Phototherapy Patch Q & A August 2, 2021


Dr. Dennis Lobstein and Dr. Karen Kan share phototherapy patch protocols live on the Light Warrior Radio Podcast. They will continue to answer questions on-air during the first Monday of each month starting at 12 noon Eastern in order to help customers, distributors, and users from around the world get the most out of their phototherapy patches. 


Over the last several years, we’ve spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain, to detoxification, and addressed almost every organ in the entire body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and sharable.

Folks that call in live, or post their question in the chat will be the first priority in our Q & A monthly radio show sessions. After that, I’ll take questions from the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page, under the discussion tab. 

You can listen to all the archives of Ask the Doctors phototherapy podcasts on Dr. Karen’s Podsite Page.

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Phototherapy Q & A

Adele: Needing a protocol for a small growth and swelling near pituitary – how to decrease swelling?

  • Dr. Dennis: Triple Burner 17 – moves water connected to the endocrine system. Use SP6C patch on the left and Alavida on the right, behind the ear on the mastoid process. The pituitary is part of the endocrine system. The Alavida helps to regulate the pituitary hormone through stimulating the pineal gland (epithalamin). Pineal is arguably the top of the (P)HPTA axis.

Ellen: I've had a chronic cough for three years. Cough is high in my throat. Started after infected dental implant removed plus bone graph and sinus reconstruction followed 4 months later by an unexpected, sudden blockage in the carotid artery and Carotid endarterectomy.

  • Dr. Dennis: cough is rebellious lung Qi. To get it back down in the correct direction is to stimulate the Yuan Source Point, which in this case is Lung 9. Put the Energy Enhancer white on the right and tan on the left. Alternatively, you can use the Great Luo, Spleen 21, is also great for chest qi support. You can patch Aeon on the right and SP6C on the left (or use Energy Enhancers, white on right, tan on left). Then put a Carnosine patch on Conception vessel 17 to spread the chest Qi better.

Anna: I would like to know your recommendations for my 67 yrs mother diagnosed with bladder prolapse 5 years ago from a bladder mesh disintegration. She wore a pessary to hold it up but had to stop because it caused the infection. She feels like everything is falling out and it has deeply impacted her ability to move as she would like and walk upstairs and feels urgency to urinate frequently. She just started patching a few days ago with X39 under the navel. Hoping to avoid surgery.

Dr. Dennis: Use the front Mu for the bladder, Conception Vessel 3 with X39, it would help pull the Qi upwards. Also patch Spleen 4, the master point of the Chong Ma channel, which supports the pelvic region. Pericardium 6 (PC6) is synergistic with Spleen 4. Put the white Energy Enhancer on right PC6 and tan on left spleen 4. An Aeon on Governing Vessel 20 on the top of the head raises the yang qi and helps with “falling down”, or sinking Yin.

Tah Q1: lower back and neck pain, tingling muscle, muscle weakness in a woman over 80. There is narrowing of the spinal canal.

  • Dr. Dennis: She must lower inflammation. Put the white IceWave on Governing Vessel 14 (top of spine) and tan IceWave on the sacrum. The command point for sinews is Gallbladder 34 with Aeon or Glutathione on the right, and SP6C or Carnosine on the left. Carnosine is relatively more negative in charge (more yin) than Aeon or glutathione which is why that can be used in this combination on the left. If new to LifeWave it is always a great idea to do the Aeon brain protocol first (at night).

Tah Q2: Fluttering irregular heart rhythm in a person who is age 72.

  • Dr. Dennis: White IceWave on Conception Vessel 17 and tan on left Spleen 21 reinforcing the bicoherence of the heart's EMF field. IceWave is very good at relieving blockages so that's why Dr. Dennis is suggesting IceWave instead of Energy Enhancers. You can rotate with tan on left pericardium 6 on the left with white on the right triple burner 5. Put a Carnosine on CV 17. Dr. Karen says to avoid cell phone and cordless phone use and physical proximity. Also having adequate magnesium levels is important for heart rhythm health. Refer to the functional medical doctor for testing and therapeutic dose. Using magnesium oil topically is a safe way to get more magnesium safely.

Sharon: Sharon said water retention results were excellent. Someone she is working with has this issue: the electrical current down to the bottom of the heart helps control pacing is blocked. She needed a pacemaker. The bottom of the heart is getting weaker and weaker. They want to put another lead in with a defibrillator. How can we support the heart rebuild the muscle?

  • Dr. Dennis: Use Carnosine on CV 17 and a tan IceWave on left spleen 21 (at the apex of the heart) and the white IceWave on the right pericardium 6. The Shen Dao Governing Vessel 11 is just below thoracic vertebrae 5 with X39 at night or alternating days with the other patches. Remember to take the X39 off after 12 hours. He also has toxins in the lungs from being a firefighter, so patching Energy Enhancer patches on Lung 8, white on right, tan on left would support the lungs. Dr. Karen says to be careful with cholesterol-lowering drugs which may prevent the body from making Coenzyme Q 10 which is vital for rebuilding muscle.
  • For improving circulatory flow in the blood, using left liver 3 and right Large Intestine 4 on the right.

Kathy Q1: 76-year-old with eye issues. Lens replacement may be needed. Would like to support the eye to hopefully avoid surgery if possible. She was following Dr. Quila Rider's protocol with the eye mask protocol with all three Y-Age and Alavida on top (stacked) and IceWave over the eyeballs.

  • Dr. Dennis: The eyes are the window of the wood (liver and gallbladder). To support the eyes, use a Yin/Yang pair with IceWave: white patch on Gallbladder 37 and tan on left patch Liver 3 during the night/day. You can rotate through this and the eye mask protocol or do it during the day.

Kathy Q2 – nerve pinch in the neck, burning in the arm. the muscles are still stiff. She gets cramping in the calves. Can she use carnosine during the day too? She uses X39 as well on the back.

  • Dr. Dennis: Use a Carnosine patch with either Gallbladder 34 or 39 or right on the cramp during the day. She can alternate between the X39 and Carnosine on the back if she likes it during the day. If you use an arc from Triple Burner 10 to the other arm's triple burner 10 (san jiao) located at the distal end of the upper arm right over the olecranon fossa using IceWave white on right, tan on left, this would help the neck and shoulders as well. Dr. Karen suggested also doing Block Therapy to restructure the fascia and improve alignment.

Melanie Q1: 94 year old with knee pain “bone on bone”. She's been using IceWave for pain.

  • Dr. Dennis: He suggests the X39 and Carnosine to rebuild tissue while sleeping using different knee points. Options include the following. Dr. Dennis usually likes to put the X39 on the lateral or He Ding (outside or above knee) and Carnosine on the medial side (inside or behind). She can use IceWave in addition for pain (use clock protocol or bracket the knee)
  • Bladder 40 back of the knee (Carnosine), He Ding just above the knee cap on the centerline (X39),
  • the “eyes” of the knee on either side of the patellar tendon,
  • Spleen 9 is good if fluid accumulating (inside) and Stomach 36 (outside)

Melanie Q2: Client cut into calf muscle with a broken window, left leg in the middle of the calf. He had four layers for surgery. He is using X39, Carnosine and Aeon. A foot below the injury is getting sore.

  • Dr. Dennis: Use IceWave over Spleen 9 on the left to facilitate damp and lower inflammation around the injury (damp heat). Drain heat with IceWave on right Stomach 44. At night use Bladder 57 (Carnosine) is right near the injury is a great point to use. You can use Bladder 40 (X39)behind the knee. This bracket's the injured area. (optional additions) Aeon can be used night or day on Spleen 9 on the right, or glutathione on Gallbladder 40.

Melanie Q3: Her grandma, age 94 is on X39. She is sensitive, so just started X39 on brochure points. She has swollen ankles and legs. She isn't that mobile. One left leg is hot and the other is cold (right). They added Aeon but the swelling wasn't improved. She isn't in pain but it is uncomfortable and the skin is shiny. Doctors put her on diuretics. She juices and is health-conscious. She isn't on medication and she doesn't have heart issues.

  • Dr. Dennis: X39 on right Spleen 6 and SP6C (or tan patch or Carnosine patch) on the left spleen 6. This addresses all three yin meridians simultaneously. They will help regulate water, blood flow, and excess damp. The nervous system is supported through the spleen 6 acupuncture point.

Melanie Q4: She began June 18th with X39, and she added glutathione, Sp6C over the next 2 weeks. Alavida and Aeon was started at night after two weeks. Awesome benefits, but began waking up earlier. She is waking up between 3-4 (large intestine time) am now whereas before she was waking up at 6 am which is her preferred. She has a mole that she put glutathione and carnosine over and she got left foot swelling, constipation, and fluttery heart, and that is what started the sleep problems. She tried Silent Nights one night and her heart was racing so she put it off.

  • Dr. Karen: she sounds like she has reversed polarity, possibly from using glutathione and carnosine on the left-hand side. Dr. Karen suggested trying to correct polarity with two Aeons, one on the centerline brain balancing point (see Dr. Karen's brain balancing protocol from the home page), and one Aeon covering the belly buttonhole on Conception Vessel 8.
  • Dr. Dennis: The water point for your large intestine is Large Intestine 2. Harmonize the intestines and stomach with Large Intestine 10 using IceWave with the white on the right LI2 and the tan on the left LI10. If it makes it worse, then you can swap the colors.

Judy: Her husband recently had a pacemaker installed. She just heard about the X39 yesterday from Dr. Karen and wants to know if it would help. he has pain in the right shoulder and arm secondary to a fall 4 months ago. It is worse at night time. He also snores. She purchased X39 on his neck for 12 hours and it helped him a little bit.

  • Dr. Dennis: Using IceWave, try tan on the point that is halfway between the top of the shoulder and the front of the armpit (jian qian), and white IceWave patch on the Small Intestine 11 on the back scapula (trigger point) for shoulder pain. If the shoulder pain gets worse then just swap the colors. Stomach 38 on the lateral lower leg about halfway between the ankle bone and the knee is great for shoulder issues. It is right next to Stomach 40. Feel around that area and if sore, put SP6C patch on the left and Aeon on the right.

For snoring, the throat chakra Conception Vessel 22 will lower inflammation in the throat area using glutathione during the day (usually).

Chris: How to support hearing/hearing loss?

  • Dr. Dennis: The ears are the window to the kidneys, so tonifying kidney Qi in Asian medicine would help. Use energy enhancer patches, tan on left kidney 3 or 6 and white on right bladder 62. Small Intestine 19 may help as well which is a local point right in front of the opening of the ear. Put an Aeon or glutathione patch on the right and tan patch/Carnosine/or SP6C patch on the left.

Chris Q2: Can't stand for long. Her feet feel like she is walking on rocks. Is there anything to improve the padding of her feet? She was a pattern maker who stood all day. She had flip-flops on a lot. Just standing all day and every day in improper shoes. The feet only hurt when she is standing on them. She has had toe surgery

  • Dr. Dennis: Use IceWave white on right, tan on left on Kidney 1 one day, alternating with Gallbladder 41 another day. Evaluate which one feels better and use that more. At night, X39 would be helpful on the right Gallbladder 34 since it is the command point for soft tissue and use Carnosine on the right Bladder 65 for mending bone at night. Dr. Karen: Get an evaluation with DL Walker at She has to work on her posture.

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