Phototherapy Patch Q & A December 5th, 2022


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Healthwise with Dr. Dennis Lobstein

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Hormonal Balance

The Alavida patch helps the pineal gland make Epithalmin which influences the limbic brain (center of emotionality) and is connected to the hypothalamus through the thalamus and then the pituitary. The latter is the master endocrine secretor and helps other glands, such as the thyroid, adrenals, and sex glands. If you’re under a lot of stress, like from our toxic environments, then you are secreting too much ACTH from the pituitary and causing the adrenals to put out stress hormones. These can suppress immunity or high sugars in the blood. 

Using the Alavida patch as a foundation for hormonal balance is helpful for most hormonally-modulated symptoms. If you’re trying to rejuvenate during sleep, you could wear this at night. Dr. Dennis wears it mostly at night. 

Q & A Callers

  • Jeanne N: In my mid-seventies, I have been gaining weight around the middle and hips.  My diet and exercise are pretty good – my hunch is it's hormonal, mostly.  Any patching tips to reduce?  You two are much appreciated!
    • Dr. Dennis – Energy Enhancer patches increase fat-burning efficiency. Stomach 36 is a great point, or use the five-element protocol. That can help support a healthy metabolism. The SP6C helps with appetite control and blood sugar balancing, so if she decided to lower calories, this would be helpful. 
    • He likes using Triple Burner (TB) 17 behind the left ear with SP6C (you are activating the ear endocrine acupuncture points). Triple Burner is the outermost heart protector, like a moat around the castle. So there is a water/circulation effect using Triple Burner. This may help you excrete excess water from the middle burner (belly area). 
    • If you use this along with Spleen 9, you can release excess dampness that may be causing belly swelling. If you use it in combination, you will use Aeon on the right TB17 and the SP6C on the left SP9.
    • Right kidney six also helps to regulate cortisol. Put SP6C on the left kidney 6, for example, and Aeon on the right if you wish.
    • Dr. Karen – Highly recommends the Shine & Dream aromatherapy mists regularly, along with Alavida, Aeon, SPC6, and potentially X39 to rejuvenate the body. Aeon helps regulate cortisol levels. Excess cortisol causes belly fat, so regulating cortisol levels may help reduce belly fat symptoms. Source points in acupuncture are REGULATORY points. 

  • Rhetah: Hello, Dr. Karen; I love your advice on supporting people with groin (LV 11-12) pain. People say, “I feel the pain is deep, and when I try to walk, the pain gets sharp.” Some share the pain starts at the groin and moves to their back and down their leg. We have been rotating Ice Wave, tan on the groin or lower back, GV1, Glutathione just below the knee a bit to the right, white IceWave on GB 41, rotating with X39 on the groin, Aeon on GV14. Love to get more info. Thank you!
    • Dr. Dennis – the liver energy encircles the groin level and directs blood flow where it should go. Groin pain could be from liver Qi stagnation. Liver 3 is great for dispersing liver stagnation. Gallbladder 41 on the right would help to activate the Dai Mai belt channel to help the flow through the groin area. Use IceWave. X39 might be helpful on Conception Vessel 3 (CV), which activates the pelvis area. 
    • If the pain remains, you can put the X49 on the Life Gate Governing Vessel 4 to make another triangle.
    • Dr. Karen – make sure the healthcare provider does a physical exam to rule out any internal organ problems such as appendix or aneurysm. Dr. Dennis said that if you go 2 cun below the right Stomach 36 Lan Wei Xue. It is pathognomic for appendix inflammation. Sharp pain may be a “lack of minerals” or structural “rubbing” of fascia/bone/muscle. 
    • Dr. Dennis said sharp pain could be “leakage of fluids” 

  • Monika H – Hello. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. I have been working on pain relief from my outer thighs, hips, and lower back, basically my “girdle area” from my waist down to mid thighs, for a very long time with some great results that seem to last for short bursts of time. Is there a patch that can be applied to keep the pain reduced or removed indefinitely? Thank you.
    • Dr. Dennis – use the Dai Ma channel (belt meridian) by trying IceWave tan on left Liver 3 to remove stagnation and a white patch on the right Gallbladder 41. It wouldn’t hurt to put the X39 on the front and the X49 on the back of the pelvis. For example, CV3 and GV4 (or GV3 or 2), respectively. Play around with the patches and see which ones work the best. 
    • Dr. Karen – add Aeon on Governing Vessel 14 to balance the brain and to make big triangles. Alternatively, you can use Governing Vessel 19 on top of the head with the intention of the energy going downwards through the spine. 

  • Sue C: Hi, Dr. Karen is there any patch protocol that can help after having left hip replacement surgery (6 weeks later, still in pain) in the left hip/leg/pelvis area? The pain goes down to the calf. I’m using ice wave +X39 + Aeon, which has helped, but I cannot sleep with leg pain at night. It is like a restless leg! Please can you suggest where and what else I can do? Thank you.
    • Dr. Dennis – Use Support Mountain Triangle – Advanced Back Pain Protocol: Bladder 57 with IceWave, white on the right and tan on the left. Use Carnosine on Governing vessel 2 or 4, Glutathione on the thoracic spine, and the Aeon on the back of the neck or top of the head. Place the X39 or 49 on the pain areas using the Clock Method (as if the X39 is the tan patch and the X49 is the white patch) shown in the IceWave brochure. 
    • For the restlessness of the leg, it may help to use the Nirvana patch on the left heel. Shimian point. If that doesn’t help, consider Liver 3 and Gallbladder 41 with IceWave (even though you’ve used them during the day). At night Nirvana on the left Liver 3 and the Silent nights on the right Gallbladder 41. You can use these two points instead of Bladder 57 as the triangle's base during the day. Remember, the Nirvana pills help with endorphins.

  • Mindy: With curvature of the spine, her daughter manages it through chiropractors and therapies. She wanted to improve the alignment of the spine with patches. Today she put Aeon at the apex of her curve and IceWave on either side of the spine. Should she put it on the inside or outside of the curve?
    • Dr. Dennis – The convex area is considered “excess”. The concavity, on the other side, is relatively weaker (deficit of energy). In Traditional Chinese Medicine – sedate the excess, and tonify the deficiency. Patch the high side with the tan patch and the concave side with the white patch. If there is an X-Curve, you can first patch the most prominent curve. 
      • The lower back has the opposite configuration to reverse the patching (using a second set of IceWave). 
    • Dr. Karen – suggested Block Therapy for Scoliosis. Find out more information at She suggested the $247 program and then check out the membership area for lessons specifically for scoliosis. Consider adding Aeon at the top, such as Governing Vessel 14, or at the bottom, Governing Vessel 2, if you’re using a single set of IceWave.
      • If using the double IceWave protocol, Dr. Karen said the other option is to add Aeon at the switchover point in the center (to make two triangles) during the day and Carnosine during the night with a few minutes of airing the skin between applications (or use a point just above or below what you’ve already used) 

  • What about people starting out and if they were there to regulate blood sugar levels?  What protocols would be helpful? 
    • Dr. Dennis – Use Energy Enhancers on Stomach 36 and/or Spleen 6. Alternatively, you can use X49 on the right Stomach 21 and X39 on the left Stomach 21. You can also access the spleen using Spleen 6 points near the ankle.
    • Consider adding SP6C on the centerline if using either of the above protocol to help balance blood sugars

  • Bunmi – Two questions from the same family. Is there a protocol to support erections after prostate surgery?
    • Dr. Dennis – there may be nerve damage or a blood flow issue that prevents the blood from filling out the corpus cavernosum. The general principles in Traditional Chinese Medicine are to work on the nerves through the kidney Qi and to lower congestion and inflammation in the prostate area. Tonify kidney Qi and lower inflammation.
      • Put an X39 patch on the Life Gate, Governing Vessel 4
      • Put an X49 on Conception Vessel 2 right above the pubic bone
      • Put SP6C patch on left Spleen 4 and Aeon on right Spleen 4 (or Pericardium 6, which is a synergist point)

  • Inflammation of the liver (may be due to viruses). How can we support liver health and improve the immune system?
    • The Liver has a front Mu Point (alarm point) where the Qi comes to the surface. That is Liver 14. That is on the nipple line in the sixth intercostal space. Put an X39 patch on the left and X49 on the right; that should help the liver's energy recover. Alternatively, you can use the Back Shu Point 18 bilaterally, X39 on the left, and X49 on the right. It’s just under thoracic vertebrae 9 on either side. Alternatively, you can use one of each: X39 on the left LV14 and X49 on the right BL18
    • Add the Glutathione patch on Large Intestine 10 on the right arm to help tonify immunity. Gao Huang Shu to open the Yellow Court would help tonify the immune system – Bladder 43, right, Glutathione.

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