Phototherapy Patch Q & A November 6th, 2023

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Sleep Disturbance

People sometimes have problems sleeping even when using Silent Nights.

Often, Dr. Dennis recommends Shimian, the bottom of the right heel, and he noticed that the Nirvana patch worked better on this spot than the Silent Nights.

Since we don’t have Nirvana available right now, an alternative he suggested is this pairing/combination:

  • LEFT Kidney 6 (restful channel)- White EE/IW patch or Silent Nights (reversing polarity on purpose)
  • RIGHT Bladder 62 (arousal channel) – SP6C or Tan EE/IW patch

Because polarity is reversed, it will make you tired but will NOT drain your energy (that would happen if you only used a single tan patch without the white patch in combination).

Q & A Callers


Q: Could you please recommend a patch protocol for addressing debilitating emotional/mental stress, which is negatively affecting all areas of my life?

A: Dr. Karen: consider the Aeon patch on the Governing Vessel GV20 top of the head. This works best when the energy in the head is low. If someone is in a somber mood, depressive, or sad, the GV20 can help. If you have too much energy up there, it is good to drain it with patching Large Intestine 4

Dr. Dennis: Energy Enhancer on Pericardium 6 on both sides or PC 6 with tan patch and Triple burner (TB 5) on the right as a Yin/Yang pair

Using Aeon or X39 or any of the Y-Age patches on Conception Vessel 19 Thymus with Energy Enhancer Kidney 9 resetting the Yin Qi (nice triangle!)

Alternative Conception Vessel 3 with X39 plus  Conception Vessel 19 with X49 with the Energy Enhancer as above.

Janine & Catherine H

Q: Advanced possible bony changes in the cervical spine. Manage stress, pain, and stiffness. 

A: Dr. Karen: What you see on the X-ray is not always the cause of pain and dysfunction. Patch for the symptom regardless of what you see on the X-ray or scan.

Dr. Dennis: Using intention is very important. Use an arc using Triple Burner TB 10 behind the elbow. IceWave on these points decreases acidity and decreases pain all along the neck and shoulder areas. Carnosine is perfect for buffering lactic acid as well.

Put an X39 on right Bladder 65 (for mending bone). Alternatively, if patching both, you can use X39 on the left and X49 on the right in combination. Perhaps use an Aeon patch on Governing Vessel 14 (back of the neck), as that is a crossing point for most of the yang channels in the upper body (except the large intestine). It is indicated for relaxing the upper body, and this point expels wind/clears heat.


Q: What helps with stiffness and pain in the jaw?

Dr. Dennis: Stomach 7 (or Stomach 5 or 6 if the pain is further down) right on the TMJ using IceWave white on the right, tan on the left, or X39/49 left/right. You can put one patch on the center of the chin, Conception Vessel 24, or underneath the chin, Conception Vessel 23. That will make a mini-triangle (using Aeon or Glutathione)


Q: How do you get started with patching?

Dr. Karen: David Schmidt mentioned using X39 according to brochure points and adding Aeon. Dr. Karen likes her brain balancing protocol at night when sleeping (helps with sleep) and X39 during the day; however, if there is pain, you can use X39 on the centerline and Aeon on the pain area (David’s protocol).

Dr. Dennis: He loves the 5 Elements Protocol; however, if that’s too much information, rotate through all the Energy Enhancer brochure points five days a week to start. 

Q: Where can we find the 5 Elements and Brain Balancing Protocols?

Jill B

Q: Toenail removed, and there is still pain (7 months ago) – possible infection. Are there any patching protocols?

A: Dr. Dennis – clear heat and drain damp. Clear heat using Stomach 44 for lower body heat issues. (*for upper body heat, use Large Intestine 4 typically). Use Spleen 9 for draining damp.

Using IceWave:

  • Spleen 9 with a white patch on the affected side
  • Stomach 44 on the same foot with a tan patch (closer to the toe)

Dr. Karen: Add Aeon for brain balancing to optimize nervous system balance. Consider doing two weeks, then swapping for X39, X49, or Carnosine. On the days you aren’t using X39, put it on the Conception Vessel 19 on the Thymus. 


Q: Right occipital lobe visual issues – but getting tired. She has been using X39 on the base of the neck and the Aeon brain balancing for the last two weeks. When she adds the X49, she gets tired in the afternoon. She has lights in the left visual field. Her vision is 20/20.

Dr. Dennis: Use X49 on right Gallbladder 37 to help with eye issues. And X39 on the left Liver 3. If X49 makes you too tired even on this point, then swap the X49 with Glutathione or Aeon. The Wood element regulates blood flow. Hence, it helps clear blood stagnation. You can do this whenever it is convenient.

If you have an accumulation of fluid (blood in the brain), then Stomach 40 can be used to disperse accumulation.

For example, you can rotate the Wood points above with Earth points such as left Spleen 9 and right Stomach 40. You can use X39 on the left and X49 on the right. Or you can use SP6C on the left and Aeon on the right. Also, IceWave or Energy Enhancer is a yin-yang pair with white on the right and tan on the left. It’s okay to continue Aeon at night doing the Brain Balancing Protocol. 

Consider using a Moxa stick and wave it over Stomach 40 to drive the energy through the meridian. Be careful not to put it too close to the patch, as it won’t last as long. Remember to wave the stick back and forth so it doesn’t overheat the patch. The herb energy enters all twelve meridians. It prevents the breakdown of the acupuncture point by inhibiting the hyaluronidase enzyme. Hyaluronidase can break down the acupuncture meridian walls. Moxa amplifies the integrity of the meridians in this way. 


Q: My eyes are severely bloodshot in the morning. What is a protocol to help?

Dr. Dennis: Carnosine on the right temple at night or on the third eye. Alternatively, you can use Carnosine on the left and a stronger yang patch like X39 on the right. Check with an EMF meter to see if the EMF is high near your head when you sleep. See for the Greenwave Filter and Meter.

Using Gallbladder 37 and Liver 3 together (as above) would also help the eyes during the day.

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