surface is a beneficial effect of Gua Sha (a great way to get rid of toxins). If it is bright well, it is oxygenated well. If it is purple, then the qi is stagnant and often “old” chronic issues. This stagnation can cause blockages and pain. If you use an oil that has San Qi or Panax Noto Ginseng.

New Research on Stress

Dr. Dennis is finding out new things about stress by keeping up with the literature. Patching Pericardium 6 and Kidney 3 are a great combination to lower stress very effectively. What’s coming out now in the literature is wiring (neurotome) from the muscles to the brain beyond motor control and has to do with stress. People who are stressed can decrease stress through core muscle groups, activating such muscles as erector spinae muscles, hamstrings, and lower back muscles (ruled by Kidney Qi and supported through patching Kidney 3 or Bladder 23 on the back). 

When Kidney Qi is deficient, we get low back pain. Chronic stress weakens kidney Qi. Kidney Qi influences the core muscles; interestingly, Kidney Qi can be strengthened by strengthening the core muscles! 

There are acupuncture Qi channels called sinews and cutaneous (skin) channels. The cutaneous channels are controlled by Lung Qi which is the protective Wei Qi field of the body. The core muscles can be influenced by cutaneous channels on the back, such as the bladder, small intestine, gallbladder, and so on. 

We can strengthen the WeiQi field by patching Lung 9 (Source point for Lung channel) or even Lung 7. Putting Energy Enhancers on either point can help lower stress.

The master point for sinews is Gallbladder 34. Patching that with Energy enhancers can help relax people as well. 

Q & A Callers

Signee – I’m a chiropractor, and I have had swelling in my left posterior thigh for the past eight months. It doesn’t hurt but left thigh is 2 inches larger than right side. It is not hot to touch. It doesn’t interfere with movement or walking. There was an fall injury to the L knee in 2019 but has since healed. I’ve tried glutathione & x39 patches on the thigh on and off about 3 days a week since this summer. I’ve used the SP 9/ST40 and CV 4. I’ve done 4 gates. I just want more phototherapy applications for maximal wellness. I have a referral to a vascular specialist tomorrow. I would love to chat today but am working. I’ll catch the recording. Thanks a bunch!

  • Dr. Dennis: Great ideas using Spleen 9 and Stomach 40 for draining damp and phlegm. He can use X39/49 on Spleen 9 left/right. Alternatively use X39 on left Spleen 9 and X49 on the right Stomach 40 (yin/yang pair)
  • Consider using IceWave as it is more efficient at movement and releasing blockages. Use the white above like on Governing Vessel 4 or 2, and tan below like on Kidney 1 on the bottom of the foot, or Bladder 59 or 62 on the side of the leg. You can also dredge the channels by holding the patches and sweeping the patches down the channel. He can also use X39 in lieu of the tan patch and X49 in lieu of the white patch if IceWave is unavailable. 

Donna – is there a way to support the natural healing of the thyroid that is under attack and gluten intolerance

  • Glyphosate can cause autoimmune symptoms. Even organic wheat can be dowsed with glyphosate toxin before marketing. It is best to make organic fermented sourdough and avoid all commercial gluten
  • Large Intestine 10 is a great point for supporting immunity. If it is sore, it is indicated to patch. She can use Energy Enhancers or any relative negative patch on the left and positive patch on the right such as SP6C left/Aeon right or X39left/x49right
  • Stomach 9 is often used to support the thyroid. It is on either side of the neck, next to the thyroid cartilage. You can use Energy Enhancer on either side. Be cognizant of symptoms as they could temporarily change thyroid function. Putting Glutathione on Conception Vessel 22 will help the lungs and immunity. 
  • Alternate points near the thyroid: Large Intestine 18, a Sky-Window point connecting the head with the body. 

Becca – My 21-month-old has damaged her front teeth from a fall. I've been to many dentists. I don't believe in the drill, fill, and bill model. What patches do you recommend for her? Her teeth are very broken and do cause her pain. 

  • Dr. Dennis – Watch the alignment of the adult teeth growing in when the baby teeth are damaged 
  • We can patch stomach channels like Stomach 5, 6, or 7 on the face would be more comfortable than under the nose.  Use IceWave white on right and Tan on left. 
  • Dr. Karen – patching White Large Intestine 4 on the right hand may help decrease pain as well since this channel crosses on the other side of the nose at the left Large Intestine 20 on the side of the nose. It literally crosses under the nose. Or if inconvenient, you can put both IceWave on both hands on Large Intestine 20. 
  • To heal the tissue, classically, we’d use glutathione and carnosine, but the newer approach would be to use X39 on the left Large Intestine 20 if you’re using IceWave on Large Intestine 20 (tan) on the right side of the nose and white IceWave Large Intestine 4 on the left hand.

Marilee – I have been experiencing extreme pain and stiffness all over my body, along with swelling especially in my lower legs. This started in July after food poisoning. My labs show extreme inflammation. Drs think I might have developed an autoimmune disorder from the food poisoning. Can you patches be set up to help me, especially with the pain and inflammation? Thanks for your help!

  • Dr. Dennis – usually this is damp heat. We use Spleen 9 and Stomach 44 points as a yin yang pair using IceWave Tan on left Stomach 44 to drain excess heat, and White on the right to tonify Spleen 9. This addresses inflammation to a great degree.
  • Dr. Karen – consider adding X39 for general restoration and if the above protocol doesn’t work within 1-2 days, then add in Aeon at night doing the brain balancing protocol. 

Elissa – I’ve only just learned about the patches but haven’t had the opportunity to learn more. I have a friend (69 years old) who had his prostate removed (about eight months ago and after other prostate surgeries which caused scarring – cancer diagnosis) and now feels the need to urinate about every 10 minutes or so. He has also had his gallbladder removed (about three years ago) and part of his stomach (more than five years ago).  In addition, he has a stent in his heart (allegedly, this was unnecessary and a mistake made by the doctors), and he was diagnosed with GERD.  Is there a patch he could use to help with the constant urination and pain in the heart not related to the heart?

  • Dr. Dennis – use Conception Vessel 17 in the center of the chest with Carnosine to unblock/open up the chest. For the bladder, use Conception Vessel 3, the front Mu point of the bladder, with X39, one inch above the pubic bone 
  • If additional support is desired, use Kidney 3 on the left (or Spleen 4) on the left and Pericardium 6 on the right using Energy Enhancer patches.

LaiPeng – My mom's doctor recently discovered there are two spots in my mom's stomach. Her current symptoms range from mild dizziness, inner body heat/fever, feeling of fullness around the abdomen, and bloating. Since three weeks ago, I've started patching her with X39(GV14, CV19) and Glutathione(CV12) according to Dr. Karen's Lifewave micro-training for nausea & bloating and balancing the immune system videos, for daytime and 2 Aeons (CV7, DU4 or GV14) and Silent Night (behind the ear or temple, alternating) for the night. Occasionally, I would put Icewave (LU1) one on each side below the clavicle for night or EE during the day. I would like to know if other protocols are more suitable for her or if other patches I can add for better support.

  • Dr. Dennis – support Earth element. The simple protocol.  Use the front Mu point, Conception Vessel 12 with X39, and bilateral Spleen 6 or 9 with Energy Enhancer/IceWave/or Sp6C-Aeon combo. This makes a nice big triangle
  • Do the Aeon Brain Balancing protocol at night for two weeks minimum
  • Do the five elements rotation using the Spleen 6 – Stomach 36 combination more often (like every other application) to emphasize EARTH. 

Christianna – I'm grateful for these blog talk sessions with you and Dr. Dennis!  

I've had an amazing experience with WRTL & X39/X49 creativity since last month. Thanks so much, Docs!

  • Dr. Karen’s screenshare video

Susan – Cousin has severe swelling in the feet. He lost the ability to walk due to neurological dysfunction. His shoulder pain and nerve sensations have improved since being on patches. He has more mobility too. He’s been on X39/49, Aeon, and more recently, Energy Enhancers since August 23rd for the swelling. When she put Energy Enhancers on Kidney 1, the swelling came down for about a week, and then it resumed. The swelling is from the ankle down and the top of the foot sticks up an inch. At age 20, he was in a severe car accident and hurt his sacroiliac. He’s also had disc surgery 25 years ago. He’s also had chemo and radiation, ending 2 years ago from tonsillar cancer. He had kidney stones and sepsis Sept 2021 and was on a high course of antibiotics. The swelling started after the chemo and radiation. Brain scans are normal. The quality of the food isn’t great and he might be insulin resistant, 30 pounds overweight with a big belly. 

  • Dr. Karen – is he mineral deficient? On medications? Consider checking essential amino acids and maybe adding Perfect Aminos and additional minerals to make sure there are enough. for Dr. Karen’s favorite mineral force and mag force, and add in 2-3 servings of Perfect Amino pills or powder per day Bone broth 1-3 cups a day is also a great id`ea. Probiotics may be helpful to replenish the gut microbiome as well.
  • Dr. Dennis – tonify spleen and clear toxins from the liver. The back Shu point for the liver is Bladder 18 and for the spleen is Bladder 20. If you use IceWave patches, you can use white (or X49) on right Bladder 18 and IceWave tan (or X39) on left Bladder 20. 

She got “something” that seemed like an illness in July. The wedding party got tested. She had mild symptoms. Both times she had neurological issues (she’s had TBI). She is struggling with some brain fogginess. What patching suggestions? She is on X39/49 daily. She uses IceWave on temples. She does the brain balancing protocol daily. She’s been constipated and uses Oxy Powder.

  • Switch the Aeon with Glutathione in the brain balancing protocol. She can also do the Advanced Brain Balancing Protocol where there are two weeks of X39, two weeks of X49, and finally, two weeks of carnosine patching.
  • Add in the five elements protocol with Energy Enhancer patches to improve the energy Qi levels in the body

Angelie – adverse relationship between high blood lead level and X39. She has severe sleep issues using a CPAP at night with limited success. She can’t use X39 because it disrupts her sleep for months. Even just an hour or two in the morning it messes with her sleep. She seems to be okay using other patches. Energy enhancer, glutathione, aeon (brain balancing) and SP6C for five days alternating spots, then night time carnosine, silent night (makes her worse) so she uses Alavida. Aeon and Alavida seem to help only temporarily one night, then makes things worse. She really wants to use the X39 but is afraid of using it again. 

  • Dr. Dennis & Dr. Karen – if she is really toxic, she may have to use patches less often so you can tolerate the patches increasing.
  • Nirvana may help with sleep more than Silent Nights for some people

Jeanne – dealing with a piriformis muscle stress that happened last February and had to use a car with the clutch and had to reach for it. The nerve going down the leg and the pinky side toes numb is getting better. She tried patching both ends of the piriformis muscles and it didn’t seem to work. She has chronic fatigue from COVID over a year ago. She hasn’t been as motivated because of it. She has all patches at home. She uses X39/49 every day. The butt muscle hurts while walking after 15 minutes and it gets worse at night and her left foot burns up. It changes every day but generally getting better. 

  • Dr. Dennis – Gallbladder 30, 34, and Bladder 62 on the affected side. IceWave Tan patch on BL62, Aeon on GB30 and Glutathione on GB34

Dr. Karen – use the Energy Enhancers in the five elements protocol to support the fatigue resolution faster. Consider self-muscle-testing for vitamins, minerals, and especially  magnesium. She can put magnesium lotion on the muscle to see if it will relax (after patching first of course) has magnesium oil and other minerals listed for 15% off in case people can’t get it locally at the health food store.

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