LifeWave Radio Replay: Mood Swings & Change of Season Support

In this month's LifeWave Ask the Doctors Radio segment on Light Warrior Radio, Dr. Dennis Lobstein and Dr. Karen discuss LifeWave phototherapy patching protocols for Mood Swings and Change of Season support. For looking up acupuncture points listed below, we recommend Listen below for the replay:

Dr. Dennis would rather teach people a strategy rather than a strict protocol per se to empower them to use the LifeWave patches creatively. Changes in light patterns change our endocrine system (hormones) and brain function. Patches can affect pineal body function, the autonomic nervous system, and various different hormones.

We know light affects our emotions/affect. For example in Florida about 1.4% of the population has season affective disorder (SADD). In Alaska, it is almost 10% of the population. In Ireland, it is almost 20% of the population. Not having a lot of sun affects endorphins. Alcohol temporarily makes the endorphins rise which might be why some people refer to alcohol to feel better. Nirvana patches and pills helps to regulate endorphins naturally without alcohol or drugs.

Chinese Medicine Saying: “Highly skilled physicians treat their patients on the spiritual level as well as the physical and energetic levels. Jing (physical), Qi (energetic), Shen (spiritual).”

Hopelessness, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, low motivation, lower libido, lack of concentration, decision-making difficulty, agitation, low energy, over-eating, craving carbs and gaining weight. These are symptoms of SADD.

In Chinese Medicine, we re-balance energy and that is unique to the individual, so the treatment is different despite the “same” diagnosis, whereas in traditional Western Medicine we treat the same diagnosis with the same medicine. 20% of people with SADD have a cyclic symptom of depressed and being happy/anxiety. People with this like to hibernate like a bear! If you look in the brain, the neurotransmitters, serotonin and 5-HT, melatonin, are all involved with responding to the changes in light patterns.

The western treatment involves Light Therapy. There are light therapy igloos in the Paris France and other airports! That helps shift people from having mood fluctuations to feeling better. Standard western therapies include SSRI medications. Dr. Dennis prefers Vitamin D3 instead.

The human energy field: when it is incoherent, we can have energy imbalance and mood issues. When it is coherent and our Qi is focused and resonating and integrated, we are more joyful, happy, motivated, confident and we feel safer. We're now talking about becoming more coherent by utilizing acupuncture point and the phototherapy patches.

Healthy, whole organic foods help with your health and well-being mentally. Glyphosate chelates minerals and people need more minerals than what is in their food (even organic). Dr. Dennis recommends micromineral nutrient supplements. He uses EIDON, Dr. Dale from Dr. Karen uses Mineral Force and Mag Force from Having the right intention infuses positive energy/frequencies to our therapies. Grounding and ionization helps to wipe out free radicals. Getting adequate sleep is super-important for balance as well!

TCM Perspective

Dragon Rises (disharmonies in you); Red Bird Flies (heart Shen is disturbed) book by Dr. Hamer. When heart isn't anchored by kidney Qi (fire and water in dynamic harmony), then there is a Shen disturbance i.e. mood disorder. There are other patterns but this is an important and common one. A lot of people are damaging their liver using pain killers (NSAIDs, acetominophen) and statins (cause liver qi stagnation). Then it manifests a pressure cooker whereby you need to release the Yang rising. When it rises, it not only goes to the brain, but can interfere with heart.

In the five element cycle, the wood (wood) is the “mother” nourishing fire and also “controls” the earth element. If fire is out of control, that “over-nourishes the fire”, so fire is out of control. Too much fire and wind (itching, agitation, tremor, spasms) is from Dragon Rising when liver is toxic. Heart gets too much heat and builds up “fire”. Like a pressure cooker, when the pressure rises, the pot starts shaking. People can “shake” for the same reason.

Is someone too cold or too hot? Is there a deficiency or excess? If you put more energy into a deficiency then it feels better. But if you put more energy into an excess condition, then it feels worse. Acute trauma, there is excess heat component. After the trauma has healed for a few days, there is less inflammation so sometimes heat will be okay. Cold would lower swelling but after 20 minutes of ice therapy, the reflex vasodilation would increase blood flow to the traumatized area.

We can drain excess much more elegantly with the IceWave patches that have been shown on thermograms to decrease heat in the injured area. IceWave patches come in white and tan. In chronic long term conditions, where things feel cold, then we know it is a deficiency.

In a deficiency, use a positive Yang phototherapy patch to tonify (put more energy into) the area. Y-Age patches, white Icewave or Energy Enhancer, Alavida or X39 are all positively charged patches. They work well in deficiency. They rotate clockwise in their torsion fields and that tonifies the acupuncture point = putting more energy into a deficiency. If you have an excess and want to sedate it, you want to use negatively charged patches such as SP6C, tan Icewave or energy enhancer patch.

Acupuncture Points

Kidney 6 regulates stress hormones, especially the adrenals

Spleen 21 in connection with Heart 1 can create a blockage and when it is cleared then the spleen can then tonify the heart. The way the Qi flows in the body is from Spleen 21 flows to Heart 1. Angels lift people up by the armpits and that means they are tonifying Heart 1 acupuncture points.

Four Gates Liver 3 and Large intestine 4 points help with liver stagnation (LV3)and will pull excess Qi out of the head (LI4). These will hep with liver Qi mood issues

Gallbladder 43 Yellow Court gate where stagnant emotional energy accumulates when Wood attacks the Earth element. Dr. Dennis has had clients in psychotherapy for decades and have not been able to move their stuck energy, however, after a few minutes of Qigong, they release the stuck emotional energy from the yellow court and they are fine.

Triple Burner 17 regulates water, balances hormones. There are lots of endocrine points on the other side of the ear lobe. Because patches affect a wide area, they also affect these points especially with intention. Sort of like getting ear acupuncture but with using patches nearby.

Ying Tang GV24.5 on the third eye affects pineal body and thus endocrine hormones. One of his favorite patches is Alavida as it affects epithalamin which is a peptide made by the pineal body. This affects the whole endocrine system.

Heart 8 is unique in that it is the horary point for the heart. That means it is the point where most of the Qi in the meridian accumulates at a certain time of day. We can use it most effectively between 11AM and 1PM, the maximum time for the Heart channel. The patch he suggests is the Alavida patch. If the heart isn't being nourished properly either from wood or earth, then we get an imbalance.

Bladder 62 is the master point for arousal. If you're depressed you are the opposite of aroused (lackluster, lack of motivation), so BL62 is good for dealing with depressed symptoms. It has also shown to increase ACTH hormone which helps cortisol production and (supports peripheral hormones outside of the brain).

Spleen 6 is a water point that helps with hormone balance. The liver, kidney, spleen meridians all cross there, so by treating this point you are supporting all three yin channels of the leg!

Bladder 52 is the outer SHU point of the kidney on the back body. There are two tracks on the back: inner tract and an outer tract. BL52 is in the outer tract. They run down the spine 1.5 and 3cun on either side of the midline (cun = Chinese inch which is width of the person's thumb). The outer bladder line is very useful for dealing with psychological and mood issues. The inner bladder line is more for supporting physical issues. The Qi of the kidney (will power) can be tonified by putting patches on BL52. The inner line at this level is BL23 which supports kidney Qi and GV 4 is in the center.

Heart 5 helps the Shen and agitation especially when you are supporting will power. A good combo would be Heart 5 and Bladder 52.

GV4 Life Gate GV14 GV20 when used in combination, you have motive force of the yang (motivation) – motivated to want to move when you tonify yang.

Small Intestine 3 right engages prenatal yang for lack of motivation. You can use BL 62 on the left, along with the above really helps with motivation while keeping you calm! Same quality you get from practicing Qigong.

LifeWave Patches

  • Nirvana affects dopamine and endorphins
  • Alavida affects hormones through epithalmin
  • Energy Enhancer gives us biochemical shift
  • SP6C works on the yin, hormones, water
  • Y-Age patches are yang and work on fire


Marilyn's question: She goes to bed around 8-9pm, but wakes up after 3-6 hours. She takes melatonin and GABA. Is there a mood disorder? Why she can't sleep through the night? Being around other people – it happens more often. She isn't aware of stress or mood symptoms. She uses X39 at night below her navel. She uses Aeon patch on GV14 and glutathione on liver points. Using the horary clock, if Marilyn is waking up during gallbladder and Liver time so just TAN patch or SP6C on the left side to sedate it. Sedate the excess fire in those channels to stay asleep. Try one first, then the other one another day to see what works best. Points to use GB 38 and LV2. She can try X39 at night as well.

Optional if the above doesn't work: Bladder 62 is the master point of arousal and Kidney 6 is the master point of sedation (rest). When used in combination at night before you sleep, you can reverse the polarity of the patches so that you rest better. So put TAN (Icewave or Energy Enhancer) patch or SP6C on RIGHT BL62 and a WHITE (X39 or Y-Age patch) on LEFT Kidney 6. (that way we are tonifying the rest point). Definitely remember to take them off when you wake up in the morning.

LifeWave Patching Protocols

  • Engage willpower: BL52 with Energy Enhancer
  • Release stagnation (pressure cooker): LEFT Liver 3 and RIGHT Large Intestine 4 to get the four gates
  • Regulating stress hormones: GV24.5 third eye Alavida (nighttime). TB17 Nirvana behind right ear on mastoid bone. Left spleen 6 or Kidney 6 with SP6C patch
  • Strongly tonify Support yang to decrease depression symptoms: Aeon patch on GV20 and Glutathione GV 14 and Carnosine GV 4 and white Energy Enhancer or IceWave to right Small Intestine 3 and white energy enhancer or Icewave on left Bladder 62.
  • Releases stuck from yellow court: Bladder 43 with EE or IW or right side with any Y-Age patch and negative patch on the left (tan or Sp6C). Add X39 on CV8 belly button. That makes a nice triangle.
  • Sedate excess Qi in the heart and tonify the heart, mind and brain: (decrease fire and pain between Spleen 21 and Heart 1). We can patch all on the left side. Put white IceWave on left spleen 21 and tan IceWave on left heart 1, then reinforce the flow of Qi while tonifying heart with Spleen Qi.

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