Phototherapy Patch Q & A July 4, 2022


Over the last several years, we’ve spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain, to detoxification, and addressed almost every organ in the entire body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and sharable.

Folks that call in live, or post their question in the chat will be the first priority in our Q & A monthly radio show sessions. After that, I’ll take questions from the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page Event, under the discussion tab.

You can listen to all the archives of Ask the Doctors phototherapy podcasts on Dr. Karen’s Podsite Page.

This month, Dr. Dennis shares his more recent discoveries on the benefits of the LifeWave Nirvana Product before we dive into Q & A!

Healthwise with Dr. Dennis Lobstein

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Q & A Callers

Nirvana Patches help with endorphins, enkephalins, and dopamine. Dopamine helps you “feel good”. Dr. Dennis has discovered recently that they don’t just enhance mood, they help a lot with all the psychological trauma that people are suffering from today in his clinical experience.

It helps them sleep and helps take the edge off of the irritability. More psychological focused and stable. Dr. Karen says that the Nirvana patch helps her sleep and with pain. The point Shi Mian on the bottom of the heel has helped Dr. Dennis’ patients sleep better when Silent Nights didn’t work. Another patient has labile emotions while withdrawing from psych medications. Stimulating Gallbladder 40 helps a lot. It helps with being overly judgmental and irritable. Putting a Nirvana on this point in addition to acupuncture, helped her function despite the withdrawal. 

Judgment prevents the spirit from coursing through us! To let it go, stimulate GB40 with Nirvana. You can use SP6C, tan patch, and carnosine on the left side to balance if you like as the “yin” patch.

For point locations, please refer to 

Nancy L: What patching sequences can help a broken heart. Bereavement symptoms have caused my heart unrest, off-rhythm at times, and a slight elevation in BP. I’d like to know the best patching to heal my nervous system and balance my harmony. 

  • Dr. Dennis: Tight chest Qi can happen in these instances. Use Carnosine on Conception Vessel 17 in the middle of the chest to open up this area. Then use Energy Enhancers on Pericardium 6, white on right, tan on left, on the wrist, as support. The Pericardium Channel is used for emotional and psychological symptoms as opposed to using the Heart Channel for physical heart problems. 
  • Optional: Rotate the wrist points with Bladder 44, the back shu point next to Bladder 15, which is the back shu point of the heart. That is below Bladder 43, the Yellow Court Gate, the area between the apex of the heart and diaphragm where stuck emotional energy resides. By putting patches on Bladder 44, you’ll probably also stimulate Bladder 43. That may help relieve grieving and stuck emotional energy. You can even put the tan Energy enhancer on the left BL43 and the white Energy enhancer on BL44. 
  • Nirvana on Spirit Gate which is Governing Vessel Governing Vessel 11 under Thoracic vertebra 5, at the same level as Bladder 15 and 44. Using at the carnosine on the front and this on the back. 

Peggy: She has someone who loves the patches, but the hot flashes haven’t been mitigated. She is using x39, Energy Enhancer, Carnosine, Aeon (brain balancing), SP6C, and Alavida. She has a scan on her adrenals this week. And may get a scan on the pituitary. She drinks tons of water. She is very thirsty with the hot flash. She is otherwise healthy. She hasn’t tried Nirvana yet. 

  • Dr. Karen – Consider double Aeon patching: One behind the right ear, the SP6C behind the left ear, and then a second Aeon patch covering the belly button. Source point CV8 with another Aeon on the body is also a form of a Tesla protocol where our intentions are amplified. Dr. Dennis – Take everything off for 24 hours before trying this. 
  • Alavida on right Kidney 6 and SP6C on left Kidney 6, and Nirvana behind the right ear. 

Peggy: If you’re wearing the X39 daytime and X49 are you getting the same benefits or is it better to wear them together?

  • Dr. Karen – notices greater athletic effects at the same time
  • Dr. Dennis – feels they are better when used together. 

Karen: Polarity reversals – she uses the double Aeon protocol.

  • Dr. Dennis –  Kidney 9 is for resetting the Yin in the whole body so for polarity reversal that may help with Aeon on the right and SP6C on the left. 

Rhetah: Curious about treating knee pain. She’s tried all the protocols for the knee that she can think of. She needs very creative knee issues. 

  • Dr. Dennis – bone-in-bone can cause damp heat (rubbing). He says to relieve the damp heat and inflammation by patching heat-releasing points like the right Stomach 44 and a damp-releasing point like the left Spleen 9. Use the IceWave patches with white on the right and tan on left. Use the X39/49 on the knee to support rebuilding the cartilage. Put X39 on the medial eye point and X49 on the lateral eye point. (eye points are indentations on either side of the patellar tendon along the joint line). Place a carnosine on HeDing which is just above the knee cap in the midline, and stack the glutathione on top of it or Bladder 40 behind the knee in the popliteal space. 
  • Dr. Karen – lymphatic flow, especially at the level of the hip, can cause knee pain. Changing sitting habits, working on releasing fascia, and considering referred pain would be helpful.

Ali: The pain opening her mouth, it clicks and hurts on the left jaw, related to TMJ. She says her kidney and liver energy is very low. She has been putting patches locally and that hasn’t helped. She uses copper and silver. She is an omnivore. She ran out of Mineral force and she didn’t notice that it helped. 

  • Dr. Karen – It may be non-physical. It could be mental, emotional, spiritual, or dimensional. Or there may be low minerals.
  • Dr. Dennis – the wood can attack the earth which affects the Stomach channel that goes to the face. There is still some anger from something that happened last year. That can cause TMJ symptoms. She admits she has judgment going on. Patching GB40, the source point for the gallbladder. Because the liver is involved with anger (and associated with jaw issues), use left Liver 3 (negative patch) and right Gallbladder 40 (Positive patch). 
  • Dr. Dennis – you can do the Tesla protocol with two patches of the same frequency. For example, put an Aeon over the jaw pain (Stomach 5) and a second Aeon covering the belly button (CV8) or over the heart (CV17). Consider, Radical Forgiveness, by Colin Tipping. A great book on letting go.
  • Consider Perfect Amino as a supplement to get all the essential amino acids to build protein. 

Lynn: She has X39 and X49 patches. She has burning pain around her torso which is worse when sitting. Across in the back around L4-5. She stands a lot and she gets discomfort in her lower back. Driving is really difficult. This has been going on for about two years. First, she was treated for Lyme, shingles, and EBV. Her functional doctor says she no longer has those in her system. It was triggered after her husband died about two months. Physical therapy is helping a bit. When she bends prone over a ball, it helps. She’s like to get off of the medicine she is on. 

  • Dr. Dennis – Use IceWave on either side of the spine at the level of where the pain is coming from. ½ thumb-width on either side of the affected spine, white on right, tan on left. (Huato JaJi point). Look up a dermatomal chart by searching image: dermatomes. She can try X39 on the left and X49 of the spine if you don’t have IceWave
  • Patching left Liver 3 with X39 and X49 on the right Gallbladder 41 will help the belt channel. That helps with liver stagnation and opens up the belt channel. 

Susan: A distributor has a rash for which there is no cure. Itchy and worse with heat and sweating.  She’s only been on the patches for two months. Dramatic results on her wrist fracture pain. So now she is moving on to this rash issue.  When putting IceWave on the wrist at night, the next day, it was always worse. When she stopped wearing it, the pain was better X39/49 during the day. Why was it worse after wearing it all night?

  • Dr. Dennis – Qi gets stagnated again when she takes off the IceWave so that may make it “hurt more”. Clear damp heat out of the body, you can use Stomach 44 on the right and Spleen 9 on the left (for general damp-heat symptoms) 
  • Dr. Karen – when you see a rash, think gut. Healing the gut is what has to happen for long-term results. X39 helps support gut healing. As for the IceWave, it can detoxify the body, so wearing at night when she can’t drink water. You can use the advanced brain balancing protocol right away. Dr. Dennis and Dr. Karen don’t really use the baseball cap (hat) protocol with Energy Enhancer anymore. Instead, use the Aeon using Dr. Karen’s brain balancing protocol, switching points every day, rotating through them all for 2 weeks, then if you want the advanced version, then do two weeks of X39, X49, and Carnosine, respectively. But in the end, it is “whatever works” so if the hat protocol works better than a single Aeon, then do that.

Bebe – Hi All, I've been diagnosed with low thyroid 7-8 years ago. I'm tired all the time and can't lose any weight despite exercise and a good diet. My blood test comes out very well but I know my thyroid is not functioning well. I've tried almost all over-the-counter supplements and I take levothyroxine every day. Any help? 

  • Dr. Dennis – Stomach 9 is the main thyroid support point. 
    • Use X39/x49, left/right 
    • Energy Enhancer or IceWave white on right, tan on left
    • Combination of SP6C on the left and Aeon on the right
  • Dr. Karen – check out the advanced thyroid support protocol at 

Marilyn – How does one support the immune system overall? She’s been using all the patches for ten years. But she hasn’t been using glutathione patches lately and instead uses transdermal glutathione and supplements.

  • Dr. Karen – using glutathione patches, which help to support the immune system, would be helpful. X39 helps to elevate glutathione as well. These strategies may be more efficient than the other strategies. Check out the Product Training Guide at 
  • Dr. Dennis – for protection to support your energy field  – use triangles to support the energy when going into places, like hospitals that have disharmonious energy (Qi). The influential point for the marrow, ie.  the neuroendocrine system, may be helpful. Put a glutathione patch on the right Gallbladder 39 above the ankle. 

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