Phototherapy Patch Q & A January 1st, 2024

Ask the Doctors Radio with Dr. Karen Kan

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Listen to this enlightening episode of Ask the Doctors podcast, where we delve into the fascinating world of phototherapy patches and their integration with the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Discover how these patches can alleviate symptoms and support your body's innate self-healing abilities.

Hosted by the knowledgeable Dr. Karen Kan and joined by Dr. Dennis Lobstein, both experienced users of these patches, this episode is a treasure trove of insights (special thanks to Christine Baker for your contributions).

They address monthly questions from phototherapy patch enthusiasts worldwide, making it a valuable resource for those on a healing journey.

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**DISCLAIMER** LifeWave does not claim to cure, treat, prevent, or mitigate medical conditions. 🚫 The opinions shared in this podcast are based on personal and clinical experiences, so your results may vary.

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Q & A Callers

*Please note that when we mention the Yin/Yang patch pair, this means a pairing of two patches whereby the one on the left is relatively yin compared to the patch on the right. 

Examples of Yin/Yang pairs are:

  • Energy Enhancer: Tan patch is yin, White patch is yang
  • IceWave: Tan patch is yin, White patch is yang
  • SP6C patch: Worn on the left (yin), Aeon patch on the right (yang)
  • X39 patch: Worn on the left (yin), X49 patch on the right (yang)

Yin/Yang pair also refers to patching a Yin acupuncture point on the left side of the body and a Yang acupuncture point on the right side of the body that belongs to the same element. Examples of a Yin/Yang pairings:

  • Earth: Spleen/Stomach
  • Metal: Lung/Large Intestine
  • Water: Kidney/Bladder
  • Wood: Liver/Gallbladder
  • Fire: Pericardium/Triple Burner or Heart/Small Intestine


Q: When do I wear Aeon – AM or PM?

A: Dr. Dennis – sometimes people feel tired with the relaxation of Aeon so wear it at night at first. Some detox may occur; after two weeks, wear it during the day for greater mental clarity. You can choose either. 


Q: What about patching during chemotherapy? Which patches can we use?

A: Dr. Dennis – Patches are detoxifying, and chemo is a toxin, so wear what is tolerated

Dr. Dennis and Dr. Karen have different opinions. Dr. Dennis likes the idea of Glutathione to get rid of toxins. Dr. Karen says to wait as it might counteract the chemo’s toxicity. She recommends using Energy Enhancer and Aeon during chemo.


Q: Maximizing older male’s sexual performance

A: Dr. Dennis – Put X39 on the Life Gate Governing Vessel 4 to tonify Kidney Qi. Create a triangle by adding patches on Kidney 3 or Bladder 23. You can enhance that further by putting X49 on Conception Vessel 4, which tonifies Yang Qi. Conception Vessel 3, the front Mu point for the bladder, increases energy in that area. Spleen 4 is the master point for Chong Ma. In men, the energy goes to the prostate area. If you use SP4, then add Pericardium 6 in combination. Example of options:

Yin patch on the left Spleen 4 and a Yang patch on the right Pericardium 6 (e.g., IceWave) along with X39 on Life Gate Governing Vessel 4 between the kidneys

Bladder 23 with X39 or X49 on the centerline

Kidney 3 with Yin/Yang patch pairing* with X39 on the centerline

Sky Earth paradigm: Two negative patches (Tans) on Spleen 4 and two positive patches (whites) on Pericardium 6 and X39 on the Life Gate (double pyramid).

Dr. Karen said the Shine and Dream Aromatherapy could also be supportive. 


Q: How do you strengthen the thyroid function?

A: Dr. Dennis – Stomach 9 is on either side of the thyroid on the neck. You can use an Energy Enhancer or Yin/Yang Patch pairing. Put X49 above the thyroid on Conception Vessel 23 and the X39 below the thyroid on Conception Vessel 19. That would make a diamond.

You could also put X39 on the back at the level of Governing Vessel 16 at the back of the head, along with the ST9 points, to make a nice triangle through the neck.

Dr. Karen likes to add Glutathione or X39 to Conception Vessel 22 as the point of the triangle pointing down, along with the Energy Enhancer patches on ST9.

Jaime B.

Q: I've been waking up at 4:30 AM. Severe trauma, negative thoughts, hot flashes

A: Dr. Dennis – needs to tonify yin to anchor the energy of the heat, making them irritable. Kidney tonification: Kidney 3 and Bladder 23 would be helpful

Add Pericardium 6 to tone down anxiety/emotional symptoms.

  • You can do Kidney 3 on the left foot and PC6 on the right wrist using any Yin/Yang patch pairing. 

If there is a hormone component to these symptoms suspected, then add Aeon behind the right ear on the mastoid bone triple burner 17 with an SP6C patch on the left Spleen 6 point that might be causing autonomic nervous system instability causing “heat.”


Q: What types of patches to use for excessive pain on the right feel in the morning (unable to step on it)

A: Dr. Dennis – use IceWave on the bottom of the feet. If acute, less than three weeks, put tan right on the pain point and a white patch on the plantar fascia (bottom of the foot)

If this is a chronic pain, then consider putting a white patch on the pain on the heel and the tan somewhere on the plantar fascia (wherever works)

Coldness is a deficiency, needs more of the white patch (needs energy), whereas red and hot are excess and need more of the tan patch (take excess energy out)

You can also bracket the ah shi (pain) point by putting patches on either side of the pain. Use tape to rotate them around until the pain disappears and you find the sweet point.


Q: For her daughter. 6 weeks pregnant with terrible nausea. How can we support her?

A: Dr. Dennis – put a Y-Age patch on Conception Vessel 12 on the stomach (rebellious stomach Qi). That is the front Mu point, which helps the energy go down instead of up. Dr. Karen uses Aeon or Carnosine. Dr. Dennis also uses X49 (avoid Glutathione, raising patches because we don’t know if the mobilized toxins will affect the infant)

Dr. Karen – you can add Pericardium 6 on the wrist (motion sickness point) with Energy Enhancer. Dr. Dennis says left Spleen 4 and right Pericardium 6 may ground the energy better. 

We generally avoid Spleen 6 and Large Intestine 4 in pregnancy because they are very powerful Qi movers when acupunctured. But Spleen 4 should support pregnancy and should be safe to use. Gallbladder 21 can move energy down, so avoiding this in early pregnancy would be a good idea.


Q: Mobility problems with an elderly adult. Lower body shuffling and not balanced.

A: Dr. Dennis – Gallbladder 34 is the master point for sinews (tendons) and may be helpful for mobility and proprioception (sensing where your body is in space). GB38 and 39 help with weakness as well. Use X39 on the left and X49 on the right, or any Yin/Yang patch pairing*

Dr. Karen – add X39/49 to the centerline if you use Energy Enhancer on the Gallbladder Points. IceWave can replace Energy Enhancer if there is pain and you wish to break through blockages quickly.

Debbie W

Q: Inflammation in the esophagus. Difficulty swallowing warm things and food. Burning sensation in the chest after eating. 

A: Dr. Dennis – The best point may be the front Mu point Conception Vessel 12 on the stomach. Using X39, Glutathione, or Aeon would be helpful. You can put X49 on the throat area Conception Vessel 22 and X39 on CV12

Optional – you can ground this protocol with Stomach 36, which is a great point for tonifying Qi and is the control point for the lower abdomen. It is also connected energetically to the esophagus. You can use Energy Enhancers.

Marlene M

Q: Patches with Aeon GV 14 and X 39 on CV 6 for inflammation. She would like to use other sites to decrease systemic inflammation

A: Dr. Dennis – drain damp and clear heat. Spleen 9 drains damp, Liver 8 and Kidney 10 also help adjust “water” in the body.” Stomach 44 (lower body) and Large Intestine 11 (upper body) both clear heat.

Put Tan on left Spleen 9 and white patch on right LI11 or right ST44

Dr. Karen – the patches, placed in any other acupuncture point, will lower inflammation.

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