Phototherapy Patch Q & A August 1, 2022


Over the last several years, we’ve spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain, to detoxification, and addressed almost every organ in the entire body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and sharable.

Folks that call in live, or post their question in the chat will be the first priority in our Q & A monthly radio show sessions. After that, I’ll take questions from the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page Event, under the discussion tab.

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Shen Men/Zero Point is an ear point we use to calm the spirit. Dr. Dennis is teaching this to trauma emergency preparedness teams. If we calm the shen, we calm people down. When we stimulate that zero point, it harmonizes everything. This point is Earth element-related. In the old Yellow River Map (prior to the 5 Elements philosophy), all the other organs pass through the Earth before going to the other elements. 

In this philosophy, pain is caused by blockages to the flow of Qi; thus, if you remove the blockage, the pain goes away. In the old Yellow River Map, the Metal element is spiritual. To un-traumatize someone, you can stimulate the Shen Men in the ear with a metal ear probe with a metal ball on the end of it. We also stimulate Heart and Kidney ear points. When you’re psychologically stable, you have heart-kidney (fire-water) harmony. When the Shen gets out of kilter, the Zhi willpower through the kidney will get weak. 

When we’re dealing with trauma memory, we can calm that with Shen Men/Zero Point, Heart, and Kidney. 

If we want to patch the larger points on the body using a triangle patching protocol and have the same effect, you can do the following.. It is equivalent to Zero Point (as Earth in the Center in the old Yellow River Map). Thus we use Earth points to emulate the ear points.. 

  • Stomach 36 on the right (Energy Enhancer or IceWave, white)
  • Spleen 6 on the left (Energy Enhancer or IceWave, tan)
    • The two points above emulate using Ginseng – an adaptogen

Conception Vessel 12 on the centerline with any Y-Age patch – it is the front Mu point for the stomach. It regulates stomach Qi

Q & A Callers

Dr. Karen’s question – there is something inside the eye in the vitreous humor that is floating around that she can see which seemed to happen after spraying her eye with nano zeolite spray. 

  • Dr. Dennis:  Qiu Hou is the lower outer quadrant of the eye. It is related to liver energy that will help the eyes. Patch that with a single patch, like carnosine.

A friend with a painless red eye and double vision who declines seeing a medical doctor. What patches might help calm the inflammation and aid the eye?

  • Gallbladder 37 on the leg benefits the eye and dispels wind, damp, and pain. Use Energy Enhancer or IceWave on both GB37
  • Alternative: combine right Gallbladder 37 with left Spleen 9 (to drain damp). Spleen is responsible for keeping blood in the vessels. 
  • Add a Y-Age patch such as glutathione, aeon, or carnosine patch on Qiu Hou. You can fold the patch a bit to make sure it isn’t irritating the eye itself. The whole patch will be working. 

Crystal – Hi! Looking for a patching protocol for emotional regulation, particularly with impulsive anger from feeling criticized (or even just being really hot). 

  • Use bilateral Liver 3 in addition to what we mentioned above for emotional/trauma clearing
    • Use Energy Enhancer, IceWave, or SP6 on left/Aeon on the right

To Support Weight loss:

  • Use Kidney 6 to lower cortisol. You can use this with SP6 left and Aeon on the right side
  • Glutathione for detoxification
  • (X39)/x49 for supporting fat loss

For Inflammation and Pain

  • Use the clock protocol IceWave and Aeon for brain balancing and whole body inflammation support.

Breathing Support – X39 on left Lung 1 and X49 on right Lung 1.

Peggy C – help with decreasing stuff collecting inside the arteries that cause blockages 

  • Dr. Dennis – blockages in the arteries is a type of phlegm in Chinese Medicine. Stomach 40 is used to break up phlegm. Use Energy Enhancer, IceWave, or Sp6C/Aeon combination. You can use Spleen 9 on the left and Stomach 40 on the right. 
  • Stomach 36 or Pericardium 6 bilaterally. These would be alternate points you can use that would be helpful as well. 
  • Add X39/x49 to support the cardiovascular system – use as per the brochure or you can use one on front of the chest (X39) Conception Vessel 17, and one on the back of the heart (X49) Governing Vessel 11

Kyston – Hello, I'm looking for 2 protocols, one for numbness and tingling. I've tried the X39? one on the back of the neck but it stopped working.

  • Dr. Dennis said that the body may have habituated to that point, so rotate the X39 to different points and make sure you do not have it on the body for more than 12 hours per time (so the body doesn’t habituate to the signal)
  • For the numbness and tingling, Gallbladder 39 is the influential point for marrow (nervous system in Chinese Medicine). Use X49 on the right GB39 and X39 on the left GB39. Alternatively, you can use SP6C on the left and Aeon on the right. 

Also, looking for a protocol for nasal congestion- I've used the triangle protocol on the face but it also stopped working.

  • Add Bladder 13 with X39 on the left and X49 on the right, which may help support the lung channel. If you can’t use it, use Lung 9 on the wrist. 
  • If things stop working, in addition to the above, check your hydration, optimize minerals, use patches 12 hours or less, and don’t use the same points daily. 

Jared – I love the patches and tried almost all of them, I'm experiencing some ascension symptoms – like putting a 78 volt on a 24-volt wire – wondering if there is a patch for that?

  • Using Earth to harmonize everything else, you can try the triangle, Stomach 36 on the right, Spleen 6 on the left, and Conception Vessel 12 in the center. You open up a triangle in the lower abdomen and that covers the umbilicus too. That should help calm things down by harmonizing the earth. That helps to drain excess energy. When you get energy from Source into the naval, we are exchanging light frequencies with The Universe. 

Susan – 92-year-old dad has been on the patches for 10 months. He is now off his original blood pressure medications. He is now off metformin. He’s doing really well. He had a complete heart block in 2018. He has a pacemaker. He’s been stable since then. They had an EKG type reading this morning at the cardiologist’s office. They’ve noted Irregular rhythm since June 27th. He is still high energy. He is on X39/49 and Carnosine. He is on metoprolol and some other heart medications. Eliquis blood thinner. He is taking some supplements. He has a poor diet as he eats a lot at restaurants. He is doing hyperbaric treatments for 90-minutes finishing up the 60th treatment. He’ll be starting cardio rehab soon. 

  • Dr. Dennis mentioned connecting the head to the body using Sky-Window points: Large intestine 18 on the neck helps connect the head with the body (X39/49). Add the cardiovascular recommendations above. 
  • Get the book Supplement Your Prescription by Dr. Hyla Cass. Magnesium may be deficient. Using magnesium oil sprayed 3-6 x in the armpit hits Heart 1, so that may be doubly helpful. 

Gentleman needs to gain weight. When he had dental work done, that’s when he got skinny. He is post-virus, no jab. He had breathing problems and tremors, which are way better after 30 days on X39. He doesn’t have an appetite. 

  • Harmonize Earth Stomach 36, Spleen 6, and CV 12 as above

Pro golfer has pain in the thumbs from driving his lawn mower. 

  • Put a ring around each thumb made with IceWave white/tan wrapped around each one. 

Tampa Bay Patching Coach

  • For back pain: my wife has severe muscle spasms and shooting pain up and down her back, starting around her buttocks on the right being the hot spot. The pain also is shooting down her right leg. How would you go about patching this? I’m sure she needs to see a massage therapist as well as a chiropractor to help with these issues. But can we get her out of pain with the patches?
    • Use the Support Mountain Advanced Back Pain protocol by Dr. Dennis: IceWave on Bladder 57 back of the calf, with the apices of the triangles made with Y-Age: Carnosine (gets rid of spasm) on the sacrum Governing Vessel 2, Glutathione on Governing Vessel 14 on cervical spine 7, then Aeon on the top of the head between the tops of the ears on the centerline Governing Vessel 20 (or slightly behind that on GV 19 with the intention of the energy going down the spine)
    • Make sure there is enough hydration and minerals. Fulvic acid is helpful as well. Dr. Karen uses Mineral Force and Mag Force at 
    • Perfect Aminos when taken on an empty stomach is helpful for building up the body. Using it won’t break a fast because it is low calorie. You can take this several times a day. They are 99% assimilated in the body, unlike other protein supplements. Don’t take it with other proteins. 

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