Phototherapy Patch Q & A March 7, 2022


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Q & A

Renee: I need help for someone who just using X39/X49 with no results yet, sprained her ankle after coming back from a trip. it's very swollen, also she has hand tremors, has had for many years, uses marijuana to help manage but needs more help,

  • Dr. Dennis – tremors are internal wind. We can deal with the Wood energy (liver and gallbladder). Use right Gallbladder 8 with Nirvana patch to elevate and regulate dopamine and endorphins. Tremors in the hands can be caused by dopamine deficiency in the basal ganglia. Another way is through the pineal – we can regulate the endocannabinoid system using Alavida on the GV 24.5 third eye. Doing both of these may help with tremors. Definitely also use the Nirvana supplement to fine-tune things.
    • For the ankle, one approach is to bracket the painful area with IceWave patches, putting the white patch on Gallbladder 40 (outside) and tan on the inside of the ankle wherever it diminishes the pain the most. If it makes it worse, you can reverse the colors. If the pain comes back, you can move the patches to a better spot.
    • You can add Aeon on the right Spleen 9 to drain damp, or X39 on the left spleen 9 together with X49 on the right spleen 9.

Tah: What to do when a wound appeared to heal. Now 3 months later, a small hole opened in the wound again (a couple of days ago). On lower leg. Had a blood test, no problems with blood sugar. The small spot is a little warm to the touch but it isn’t red. Very small amounts of watery blood coming out. The foot on that side (L-side) swells, worse at night. Have tried X39, Aeon, Glutathione, Energy Enhancer, IceWave, and Carnosine. She’s been using Manuka honey on there. It is on the left lower leg on the anterior portion of the tibia bone halfway between the ankle and the knee. The fluid is collected in the ankle. 

  • Dr. Dennis – Stick Glutathione on left Stomach 40 (which also disperses phlegm) which may support the immune system. Normally glutathione is on the right. The polarity of the tissues may be able to tolerate it. The other addition is a Tan IceWave patch bracketing the problem area so you localize the polarity more. She can also do sweeping up from the foot to the clavicle on that side (dredge) by putting IceWave in the palms on the hands and dredging the channels upwards with hands on either side of the leg.
  • Continue using X39/x49 to rebuild tissue after clearing “toxins” out with the glutathione. 
  • Hyaluronic acid is improved with moxa, which makes the acupuncture points/meridians stay intact. So bacteria won’t destroy the integrity of the wall of the acupuncture meridians. Waving the moxa back and right an inch or so away shouldn't deactivate the patches. 

HN Chew: Dear Dr. Karen and Dr. Dennis, may I know how to patch a dog with a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Thank you very much

  • Dr. Dennis – you can make a ring around the area with IceWave patches that are painful. You can add X39/49 in a ring as another option. You can put Carnosine near the base of the tail. Carnosine rejuvenates and repairs tissue. The X39 increases stem cell proliferation. The X49 enhances the effects of X49 and both together help get rid of the pain.

Peggy: Has been using X39, X49, and Carnosine for a toe issue July 2020 lack of cartilage. Slso taking collagen and nutrition. This morning the foot has been aching and woke her up today! She hasn’t been using IceWave because the pain is much less than August 2020. When she is walking, it hurts.

  • Dr. Dennis – Sovereign Copper Hydrosol is what he recommends. Her kinesiologist says she doesn’t need it according to muscle testing. But maybe it is the brand? Put the X39 right over Stomach 42 and on the sole of the foot, put the X49. Carnosine on Bladder 65 (pinky area) for bone mending. Dr. Dennis says to wear these at night. 
  • Dr. Karen – consider a consult with D.L. Walker to find out how to correct the biomechanics. During the day you can put the IceWave on the feet instead if you want when you're wearing the other patches at night.   

Susan: You’re two of my favorite docs in LifeWave. Within a week of using the patches, this is 5D technology! One of her cousins had an injection 8 months ago, then 2 months ago developed tumors in the breast area, that was treated, then it moved to the pancreas, then a Whipple procedure done, and then four tumors in the liver in the last 6 months. For her 70th birthday party recently. She was nauseous and used 2x Aeon on pericardium 6 and it helps. The sharp pain in the liver went away with just an X39 on top of it. She was finally able to sleep after not being able to after the pancreas surgery. She is recommending glutathione.

  • Dr. Dennis – Glutathione is mostly used daytime because it is energizing. Dr. Dennis often uses it at night when we are rejuvenating. We’d be treating stagnation and inflammation. If you use Spleen 4 on the left foot and right pericardium 6 on the right wrist will synergistically enhance each other’s effects. For example for nausea, you can use one Aeon on right PC6 and one SP6C or Carnosine on the left spleen 4 points. 
  • Alternatively, you can bracket the liver with Liver 14 (Aeon – day or night) on the front Mu point, directly over the liver on the right side of the ribcage. Mu points are when qi from that channel comes to the surface. On the back to support the liver, use right Bladder 18 (Carnosine/SP6 or Glutathione – day or night) the back Shu point, on the back just below spine T9 – 1.5 (inches to the outside)
  • Dr. Karen – Add the five elements with IceWave after chemo is done. Since pericardium 6 is helpful for nausea, you can then use Energy Enhancer patches rotating through her 2 favorite points in the brochure including pericardium 6. Stick with Aeon, Energy Enhancer, IceWave during chemo and after chemo is over, then you can introduce Glutathione, and X39.
  • Her other cousin with neurological issues with emotional lability, memory issues, and excessive talking. They began in 2018. There isn’t a good diet. She fell last week. She’s thinking about the advanced brain protocol. She created her “hat” where she can put her patches on. 
    • Dr. Dennis – stuck emotional energy resides in the Yellow Court due to toxic liver energy transferring from Wood to Spleen. It is located between the diaphragm and the bottom of the heart. The yellow court gate, Bladder 43, on the outer bladder channel at the level of T4. You can patch this to help release the stuck energy and Dr. Dennis has had a lot of success with it. It can resolve it in a few seconds. Which patch? It works better when she WANTS to clear herself. Maybe her son can hold that intention for her. Start with Energy Enhancer or IceWave on both BL43 points. 
      • If that doesn’t work, then harmonize fire and water. Labile people have a fire-water/Shen disturbance. So Heart and Kidney not communicating well. You can resolve it by patching left Kidney 1 or 3 to anchor the loose “yang” or for excess fire left Pericardium 6 /right Triple Burner 5 (heart energy) using Energy Enhancer or IceWave or SP6/Aeon combo 
    • Dr. Karen – use the advanced brain balancing protocol at night.

Patty: Suggested that the owner of the dog check the dog for Lyme. She’s had tremendous results with Carnosine for wound healing as well as silver gel. She’s had an itch on her arm since the vax and used silver gel and it took the itching away. For IceWave she uses it for more than 12 hours, but it works on her for 3 nights. She’s had the same results with Energy Enhancer. If it is really stressful, it doesn’t last as long. She had one woman whose cognitive issues improved with Aeon alone!

Question: Silvery or metallic substance appears on the back of the patch. Is that detoxing from mercury fillings? Or something else? Can patches help us detox from heavy metals? What can we do to enhance the process? Patching for hoarseness?Dr. Dennis – Glutathione chelates heavy metals and theoretically, graphene. For general cardiovascular health, X39/49 are supportive. Left pericardium 6 with X39 or tan Energy Enhancer, and right triple burner 5 with X49 or white Energy Enhancer very heart supportive. For hoarseness, she tried glutathione on the throat, but Dr. Dennis said if that isn’t helping enough, try Heart 5 on the inside forearm. Liver 5 is also an option on the inside tibia on the right.

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