Phototherapy Patch Q & A November 7th, 2022


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Glutathione & Alavida Patches

Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant and recharges Vitamins C, A, E, and Co Q-10, giving your body more antioxidant power. Free radicals damage tissue by ripping off electrons, and glutathione replenishes these electrons. Chemtrails will cause free radical damage, so wearing a glutathione patch can be protective by elevating antioxidants.

The Alavida isn’t just a skincare patch. It affects the pineal body in the brain and increases epithalamin, which helps to balance the endocrine system. The IceWave patches are very flexible and can be used for multiple intentions, including pain relief. Any acupuncture point can be activated on both sides of the body with Icewave, similar to the Energy Enhancers.

Q & A Callers

Tina – High impact (50km/hr) left shoulder grade 3 separation with secondary adhesive capsulitis from impact L shoulder. The injury occurred on July 21, 2022. At present, seeing physio for gross manipulation of the joint (going past the ‘current’ end range for 5 seconds to tear adhesions to increase ROM). Many previous injuries (low back, broken C6, broken R knee, R shoulder (opposite to current px) have tears in all three rotator cuffs and a severe tear in R biceps tendon and R labral tear. Current px all L side due to frozen shoulder and physio manipulations.

7 concussions in the past which last resulted in an unconscious seizure. He loves life, sport, and his dirt bike!

  • The whole body is a crystalline matrix. The bone is a crystal as well. If you immobilize the bone, it gets weaker. After a broken bone is reset, it would be good to use patches and avoid complete immobilization if it is safe and at all possible.
  • Dr. Karen highly suggests the Brain Balancing Protocol with Aeon patches. Use one patch per night, rotating through these points: behind the right ear, third eye, back of the neck, the base of the throat, or the top of the head. Use Carnosine patches at night for repairing tissue. You can put it near the area of injury or follow the brochures points. 
  • Small intestine 11 and Jian Quan is on the front of the body halfway between the axillary fold and the tip of the clavicle at the AC joint. X39 on this point on the front and X49 on the back at the small intestine 11. 

Tah – 72 y/o woman, extreme irritation, itch, genitals, and groin area for 20+ years. Claims to have tried allopathic medicine, natural supplements, and creams that removed all acid foods from the diet and all sugar except for blueberries and raspberries.  It is worse at night. She has a history of high BP, and can have incontinence at times, which wakes her up a few times a night. No low back pain. Her knees are painful after 30 min of walking or standing. Have tried itch protocol • small improvement. 

  • Itching is excess wind. The points that release wind are: Gallbladder 31 is a whole body stop itching point. Spleen 10 is above the knee on the inside is an alternative point. You can use IceWave.
  • Address genital areas and bladder issues using the front Mu point, Conception Vessel 3 on the front with X39. 
  • Liver 5 is excellent, but you can also use different liver points, Liver 3, to disperse liver stagnation. You can use the tan IceWave on left Liver 3 and the white IceWave on Gallbladder 31 (yin/yang pairing).
  • You can rotate the IceWave on Xigong, a special point on the belly that may be helpful. It is located 3 cun bilateral of Conception Vessel 3 (three thumb widths on both sides). You can use IceWave, white on the right, tan on the left, and X39 on the center line. 

Sue Hi there, everyone! May I ask doctors if there is any patch protocol for post-operation (having had a left hip replacement three weeks ago) in a lot of pain and swelling around the groin/ low back/hip & calf area (stomach involved too) I have used Carnosine on CV6 for nausea!  as well as X39 on back of the neck but could I use whole body protocol with EE or Icewave on K1 as I am using crutches and shoulders are hurting too!!

  • Support Mountain Triangle to relieve the pain: Use Bladder 57 using IceWave, white on the right, tan on the left. That is the base of the triangle. 
    • Carnosine on Governing Vessel 2 on the sacrum or L2 on Governing Vessel 4.
    • Glutathione can be anywhere on the midline of the spine. One of the best places is Governing Vessel 14 on the back of the neck, where most yang channels communicate. 
    • Aeon patch on Governing Vessel 20, top of the head, is ideal, or Governing Vessel 19, which is one inch further back. Use your intention to carry the energy signature down the entire spine toward the blockages/pain areas.
  • If that isn’t enough, try X39 and X49 on Bladder 57 or put them on the front of the body near the pain spots. 

Viktor – I may have heard Dr. Karen talking about this — it seems that Lifewave does not officially recommend stacking patches, i.e., wearing two or more different patches in one location on the body, one on top of another. I wanted your opinion on this because I wear four different patches daily (just during the day, none at night) – x39, x49, Aeon, and glutathione. The x39 and x49 I use on the recommended points in the brochure (conception vessel six and governing vessel 14). I rotate the other two patches around the other points recommended in the brochure. However, I would like to occasionally use the CV6 and GV14 for Aeon or CV6 for glutathione since they are recommended in the brochure. So I was wondering if I could stack, for example, the Aeon on top of the x49, or as another example, the x49 on top of the x39. Or perhaps there is another, better way for me to go about this, like wearing some at night? In other words, are stacking patches effective?

  • Dr. Dennis does use stacking. Stacking a positive patch on top of a negative patch will negate any current flow, but the information in each patch will still be delivered to the body. It is fine to stack patches.
  • If you’d like to take advantage of the bioelectrical flow, you would want to put them further away from each other when using a positive and negative-charged patch.
  • Dr. Dennis feels that X39 is more yin in the property and X49 is more yang in the property. This is due to his clinical experience. 

Deb S. – I have someone just starting with patches who has shattered cervical vertebrae due to a work injury. She had surgery twice to repair/rebuild that area, and now there is some deterioration. She does not want surgery and is hopeful and enthusiastic about starting with patches. She has X39, X49, Aeon, and Icewave. I can provide her with any others you suggest. Her symptoms are constant pain, losing sensation in her arms, and trouble sleeping due to pain. Thank you!❤️

  • Dr. Dennis used to use IceWave on Triple Burner 10, white on the right, and tan on the left, for neck pain. There is a nice bioelectrical energetic arc through the neck.  You can now replace the IceWave with X39/X49, left and right.
  • Add Aeon on Governing Vessel 14 (confluence of yang channels in the upper body area) or the pain point; either Aeon, Glutathione, or Carnosine (or stack them all on that point) 

Ali – her jaw has been out of alignment for over a year. Causing dizziness, balance issues, and confusion. She has used patches on the jaw joint and isn’t noticed improvements. She had excruciating pain from the neck to the head about eight months ago, and one day, the pain started then. Adjusting her atlas didn’t seem to help. She has a long scar on C2 on the back of her neck. The scar was from brain surgery to remove a tumor 11 years ago. 

  • Dr. Dennis – consider redoing the Advanced Brain Balancing protocol to clear neurological blockages. It was too dizzy, so she had to take the patches off. Next time you start getting dizzy, put one of the other Y-age patches, such as glutathione or carnosine, and put it on Conception 12 to reverse the rebellious stomach qi to prevent dizziness symptoms. 
    • Aeon rotation x 2 weeks
    • X39 rotation (optional X49) x 2 weeks
    • Carnosine rotation x 2 weeks
  • Try X39/49 on Stomach 7 on the jaw. That is below the zygoma of the skull on the jaw. If that doesn’t work, then move above to Gallbladder 3. If it is a wood stagnation problem, this may work better. 
  • She can also use Liver 3 on the left and Gallbladder 3 on the right as a yin/yang pair using X39/49, for example, to reduce liver Qi stagnation (she wakes up during 1-3 AM in the morning). 
  • Alternatively, you can do a Sky-Earth paradigm by using yang patches above the diaphragm and relative yin patches below. Two x49s on Gallbladder 3s and two X39 on Liver 3’s. Engorged vessels under the tongue indicate Qi stagnation. 
  • Tongue problems? Patch Heart 5 on different days alternating Liver/GB points with X39/49. 
  • Eye problems? The eyes are the window for the Liver. Gallbladder 37 can be used on the right from time to time to benefit the eyes (alternating with the other protocols above). 
  • Consider reading The Web

Anjelie – She has badly disturbed sleep and wakes up unrefreshed due to apnea. She is using a CPAP machine. She can’t tolerate X39. With just 1 hour in the morning, her sleep gets more disrupted for weeks. She got lead poisoning last year from supplements from India. The county found high levels of lead and mercury in most of these supplements. She wears 2-3 glutathione patches per day. 

  • Dr. Karen reminded people there is no increase in copper levels with X39. There is no copper in the patches. It takes the copper already in your body and utilizes it to make GHK-Cu peptides. This peptide is something your body already makes naturally. The X39 improves your body’s ability to make GHK-Cu. 
  • Dr. Karen mentioned that the lack of Qi might prevent proper detoxification of the heavy metals. There is a good triangle that may help with this by supporting the kidney storehouse. 
    • Kidney 27 bilateral with Energy Enhancer (or SP6C on the left/Aeon on the right) patches and a Y-Age patch(es), such as an Aeon, over the Conception Vessel 8 umbilicus. for micro-training videos. 
    • After tonifying Kidney 27, the energy storehouse, for a while, then consider the 5 Elements Energy Enhancer protocol to open the detoxification channels. 
    • Once you’ve done this for several weeks, you can start using Glutathione (only one is necessary), rotating through the points, seeing which one feels the best
  • Then, after doing this for several months, then try the X39 again. Consider adding minerals such as’s Mineral Force and Mag Force liquids. Minerals anchor the shen, and if they are depleted, the when is flying all over the place. She can also do SOLE – Himalayan crystal salt. Check out the book Water&Salt by Barbara Mendel and 

Takashaz – What’s the difference between using Glutathione supplements versus glutathione patches? What would you recommend for a person (70s) in constant pain from post-polio? She is wheelchair-bound. Overall, the body is weak/atrophied and toxic from pain medications (the only solution from traditional medicine). She is also diabetic and hypothyroid.

  • The patches raise glutathione levels up to 300% above baseline. You make this glutathione in your own body. The next way to raise glutathione levels is with a glutathione IV. That transiently increases it to 15% above baseline for a few hours, then it falls to baseline. A supplement of glutathione – you might absorb some of it, but the body is breaking it down and metabolizing it. 
  • The phototherapy patches are for 12 hours, stimulating you to make glutathione.
  • For the 70-year-old, start with addressing the pain. Consider the support mountain triangle protocol *as above but use Kidney 1 or Liver 3 instead of Bladder 57 if the pain includes the ankle and feet. You can also hold IceWave patches over the ears to activate acupuncture points on the ear. Make circles around the ear.

Wei Syndrome is a weakness where muscles are atrophied and weak. Gallbladders 34 and 38 can help with rebuilding sinews.

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