LW Micro-Training: Patching a Broken Arm

In this micro-training, Dr. Karen shares one of many options on how to patch a broken arm to decrease pain and swelling, and to encourage faster self-healing.

In this video she shares the lymphatic sweep protocol as well as the Clock Protocol that's in the brochure. Please note that after you move the patches around and have found the ideal location for maximum pain relief, you can then remove the adhesive backing to adhere directly to the skin. (She uses tape on the back to move them around initially)

If you've never tried LifeWave phototherapy and don't have a distributor to work with, you can get a free consult with one of the Patch Training Team members at https://patchtrainingteam.com.

LifeWave does not claim to cure, treat, or prevent any disease. LifeWave patches have not been clinically tested in pregnant, nursing women, or children. Please consult your doctor or healthcare provider, as well as a LifeWave distributor for additional support and information.

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