Phototherapy Patch Q & A June 7, 2021


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Dr. Dennis Lobstein and I go LIVE on my Light Warrior Radio Podcast on the first Monday of each month starting at 12 noon Eastern in order to help customers, distributors, and users from around the world get the most out of their phototherapy patches.

Over the last several years, we've spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain, to detoxification, and addressed almost every organ in the entire body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and sharable.

Folks that call in live, or post their question in the chat will be first priority in our Q & A monthly radio show sessions. After that, I'll take questions from the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page, under the discussion tab.

“If you don't hear the whispers, then you have listen to the screams” Asian

Here are the callers from this month's episode:

Dr. Karen – Fire is the main element considered the emperor or commander of all the other officials. The commander directs energetically what the other officials should do. They have to figure that out themselves. There are four different officials in the fire element, the main one being the heart. Heart is sitting in a big castle giving out orders to the others to stay balance. All elements are bipolar meaning they can be deficient or excess. In the middle is a healthy balance. The (yin) heart has a “consort” is the (yang) small intestine. The function is to filter and protect. All the other officials in fire (pericardium, triple burner) are there to protect the heart and its energy.

  • The small intestine it's like the wall surrounding the heart that filters things coming to the heart. If the filter is happy, then there is clarity and discernment. When small intestine is inflamed it doesn't filter property, then it loses its clarity and we get brain fog as a symptom. Probiotics may be helpful in these cases.
  • the other Yin/Yang pair is pericardium/triple burner. The pericardium is (inner frontier gate) like the drawbridge to the castle. It can le things in to interact with the castle or it can slam shut and prevent things from coming into the heart. It is like another filter to protect the heart. Symptoms: not letting person in, or letting in disharmonious energy into the heart (poor boundaries). A balanced pericardium allows appropriate interaction with the heart, but up enough to protect you from bad energies. You avoid a negative situation if you're balanced.
  • Triple Burner (San Jiao) is like the moat around the castle. It is the furthest filter out from the heart in the castle metaphor. The water in the moat protects the castle and it can have traps (like crocodiles) or like salt to float over it. People that have imbalances here can overextend what they let in and be inappropriate. Symptoms: Constitutional Factor (CF), if in excess, you reach out too much, then you mess with other people inappropriate. Or extraverts might do that a lot for example of saying too much without permission. Triple burner 5 is called the Outer Frontier Gate (first heart protector). Introverts can keep too much in.

All of the heart protectors are letting it in, filtering it out. If you're not willing to hear something because you have an inability to filter what comes through, you may have an imbalance in the heart protectors.

Jim Pochaska's Stage Paradigm Theory for Cigarette smoking can be useful so you can know how to communicate to people. This model may be very helpful in wellness program to identify what stage people are in: Pre-contemplative (not ready to be open) –> contemplative (ready to be open–>pre-active (adjusting filters – to see more things, make choices to take action based on their fire and five elements filters.) –> active ready to take action!

Physical symptoms for the fire element being out of balance. What does deficient fire look like? Someone with lack of activity: low energy, lacks animation, unable to nourish and ground body processes, weak mitochondrial function, poor ATP. Palpitations, jumpy quick pulse, jumping sensation, weak pulses in the chest. The fire is not enough to control the depolarization properly so that can cause palpitations. Complexion might be pale. They can be restless, anxiety, cold hands and feet. Heart's Shen sparkles from the eyes normally but with deficiency, the eyes lack sparkle. Insomnia, disturbing dreams. Lack for joy. Inability to follow through with things – not enough oomph to push them through to get something done.

Too much fire? They might look flush, red or ruddy. They have heat symptoms which can build up to an excess stagnation. Liver Qi stagnation too much yang in the liver. That can affect the heart. Like a pressure cooker. Liver is the mother for the Heart (fire child). Wood feeds the Fire. Excess wood makes for excess fire. You can even have purple lips, pounding pulses and strong palpitations with lots of energy and oomph behind them. Infections with heat and inflammation. Fever, Sleeplessness, Inappropriate laughter (overjoy) – like The Joker in the Batman series. The wood's anger can express through the fire.

  • Deficiency – we can tonify them using an electropositively charged patch (adds energy)
  • Excess – we can sedate them by using an electronegatively charged patch on an acupuncture point to pull excess energy out.

Use simple points like Energy enhancer patches on pericardium 6 (also called circulation/sex in five elements medicine because it influences hormones in conjunction with the triple burner) white on right, tan on left. You can also put white on triple burner 5 and the tan on the left pericardium 6 (the inner frontier gate). Typically we use the PC/TB for more psychological and emotional issues and spiritual issues, and we use the Heart/small Intestine when we are dealing with more physical issues like poor rhythm, brain fog, toxicity and intestinal issues.

For more mechanical heart issues. Anxious and palpitations that are uncontrolled through meditation etc., you can use Heart 7 (left, tan) and Small Intestine 4 (right, white). They are both Source points and they will bring energy in and balance the energy. Source points will regulate the energy in the meridians.

Cathy – one of her distributors sons, young man with inflammation, pain, hard skin (due to immune fight) after getting stem cell blood transplant from his brother. He is on an immune suppressant drug. Carnosine on conception vessel 17. This supports lung qi which is responsible for supporting skin health. Put an Aeon on right Lung 8 or 9 with an SPC6 patch on the left Lung 8 or 9. Lung 8 is dredging toxins out of the lung on all levels. The patch is big enough to cover both Lung 8 and 9 simultaneously. It is wise to consult her medical provider with regards to using X39 or Glutathione patches during immune suppressive therapies.

Debbie – son broke scaphoid bone skateboarding age 11. Had surgeries. Now age 31, his right hand is going numb. They thought it was healed, but might have injured it. He has a big metal thing surgically inside. He is very active, the numbness affects his sleep. Not due to the pain per se. Dr. Dennis suggested IceWave White on the Right scaphoid white on right and tan on the left, or you can sandwich it with white on top and tan on the bottom. Use the Clock technique. Or he can try X39 stacked on top of the white IceWave patch, or an Aeon sandwiched with carnosine instead of IceWave pair. Whichever patch you haven't used yet, X39 or Aeon on Bladder 65 on outside of the right foot “She Gu” that heals bone. Dr. Karen suggested releasing the fascia manually, either with block therapy or DL Walker's Correcticise – Total Body Renovation training.

Zee – client is experiencing chronic shock like pounding pain in the face over the trigeminal nerve. They've been using IceWave all over the face. Liver 3, Stomach 36, TB 5, 7, LI 4, kidney 1. They are doing X39 on GV 14, 24 or third eye. Carnosine on CV 17, Aeon on CV 8. Since February with no relief of pain of the face. She drinks a lot of water. Dr. Dennis shares that putting in Himalayan Crystal Salt mixed into the water can help with electrolyte balance and it may increase the efficacy of the patches. More electrons in the body means more electrical current – water electrolysis machines can split the water to make more hydrogen water. This may be helpful as H2 brings with it a lot of electrons (molecular hydrogen). Aeon brain protocol before the other patch protocols? Detox protocols? Zee hasn't done that yet.

Dr. Dennis said to do the Aeon brain protocol for about 2 weeks, rotating through the points at night. Then repeat this protocol with the X39 for the following protocol to clear neurological blockages, then go back to the other patches.

Heather – issues relating to mold exposure last October and ended up gaining a lot of weight. Symptoms: gaining weight rapidly, histamine issues – huge allergic reaction that is staying in the body. Heart palpitations, felt “off” (nervous system heightened), tongue felt like it was stung by a bee. She is going to avoid eating histamine. She eats keto already. She feels it is concentrated around the lumbar area. The lower back feels sore on both sides. This is an excess condition when that happens. Dr. Dennis feels it might be excess energy in the Life Gate area. She was just pulled to listen to us today. Spleen 9 (left) drains damp and Stomach 40 (right) to get rid of phlegm, using energy enhancer patches, tan on left, white on right, to release the water. Energy enhancer patches may help with more alkaline pH in the body. Dr. Karen suggested bone broth daily (organic) and X39 over the gut, for example conception vessel 6. Aeon can decrease inflammation even more, at night, doing the Aeon brain protocol for the first week before using the others.

Lois – she's had many injuries especially head, neck (surfboard injury age 14 and rear-ended 2001) and entire spine, so backwards heart and inflammation and nervous system imbalance. 2015 slipped on the ice and messed up her entire spine. Connective tissue issues since childhood (genetic). She doesn't get better with all therapies she's tried. Gretchen Uhe had sent her something and she has an appointment with her this afternoon to get started with patches. She is really interested in the brain balancing protocol with the Aeon patch at night to start for about two weeks, and then add X39, IceWave in the five element “detox” rotation in Yin/Yang pair (use IceWave instead of Energy Enhancer). For the wood element, we would use WHITE patch on right Gallbladder 34 (master point for the sinews) and TAN patch on the left Liver 3 instead of what is listed in the Principles of Patching classes. Add X39 (with the IceWave) using the brochure points. You can alternate those and see what works better.

Kathy – If she used the X39 for not the complete 12 hours, should she use it up with stacking a new patch on the used one? She remembers the 12 hour break without patching. We told her that it doesn't matter what she chooses as long as she isn't putting a dirty patch on the skin over and over again.

Had eye emergencies and the patching protocol we suggested last time worked well. She would like to do the Aeon brain balancing protocol overnight. We covered the different points: third eye, top of head, behind the right ear, upper 1/3 of the sternum or behind the neck on C7. She had a fall and has pain on the left ribs. Deal with the pain first – use the X39 and IceWave to release the pain. IceWave white patch on right gallbladder 34 (which is a great point for ribs) and tan on left liver 3. She can add an X39 or Aeon right over the pain spot to create a triangle.

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