Phototherapy Patch Q & A Feb 7, 2022


Over the last several years, we’ve spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain, to detoxification, and addressed almost every organ in the entire body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and sharable.

Folks that call in live, or post their question in the chat will be the first priority in our Q & A monthly radio show sessions. After that, I’ll take questions from the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page Event, under the discussion tab.

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In this week’s PTT LifeWave Ask the Doctors radio show we cover topics ranging from how long to use patches, to slow heart rate, to spine pain, to one-sided headaches, to mood irritability, hot flashes, wrinkles, and more! Read below for the summary notes from this show.

Q & A

Marie: Could wearing any of the patches on the same spot for 24 hours be ok? and how long should someone wait to patch in the same spot? Should taking a 24-48 hour rest period from patches be a good thing?

  • Dr. Dennis – the company recommends X39/49 be used a maximum of 12 hours, but he’s had other people wear the other types of patches up to a week before they fall off with benefit. That being said, the problem with keeping them on the same spot, however, is that the signal gets habituated and they may not work as well (body gets used to them). Rotating them around is better. And leaving each patch off the body every 2 days may help prevent this. 
  • Dr. Karen – unless someone is good at knowing their body and how long each of the patches “last”, it isn’t a good idea to teach this philosophy of using patches more than 12 hours because they may be under the impression that they should still work after 5 days! Be consistent with your teaching others: 12 hours on, 12 hours off for optimal benefit.
  • You don’t have to take a 24-48 rest between patching, but resting the acupuncture point for 12 hours may be helpful. Frequency fatigue with too much signal might happen if they have too many patches on for too long. So for some people, they may need a “break” from time to time. Do what works!
  • For X39/49, Dr. Dennis is using X39 on the left and X49 on the right in a yin/yang pair or on the same point both sides (he’s experimenting with this and it seems to work well).
  • You can also stack X39/49 on top of each other. You get both frequency sets. Dr. Dennis says they seem to work clinically. Stack two positively charged patches (yang patches) or two negatively charged patches (yin patches) on top of each other. If you stack a yin patch with a yang patch, then the polarity will be diminished or neutralized, which is only important if you’re using another patch to do a yin/yang pair, as in the five elements protocol.

Anonymous: What patching protocol may be helpful to protect the body from
EMF or scalar energy “attacks”? Make us more resilient?

  • Dr. Dennis – scalar energy scatters and goes infinite directions. The patches increase our bicoherence and our protective Wei Qi field around the body. The Wei qi field can be fortified via acupuncture and phototherapy. So “evil” qi doesn’t get to come in. Disharmonious frequencies are blocked from coming into the body. 
  • For EMF studies over 10 years ago during a webinar for LifeWave, there were several pictures shown by Dr. Dennis from this presentation (gas discharge phototherapy and EMF field) where patches were able to prevent some EMF negative effects to the brain (cell phone use)
  • Sample Protocol: Aeon has been shown clinically (Heidi Lobstein’s work) to support the auric field. You can also use the:
    • Double Merkaba Sample Protocol
      • Energy Enhancer or IceWave (two sets) one below on the legs and one on the arms
      • Use CV6 or 8 on the belly – Y-Age patch or X39/49 patches.
      • (optional: if you use X39 on the belly area then you can use X49 on GV4 on the back)
    • Advanced Back Pain – Support Mountain Sample Protocol. There may be a giant wormhole with so many multiple triangles superimposed on each other – that’s a way to manifest! 
      • IceWave on BL57
      • GV2 carnosine patch
      • GV4 glutathione patch
      • GV14 x39  or 49 (Optional X39 on the belly point if X49 is on the back)
      • GV19 or 20 Aeon patch

Tah: Her heart rate pulse is dropping to 30 at night at not above 35 during the day. It isn’t regular. She has seen doctors. At night her heart stops 25 times. She was wanting to avoid having to have a pacemaker. Dr. Karen mentioned it may be necessary. 

  • Dr. Dennis – Ginseng or Guarana may help the sympathetic system. Using Spleen 6 on the left and Stomach 36 together may simulate the energy of Ginseng. Using Energy Enhancer or IceWave, put the tan on left spleen 6, and white on right stomach 36
  • At the level of T5, the back shu point for the heart BL 15, you might be able to rebalance the heart energy – white on right and tan on the left.
  • Patching a Double Merkaba may be helpful (see above for an example).
  • Fire point, Heart 8 on the palm can be stimulated to create more fire and regulate the Heart Qi. She can try keyboard gloves or put the patches on the back of the hand over the opposite point (so it stimulates Heart 8 on the palm side) are options. The triple burner meridians will be activated on the back of the hand and that is heart protective. 
  • Kidney 6 and Bladder 62 are other options. Sedate Kidney 6 and tonify Bladder 62. Stimulate the arousal channel. Tan on left KI6 – White on right BL62

Debbie: Her son is getting left-sided headaches near the eye, and has gone to a neurologist and was told they were cluster headaches. When he was on a boat, he didn’t have headaches. How do we get rid of the pain better than just IceWave? 

  • Dr. Karen – EMF hygiene is important! Don’t sleep with a cell phone in the room. You can put the Faraday Cage around the router. 
  • Dr. Dennis – put a carnosine patch on the cell phone to reinforce his Wei Qi field. Never hold it near the head. Use speaker mode. To stimulate Large Intestine LI4 in order to move yang qi out of the head (too much yang and fire in the head), bite the web between the web and index finger to stimulate this point if he doesn’t have patches. You can try IceWave on both LI4. 
  • Since the blockages in the triple burner meridian, you can put IceWave in the palms and then sweep down this meridian. This is called dredging or clearing. Then you can anchor the Gallbladder in the Shao Yang Triple Burner channel by putting the IceWave: White on the right triple burner 5 and tan on the left gallbladder 34 or 41. 

Elizabeth: She’s been using X39 and other patches and has a solid foundation with supplementing with magnesium and copper. She is very healthy and has a great lifestyle. At age 59 she is having hot flashes and wrinkles. Are the patches working? 

  • Dr. Dennis – Make sure you have hydration, minerals/electrolytes, EMF hygiene, detox protocols, clear neurological brain balance protocol with Aeon, X39, carnosine (advanced). Put the SP6C on left spleen 6 (about 80% of the symptoms are gone) and put an Aeon patch behind the right ear triple burner 17 (now about 99% of the symptoms are gone)
  • Since she’s tried these protocols already, and since she hasn’t responded to anything. She’s been non-vegan for five months. She is eating 40-50 grams of protein for the last five months. Dr. Dennis says to check the meat for magnetic properties using a strong magnet when you go to the store as graphene oxide contamination has been found and that is a major energy blocking toxin. 
  • Dr. Dennis mentioned past life regression may be necessary to clear past life blockages. He’s had this help some people. Most people respond to the patches within seconds. About 30% don’t “feel them working” even though the physiograph machine shows a change. Advice: PM Dr. Dennis on Facebook and he’ll call her back to set up an appointment.

Chat: Bone spurs on the spine causing pain. Using X39 and Icewave increases pain?

  • Dr. Dennis – an acidic body or too much stress on that spot on the spine can cause bone spurs, so you must stop the cause. When you increase bio-electricity in the area, like IceWave, white on the GV 14 top of the C7 vertebrae and tan on the sacrum GV2 (right above the butt crack), that can help release blockages. Increasing alkalinity in the body may help prevent these spurs. What deposits calcium into the bone is magnesium so he doesn’t recommend taking calcium alone. If the pain comes back, the polarity of the blockage may shift and you may have to move them around again. Or you need to hydrate more or put more minerals in the body. Be careful of the quality of the minerals and make sure they are bioavailable.
  • Dr. Karen – If using the bracketing above makes it worse, reverse the colors: tan on the top and white on the bottom. 

Peggy: An older person she works with is doing Aeon brain balancing, X39, and X49 over 6 weeks. Her biggest issue was irritability. A naturopath said her positive energy has gone to her head. She is doing a lot of sleeping now. 

  • If the yang rising to the head causes irritability, she can use Large Intestine 4 to get head/yang energy out of her head. She can also patch Stomach 44 on the feet. For example, she can put an IceWave white on the right LI4 and tan on the left ST44. 
  • Make sure she is hydrating. The sleeping feels like it is balancing her out. It is more parasympathetic, or yin, in nature.

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