LifeWave Radio: Q&A with Dr. Dennis Lobstein and Dr. Karen Kan

In this segment of Light Warrior Radio, the first Monday of the month dedicated to the Ask the Doctors LifeWave Radio segment, we review questions about irritable bladder, how to use patches instead of sunscreen for optimizing skin in the sun, and patching combinations for pets and lots more. For acupuncture point locations, please visit Listen in for details!

Dr. Dennis started talking about how he hiked 3 hours in the Arizona sun without any sunburn. The UV rays causes free radical damage to the skin that can cause burns and we know glutathione counteracts free radical damage in the body. By using the Y-Age Glutathione patches, he was able to hike without using sunscreen and got a nice tan but no skin redness or burn. Glutathione helps to recharge Vitamin C, A, E, Coenzyme Q10. Coenzyme Q10 is depleted in those who take cholesterol medications. Coenzyme Q10 is very important for heart muscle. Glutathione that your body makes has the potential of reversing this effect but we don't have science specifically on the patch and Coenzyme Q10. Dr. Karen recommends ubiquinol as a supplement as opposed to the inactive form Coenzyme Q10 because some people with chronic illness, such as diabetes, do not convert the inactive to active forms well. The usual dose prescribed for someone using Statin cholesterol drugs is 200mg of ubiquinol daily. Please

White IceWave patch over CV17 and Tan patch in Spleen 21 for powerful for increasing bioelectricity and biocoherence of the heart muscle. Physiologically when you put electrodes on cells of the heart, you raise the action potential threshold and that lowers the risk of spontaneous depolarization (heart pulsing when it isn't supposed to) . In Dr. Dennis's friend's case they were able to avoid an elective cardioversion because the patches supported the heart physiology.


  1. Nan – blood line mercury poisoning and EMF and blue screen really bothers her. She feels that the heart protocol may benefit for everyone who would like extra coherence from non-native EMF such as 5G. Titanium in her implant may be causing jaw issues. What can she do to besides taking out the implant. Her mandible might be too thin to take it out and get a new implant. Her teeth are pitted. She has a good diet including grains. Dr. Karen suggested the Uhe Method using IceWave and Aeon to desensitize her symptoms of Titanium and other heavy metals. Dr. Dennis suggested whether the body is acidic or alkaline (the former breaks down bone). If you make your internal milieu that will help. Doing the 5 elements patching with IceWave to help with akalinity. Use Carnosine as the YIN patch on the left and X39 stem cell enhancing patch as more YANG patch on the right, and use that instead for the 5 elements patching rotation. Your state of BEING helps you NOT be in stress which makes you acidic. Listening to relaxing frequencies, doing STOIM and meditation.
  2. Johanna – irritable bladder and frequency of urine. Where should she patch? Dr. Dennis said to use front Mu point for the bladder which is CV3. Put glutathione on the conception point CV 3. That's where the Qi to the meridian comes to the head. You can balance the meridian through the Mu points.
  3. Diane – my dog has kidney stress. How to patch. Dr. Dennis suggested BL23 points. That helps balance hormones and help X39 healing take place. So she can put X39 on right BL23 and a negatively charged patch such as a Tan patch or SP6C on the left. Or more simply but one X39 on the Life Gate which is GV4.
  4. Mary – She got sent the X39 patches. She is a small person and is very itchy. It's best to use alkalinized ionic structured water to flush out toxins. Using right Gallbaldder 31 with the X39 to help with the itching.
  5. Mike – back pain. Pain was getting better with X39 but now it is back. The blockages may have moved according to Dr. Dennis. Use IceWave on Bladder 57 supports the whole back and ideally one of the y-Age patches on the apex of the triangle like the back of the neck GV14, or small of the back GV2 or on the sacrum. If you want to stay with the X39, you can move it to a different spot to see if the blockage would release. Structured water would be helpful. Food to help you become alkaline helps. Adding magnesium and trace minerals is helpful. Glyphosate chelates minerals, so stop eating GMO foods. Magnesium is needed for muscle relaxation, energy production. Bioavailable copper maybe helpful too, especially to support parasite clearing and stem cell production through GHK-Cu (X39 patches).
  6. Marilyn – is working on supporting kidneys for years. She is using all the different types of patches. Every week she goes to the acupuncturist, her kidney energy is low on measuring her pulses. Mostly it is her right kidney pulse is lower. Dr. Dennis said to use GV4 (x39) and KI3 and BL23 points with the energy enhancer or combo (X39/Sp6C) patches. Alavida may be helpful too if you support the endocrine system, even behind the right ear on TB17. Aeon patches are helpful too, so you can use it over BL23 on the right and SP6C on the left. Phenylacetylglutamine component of the Burzinsyki peptide which is low in people with cancer and that happens to be raised using Aeon (no cancer healing claims here). You can use CV4 with Aeon patch as well.
  7. Lori – has a question RE: X39. Have other people incurred a puffiness or water weight? She is noticing a weight gain – Does this have to do with detoxification? Dr. Dennis has not come across this phenomenon, however it IS a symptom of detoxing. She switched it to the back and that helps. Dr. Karen mentioned using X39 on the right Spleen 6 or 9 instead. If she doesn't drink enough water the of the water retention will be worse according to Dr. Karen. Dr. Dennis suggested pushing on Spleen 9 and if it is sore, then there is damp and patching this point should be helpful and supportive.

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