Part 2 on Spiritual Alchemy: How LifeWave Can Help in Manifesting Sacred Geometry

September's LifeWave radio show with Dr. Dennis Lobstein will focus on the metaphysical energetics we discussed in Part 1 last month, with specific focus on when and how to activate the spirit of select Heavenly Star, Sky Window, and Ghost Points.

We will be discussing how to use the patches on these unique acupuncture points to reinforce energy grids and enhance spiritual alchemy.  This actually involves torsion field physics, as there are torsion fields around chakras same as acupuncture points and DNA tesseracts.  When we’re biocoherent, the DNA tesseracts act as one singularity at zero-point energy, and we have gateways created to other dimensions where we can access our multidimensional selves to help us heal and stay healthy in 3D.

Dr. Dennis and I will look at how the pattern of energy fields around the body appears to be affected by the LifeWave patches.

The show will air on Monday September 3rd at 12PM EST. To join in and complete the puzzle on how LifeWave can help manifest your Sacred Geometry click here or call in at  (818) 514-1190 and dial 1 to ask questions on this LIVE broadcast!

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Dr. Karen Kan

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