Phototherapy Patch Q & A February 5th, 2024

Ask the Doctors Radio with Dr. Karen Kan

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Listen to this enlightening episode of Ask the Doctors podcast, where we delve into the fascinating world of phototherapy patches and their integration with the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Discover how these patches can alleviate symptoms and support your body's innate self-healing abilities.

Hosted by the knowledgeable Dr. Karen Kan and joined by Dr. Dennis Lobstein, both experienced users of these patches, this episode is a treasure trove of insights (special thanks to Christine Baker for your contributions).

They address monthly questions from phototherapy patch enthusiasts worldwide, making it a valuable resource for those on a healing journey.

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**DISCLAIMER** LifeWave does not claim to cure, treat, prevent, or mitigate medical conditions. 🚫 The opinions shared in this podcast are based on personal and clinical experiences, so your results may vary.

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Q & A Callers

*Please note that when we mention the Yin/Yang pair, this means a patch on the left side of the body relative to “Yin” in energy compared to a patch on the right side of the body relative to “Yang” in energy. 

Examples of Yin/Yang pairs are:

  • Energy Enhancer: Tan patch is yin, White patch is yang
  • IceWave: Tan patch is yin, White patch is yang
  • SP6C patch: Worn on the left (yin), Aeon patch on the right (yang)
  • X39 patch: Worn on the left (yin), X49 patch on the right (yang)

Yin/Yang pair also refers to patching a Yin acupuncture point on the left side of the body and a Yang acupuncture point on the right side belonging to the same element. Examples of Yin/Yang pairings:

  • Earth: Spleen/Stomach
  • Metal: Lung/Large Intestine
  • Water: Kidney/Bladder
  • Wood: Liver/Gallbladder
  • Fire: Pericardium/Triple Burner or Heart/Small Intestine

Joann W.

Q: What is a protocol for supporting the heart's left ventricle when an artery is blocked?

A: Dr. Dennis, circulating toxins can damage the lining of the arteries and thus contribute to increasing inflammation. In Chinese medicine, the accumulation of damp heat causes blockages. The damp transforms internal “phlegm.” We wish to disperse damp heat and phlegm.

  • Clear Damp with Spleen 9 and heat using Stomach 44.
  • Dispersing phlegm with Stomach 40
  • You can use Stomach 40 on the right and Spleen 9 on the left in a yin/yang patch pairing (see above for definitions).

Use a yin patch on the left Stomach 44 to help clear the heat.


Q: Will they help with cartilage issues?

A: For rebuilding intentions, one could use four patches around each knee:

  • Aeon, Glutathione, X39, and Carnosine
  • X39 behind the knee Bladder 40 or Kidney 10 (also good for clearing damp heat)
  • Carnosine on inside knee Stomach 9
  • Aeon on He Ding, which is just above the knee cap, or Stomach 34 above the knee on the outside.
  • Glutathione on the outside border of the patellar tendon
  • Optional: Tesla Protocol | Place a second Aeon on the heart on Conception 17 or 15 to communicate with the other Aeon


Q: What are some ways to patch for chronic neck tension and headaches?

A: Dr. Dennis mentioned San Jiao 10 (Triple burner 10), the back of the arm, which creates an arc of energy through the shoulder areas. You can also use Bladder 10 on either side of the neck to relax the shoulder areas. It is located near the upper attachment of the sternocleidomastoid muscle and upper trapezius muscle fibers. Use IceWave for either protocol.

An Aeon patch in the midline on Governing Vessel 14 to relax the trapezius fibers. 

Stomach 7 is for the temporomandibular joint on the face. That might be too tight, causing joint pain and head tension. If there is jaw tension, you can disperse this tension by patching Liver 3 with a second set of IceWave. You can replace Liver 3 on the right with Gallbladder 34 (if the tension is from the sinews).


Q: I have a 70-year-old who had his prostate/sphincter removed. He is experiencing frequent need to urinate. Currently using X39/X49 on the centerline. Any recommendations?

A: Dr. Dennis recommends a triangle: Bladder 57 bilaterally with IceWave, white on the right, tan on the left, and Y-Age patch (Aeon, Glutathione, or Carnosine) Governing Vessel 2. Perhaps adding X39 on Conception Vessel 2 or 3 on the front.

Susan V.

Q: After four weeks of patching, I have itchy bumps when using IceWave on the Kidney points. I am not experiencing this on any other acupuncture points.

A: Dr. Dennis, you could possibly be pulling toxins out of the kidney channel. Try rotating the patches to other kidney points along the channel and perhaps sweeping/dredging with the patches along the kidney channel. 

Move to a different point. For example, you can use Spleen 6 to support the energy of the liver, kidney, and spleen meridians.


Q: What is a patching protocol to support memory issues?

A: Kidney energy regulates marrow. In Chinese medicine, marrow includes the nervous system and brain. 

Kidney 3 and Bladder 23 are great points to support the marrow. Use Energy Enhancer, IceWave, SP6C/Aeon combinations or any yin/yang patch pair (see above). You can also opt for left Kidney 3 and right Bladder 60 as a yin/yang acupuncture pairing.

X39 and X49 foundation to help support the brain (consider the Advanced Brain Balancing Protocol). Carnosine, perhaps at night when sleeping – at the top of the head, Governing Vessel 20. Si Shen Cong protocol. Enhance this by tapping the point with the patch. 


Q: What patching protocol is suggested to help support decalcifying or opening the pineal gland? What currently is suggested to support weight loss?

A: The pineal is a spiritual antennae. The Alavida patch stimulates the pineal gland to produce Epitalon/Epithalmin. A healthy pineal will connect us to spiritual energy. It influences the limbic brain and helps to balance emotions. The emotional spectrum in connection with Source and spirit will affect/regulate releasing factors from the hypothalamus, determining which hormones the pituitary releases. 

The Brain Balancing Protocol may help to support the natural decalcification of the pineal, although we cannot make claims regarding that. Gotu Kola, Borax, and Diatomaceous earth may help with decalcification.


Q: I recommended Silent Nights to an 85-year-old, but she only slept two out of ten nights. What can I recommend?

A: Option 1: Dr. Dennis recommends Nirvana (when available). But until then, try Silent Nights on the bottom of the right heel. Add Aeon behind the right ear on the mastoid bone.

Option 2: Consider Alavida behind the right ear Triple Burner 17 (TB17), which affects An Mian relaxation point and, with intention, stimulates the hormonal points on the ear lobe. Or put Alavida on the third eye and Carnosine on TB 17 behind the right ear. 

Option 3: Left Spleen 6 with Carnosine and Right Pericardium 6 with Silent Nights, Alavida, or Aeon.

Polarity Reversal for recalcitrant cases if all rest fails: White IceWave on LEFT Kidney 6 (tonify the rest channel) and the Tan IceWave on the RIGHT Bladder 62 sedating the arousal channel.

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