Phototherapy Patch Q & A May 2nd, 2022


Over the last several years, we’ve spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain, to detoxification, and addressed almost every organ in the entire body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and sharable.

Folks that call in live, or post their question in the chat will be the first priority in our Q & A monthly radio show sessions. After that, I’ll take questions from the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page Event, under the discussion tab.

You can listen to all the archives of Ask the Doctors phototherapy podcasts on Dr. Karen’s Podsite Page.

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Q & A Callers

Catherine H. –  I have a family member who is 77 and is forgetting a lot. Having trouble finding words. Thanks, Karen and Dr. Dennis

  • Use the Aeon brain balancing protocol for 2 weeks to clear neurological blockages in the head and nervous system. Then at the same time, use Energy Enhancer patches on Kidney 3 (to support “marrow” i.e. brain) alternating with Heart 5. Then use Carnosine x 2 weeks then X39 x 2 weeks doing the same brain balancing protocol. 
  • Use Heart 5 with Energy Enhancer or IceWave to support the tongue and speech

Peggy – A friend has a chronic issue where the bladder is falling down and prolapsing x 2 years. The kegel exercises aren’t really helping. It continues to go south. No pain. Just pressure and feeling the budget. Frequency of Urine and poor emptying. The urine looks normal. She’s had a C-section x 2 and two corrective surgeries to make two uteri’ into one, in the past as well. 

  • Dr. Karen said that scar tissue will twist (fascia) and it blocks Qi and the blood flow. The fascia/scar tissue creates physical blockages as well and the organs can “fall down” because it is the path of least resistance. Patches that would help include: X39/49 stem cell enhancing patches, Carnosine for softening the scar, then possibly IceWave and energy enhancer to unblock the meridians (The scar)
  • Dr. Dennis – use the front Mu point for the bladder which is Conception Vessel 3. Zigong is a special point on either side of CV3,  approximately thumb widths on either side of the centerline.  Spleen 4 is the master point for the Chong Channel which goes up the bladder, uterus central axis and Pericardium 6 is a synergist. Gallbladder 41 is the master point for the belt channel which goes around the waist. 
  • Option 1  X39/X49 on Zigong on either side of CV 3, left and right respectively. Put Carnosine on CV3
  • Option 2 X39 on left SP 4 and X49 on right PC6, and carnosine on right GB41
  • Alternatively, you can use IceWave or Energy Enhancer patches on both sides GB41 to activate the belt meridian and move the carnosine on CV2, with X39/X49 as per Option 2
  • Option 3 Instead of IceWave or Energy Enhancer, use an Aeon on right GB41 and carnosine on the left GB41 or can be used to replace any of the above on any of the paired points. 

Ali – 7-year-old grandchild with special needs. She stops breathing while she sleeps. The CPAP machine is broken. Right after she was born, they put her on all sorts of things. She is high-functioning. She is a great athlete and has no trouble breathing during the day. 

  • Supporting the Zang Qi and the Kidney Qi would be important according to Dr. Dennis. Start with Carnosine on Conception Vessel 17 to open the breathing. 
  • If Bladder 13 on the back is sore (near scapula on either side of the spine) put Energy Enhancer there next to Thoracic Vertebra 3, white on right, tan on left
  • Energy Enhancer or IceWave on Lung 9 is the Source point for the lungs on the wrists
  • Kidney Qi regulates the nervous system. So tonifying Kidney Qi to grasp the air lung Qi better. Patching Kidney 3 or 6 or 7 on both sides (patch where sore if there is a sore point). Use Aeon on the right and SP6C on the left.
  • Another option is to add Aeon to the brain balancing protocol
  • Decrease EMF in her environment 

Rhetah – A man post virus has long haul symptoms of fatigue and difficulty breathing. After two months of patching his breathing was 20% better. He was lying and standing during the test. His energy is better, but he still has a tight cough. He doesn’t cough at night, but only during the day. It is much worse when he talks, every 2-3 words. He sounds like a small dog barking. Like a wheeze. His lung X-rays look mottled. White spots everywhere. D-dimer test? She doesn’t know if they did that study.

  • Dr. Karen feels like there may have been damage to the neurological input to the diaphragm. When lying flat, there is the less gravitational pull on the diaphragm. 
  • Bladder 17 may be supportive for the diaphragm and descending rebellious Qi. It is bilateral to the T7 spine. Rhetah said that it was sore on him when she palpated this area. You can use IceWave or any other Yin/Yang pair of patches.
  • On the front patch Conception 15 which spreads Qi over the upper abdomen and over the nerve that innervates the diaphragm, put a Glutathione patch.
  • Rebellious lung qi can be addressed with Lung 7 as well. Use a yin/yang pair of patches like Energy Enhancer/IceWave/Sp6C-Aeon/X39-49 combo (choose one)
  • We want to tonify the Kidney Qi so rotate to using this one as well. That helps the Kidney Qi grasp the Lung Qi. Kidney 7 helps grasps the lung Qi using another Yin/Yang pair such as Energy Enhancer 
  • Glutathione patch and N-Acetyl cysteine may be helpful as anti-oxidants.

Susan – Her cousin took an injection and developed growths in the breast, pancreas, and liver. Most recently, the pancreas tumors are subsiding. She is on aggressive chemotherapy plus holistic medicine. There is an increase in liver tumors from 4 to 11 but the oncologist and surgeon disagree. Symptomatically, she said increased nausea and abdominal pain. She is currently using Aeon for nausea and it has helped dramatically. X39 helped with pain and quality of life. 

  • Dr. Dennis – Right liver 14 (front Mu point for the liver and invigorates the blood and disperses “masses”) with glutathione patch for increasing anti-oxidants or Conception 12 for nausea during the day with plenty of water and decent minerals (like bone broth). Use Gallbladder 41, X39 on the left, and X49 on the right belt channel. (or Aeon right, SP6C on the left)
  • Dr. Karen – epigenetics. What was her emotional reaction to the news? The body can reflect the injury to the psyche. German New Medicine. Working holistically on emotions can be very key.  Choices and Illusions by Eldon Taylor is a good book to read about how doctors’ opinions can shape patient outcomes. She suggested Aeon brain balancing and Energy Enhancer patches with the 5 elements protocol (see last month’s radio show)

Catherine – she was given antibiotics that caused a severe reaction for 12 years. None of her doctors will help. “This is above my paygrade” was one response. (she was teary). She met a distributor online and she bought the X39 and the glutathione was added in as a bonus. It’s been eight days. She’s had a flare of symptoms. Pain in the neck, her head feels inflamed -it feels thick and heavy. The pain in both feet. She has multiple nerve inflammation symptoms. The severe pain in the ankles and tendon damage painful right shoulder. Levaquin (2009) and Cipro (2014). She’s been doing probiotics but has no change or improvement. Vitamin D, ashwagandha, electrolytes and trace minerals in the water, digestive enzyme (no gallbladder). 

  • Dr. Karen said that the X39 and glutathione can potentiate a healing crisis with increased inflammation, and swelling, causing worse discomfort temporarily for up to 3 weeks
  • Dr. Dennis said Spleen 3 helps with damp heat. Shu Stream points help with dampness and heaviness. The most nurturing one is spleen 3 on the foot near the inside arch just beyond the big toe. You can use Aeon or Glutathione patch on the right and SP6C or X39 on the left spleen 3, respectively 
  • For the acute neck pain, put IceWave on San Jiao a.k.a. Triple Burner 10 just above the upper elbow that makes an arc that sends a clearing signal that gets rid of pain in the neck
  • Continue X39 and glutathione regularly as tolerated of she can lay off X39 for a few weeks to see if the detox is better. Consider using the Aeon brain balancing along with the IceWave for the pain to help with symptoms. 
  • Very importantly, work on emotions including guilt. Using energetic means to release and heal these can help with the healing. Her mom died with similar issues. 

Jan – has an umbilical hernia and wondered whether the symptom of the herniated tissue can be helped and supported (weakness in the muscle wall) to avoid surgery. 

  • Dr. Dennis: We want to support spleen energy because Spleen Qi regulates muscles
  • Option 1: The liver qi circumvents the groin and connective tissue. Gallbladder 34 supports the tendons and sinews using X39 on the left and X49 on the right. Put an Aeon or Glutathione patch over Conception Vessel 8 right over the belly button. This is a spiritual point as well. Acupuncturists would put salt and moxa over CV8. You can put a pinch of Himalayan salt and a pinch of moxa underneath the patch. 

Option 2: Alternatively, stick X39 over the belly button CV 8, use left spleen 4 with SP6C and right pericardium 6 with Aeon patch.

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