LifeWave Radio Show Tribute to Dr. Steve Haltiwanger

Ask-the-LifeWave-Doctos-Radio-Tribute-to-Dr. Steve-Haltiwanger-Cover

In this special segment of Ask the LifeWave Doctors, CEO, and inventor, David Schmidt will be joined by Kathy Arnaud, Christine Fisher, Dr. Dennis Lobstein, Dr. Quila Rider, and I as we do a tribute show for our friend and colleague, Dr. Steven Haltiwanger, who passed away October 4, 2020.

We'll be overviewing the LifeWave technology and Dr. Steve's important role as medical director of LifeWave as well as sharing funny and warm anecdotes and stories about Dr. Steve. Please join us in this celebration of a legend, who will be missed greatly, not only for his amazing clinical acumen and brilliant mind but for his incredible sense of humor.

This episode will air tomorrow, Monday, November 2nd at 12:00 noon Eastern. You may listen to the replay at any time at the same link.

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