Phototherapy Patch Q & A June 6th, 2022


Over the last several years, we’ve spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain, to detoxification, and addressed almost every organ in the entire body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and sharable. 

Folks that call in live, or post their question in the chat will be the first priority in our Q & A monthly radio show sessions. After that, I’ll take questions from the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page Event, under the discussion tab.

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HEALTHWISE with Dr. Dennis Lobstein

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To tune into a more in-depth training with Dr. Dennis Lobstein, you may attend his AcuWave Community Health Education Dr. Dennis would like to like everyone who would like more in-depth training to his Healthwise Clinic Zoom room on the third Monday of the month at 7:00 PM Arizona Time (find your timezone).

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Discover how to improve your health including how energy and Asian Medicine works. This call will be facilitated by Nurse Heidi and Dr. Dennis and each topic of discussion are open to whom is in attendance. He will be discussing health science about overall wellbeing*.

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In this clinic, Dr. Dennis & Nurse Heidi do not cure, treat, or diagnose any allopathic, western disease.



LifeWave Q & A

Karen: Is there a Chinese Medicine pattern underlying excessive judgment, cynicism, negativity, etc. 

  • Fire-water disharmony or gallbladder energy imbalance can cause excess judgment, cynicism, negativity. If Gallbladder 40 is painful,(stagnation can cause pain), judgment gets impaired. You could patch GB 40 to alleviate these symptoms.

Dee: Can we talk about the difference between IceWave and Energy Enhancers and when to choose either one? Do they both “talk to each other” while “talking” to the body?

  • David Schmidt invented the Energy Enhancers first. When energy enhancers are used on pain, there is a delay in effect, so he came up with the IceWave patches next. They have the same frequency set as the energy enhancer patches, but there is an additional set of frequencies that break through energetic blockages within seconds. That is really useful for pain relief. The white patches in both are the same frequencies but the tan patches are different. Blockages of Qi cause pain: trauma, toxins, stagnation of lymph, and more. The IceWave allows the Qi to flow and gets rid of the cause of the pain in contrast to Western medicine which just blocks the signal going to the brain. 

Tah’s friend, Chaz: I am 44 years old. For over 20 years I’ve had pain in both feet and lower back when standing for a period of time. To the point where I have to constantly crouch down to round my lower back and shift my weight back and forth on my feet. I’ve had pain most of my life from my sit bones down my left hamstring or the outside of my leg triggered by the pressure of a chair, bed, or car seat. It started when I was 16 driving long distances, the pain shoots down my leg. Ten years ago it got worse. Like IT band pain but I’ve been told it could be more fascia-related. It feels like a burning. I cannot sleep on my left side. I cannot sit at a desk longer than a few minutes.

I’ve also had pain in my upper right back up to my neck for most of my life. It got much worse after a motorcycle accident breaking my right collar bone 20 years ago when I was 24. It played a role in preventing me from being able to get a good night's sleep, work at a desk or get into the gym and strength train. I have lost bone density in my right knee.

They’ve done the combos: knee protocols, whole-body protocol, etc. They’ve used IceWave, X39/49, Aeon, and Carnosine. They’ve been doing brain balancing as well. Not a huge difference was noticed. Well-hydrated and takes supplements. 

  • Dr. Dennis – drink electrolyzed water – he already has the Kangen machine. He may need more minerals including pink Himalayan crystal salt which will help the bioelectricity of the patches work better. 
  • Triple triangle with IceWave on Bladder 57 (calf) or Kidney 1 (bottom of the feet) white on right, tan on left (base of the triangle), then Y-Age patches to create three triangle apices: Carnosine on Governing Vessel 2 or Governing Vessel 4, Glutathione Patch Governing Vessel 14 (back of neck) where all the yang channels cross in the upper body. On the back/top of the head at Governing Vessel 19 or 20, use the Aeon patch. You can access the quantum through these superimposing triangles (wormholes). That’s alchemically placing the patches with your intention thus collapsing the possibilities into the 3D reality.
  • Dr. Karen – consider Mineral Force, working up to 3 capfuls daily, Mag Force, 1 capful daily, adding Himalayan crystal salt in water and food, bone broth 2 cups a day. Consider using Energy Enhancers periodically on Liver 3/Gallbladder 34 to benefit the fascia (sinews) with X39 on Conception Vessel 4 and X49 on Governing Vessel 2. 

Tah – Last question for a LifeWave member. My question is… if we have multiple health issues, heart, lungs, knee pain, to name a few… what is more effective…do we pick one each day and patch for that issue — each day a different issue – or, do we attempt to combine several issues using more patches each day?

  • Dr. Dennis – short-term and long-term treatment. Short term, get rid of the acute issue first so they can be more comfortable. After, then get rid of the root cause. They are often more motivated to treat the root. Sometimes you can address them together. 
  • Support the ROOT: Balancing all the meridians via 5 Elements Yin/Yang pairing (X39 on left, X49 on right) as a newer way of doing this instead of Energy Enhancer patches) is back-to-basics and you’ll hit all meridians. 
  • Dr. Karen – Western way is to compartmentalize, but often they all come from similar energies or imbalances. 

Patti – I have a torn meniscus in my left knee. I wondered if it’s possible to heal my knee without surgery and return to playing sports pain-free?

  • Dr. Dennis – getting rid of inflammation and getting the tissues to heal, just by increasing the bioelectricity in the body, you can regenerate.
  • Gallbladder 34 is great for sinews. Bladder 65 helps to mend the bone. You can put X39 on the left GB 34 and X49 on the right GB 34 and with intention, tell it to grow stem cells to repair the tissue. 

Ali – excised vagus nerve on the right side about a year ago – it was inside a tumor that was removed from the brainstem. Heart arrhythmias. The rate is higher than “normal”. It is in the ’70s. During the episode, it will be in the 150s. Can barely breathe. My jaw joint went out too. Currently using X39/49. She does Qigong regularly. She has Aeon patches. For left flank pain, she uses SP6C on the left and Aeon on the right. 

  • Put IceWave on Stomach 7 where the jaw connects with the skull. It is in front of the tragus. Put white on the right and tan on left. It will help realign the jaw and help the pain.
  • Dr. Karen – this feels like this is a diaphragm issue. Dr. Dennis said to use Bladder 17, the back shu point of the diaphragm Qi. Stuck emotional energy in the Yellow Court (between the diaphragm and the apex of the heart).  The yellow court gate is Bladder 43 on the back. Put a negatively charged patch on the left BL17 and a positive patch on the right BL43. Like tan on left, white on right. 
  • Alternate Day – IceWave on either side of the ribcage, for example on Spleen 21 or anywhere it is sore on the rib cage X39 on the xiphoid and X49 on T7 (at the level of the bottom of the shoulder blade).

Susan – her cousin is on a break from chemo for 3.5 weeks. We did some patching suggestions last session. She feels better in general and has stomach pain and nausea. David feels ozone therapy was a great adjunct to neoplasm healing. 

  • Resources: Dying to be Me – Anita Moorjani, Dr. Kelly Turner – Radical Remission, Colin Tipping – Radical Forgiveness books
  • Patch Conception Vessel 12 with Aeon, and Energy Enhancer on the anti-nausea points such as Pericardium 6

Susan – She is working with military personnel with multiple head trauma. After 30 minutes with Aeon and X39, he could not find the pain! She told him to follow his gut on where to put the patches. His brain fog is clearing up! He is processing better in a week and a half. 

  • Dr. Dennis – consider putting Panax Noto ginseng helps disperse blood stagnation. Put some powder under the patches, it will carry the energy signature into the brain. 
  • Dr. Karen – consider sweeping with patches for example tan in the left hand, white in the right hand, or with the X39/Aeon combo, or X39/X49 (left/right) for 1 minute each. 
  • Dr. Dennis – you can stick the patch on a feather and you can do the dredging with the feather.






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