LifeWave Radio: Patching Protocols for burning discomfort in the stomach and chest

LifeWave patching protocols for acid reflux symptoms

Summary: LifeWave patches can be used to regulate the energy of the life force known as qi in the acupuncture meridians. According to Asian medical physiology, Stomach qi normally flows downward in the Stomach Meridian. However, when certain energy becomes imbalanced, Stomach qi can flow upwards. The upward flow of Stomach qi referred to as rebellious St qi creates dizziness, nausea, vertigo, gastric reflux, and the feeling of burning in the chest and stomach. Regulation of qi means the qi is influenced to correct its imbalance and flow in a healthy direction. So, in the case of St qi, regulation means returning the qi flow in the downward direction, thereby eliminating rebellion and its discomforting consequences such as burning in the chest and stomach. One of the simplest ways to regulate St qi is to place a LifeWave Glutathione patch on CV 12, the front mu point for the St meridian. Other approaches include calming the Liver qi so Wood does not attack Earth, and we will discuss protocols for doing this as well as the logic behind the involved Asian medical physiology. Be cautious of using this acupuncture point in pregnancy because of the powerful downward energy.

During this Ask The Doctors LifeWave Radio Show Monday, Dr. Dennis and I discuss how to apply LifeWave patches on certain acupuncture points to harmonize qi that affects the health to maintain and restore energy balance. 

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Western Medicine Perspective

Acid taste, heartburn, bad breath, burning chest discomfort, stress-related stomach inflammation, breathing problems, regurgitation, enamel wear from stomach acid coming up, esophagitis and esophageal stricture, dysphagia (trouble swallowing), vomiting blood, pain below sternum and weight loss can all be symptoms related to the same problem.

Associated Western medical diagnoses associated with burning pain:

  • gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • gastritis (irritation of the stomach)
  • stomach infections and ulcers (H. Pylori)
  • irritable bowels syndrome,
  • Indigestion
  • NSAIDs and other drugs
  • hiatal hernias
  • smoking and excessive alcohol use

there are approximately 8 million ER visits a year for these types of symptoms. Mostly these are gastrointestinal and not heart related. 10-20% of the cause is GERD first described in 1925 and recongized in 1934 as acid coming up into the esophagus. 40% have H. Pylori bacteria associated with this symptom, and they often take Pepto Bismol (bismuth salicylate) to alleviate it. By the way, this over-the-counter drug shouldn't be used in children because of the risk of Reyes disease.

Typically physicians prescribe proton pump inhibitors and H2 blockers. Brand names include Prilosec, Prevacid, Nexium, Protonix.

Long term use of these medications increases the risk of sudden death MI, depression, demential, liver cancer, superbug infections, early death, pneumonia deaths. There is an increase risk of bone fractures, bacterial and fungal overgrowth, perotonitis and an increase in colitis. A decrease in nitric oxid which is responsible for dilation of the blood vessels which may explain heart events and erectile dysfunction. One can also get muscle pain and deterioration, diarrhea and fatigue with long term use.

Glutathione, your master oxidant, seems to decrease proton pump inhibitor efficiacy. These medications can also potentially increase risk of death from COVID-19.

The H2 receptor antagonist, available over-the-counter drugs like ranitidine, famotidine have many side effects as well.

Tums is calcium carbonate. In Asian Medicine, minerals can calm the Shen. Of all the Western medicines, this might be the safest. If you use them all the time, this can cause an imbalance of minerals, like calcium deposits in the blood vessels.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Burning means excess heat in TCM. Burning in the chest can be caused by one or four main disharmonious energy patterns:

  • Small intestine excess heat
  • Stomach Yin deficiency heat
  • Stomach Fire heat (epigastric pain)
  • Rebellious stomach Qi (nausea, vomiting, belching and dizziness)

Small Intestine Excess Heat – burning in the chest with mental restlessness

In five elements medicine, the small intestine energetically filters, transforms and discriminates usable and clear substances which gets converted to energy. The turbid part of the food we eat gets excreted as waste. This is physical, spiritual and energetic. That's why the small intestine energy is so important.

Pattern of the small intestine excess heat – burning in the chest with mental restlessness, tongue ulcers, painful throat, deafness, abdominal pain, thirst, scanty dark or bloody urination. Pulse can be fast and overflowing in Chinese Medicine diagnosis.

Small Intestine 7, SI7 – Luo connection point with Heart. Small intestine is the closest protector of the heart. The next protector is the pericardium. If the heart is the emporor sitting in the castle commanding all the other organs (five elements theory), then the small intestine is the castle wall. The pericardium would be like the draw-bridge, also called Inner Frontier Gate – the point that is important in this space is percardium 6 (PC6)

The Outer Frontier Gate is the triple burner TB 5 is like the moat around the castle.

Excess heat in the heart occurs with PTSD. They rob the ulner side of their arms on edges to stimulate this area. this brings Qi blood and heat to the surface of small intestine 7. It is on the ulnar side of the arm where they are rubbing. If we were to release excess heat from the heart using Asian Medicine, we could use a cup small intestine 7 or plum hammer (with needles) over that area. The blood and qi comes to the surface to release the excess heat.

SI7 is the yang protector of the heart. Helps with mania. It aligns us to our truth on an emotional and spiritual level and is useful for anxiety and mania and harmonizing thyroid and endocrine. Stimulating this point decreases frustration, bitterness and the feeling of being misunderstood.

Small intestine 2, SI2 can be used with excess heat and burning, SI5 if the person is emotionally unstable or neurotic. The latter clears heat and improves emotional stability. If you're not filtering emotionally, you have lack of emotional stability. SI5 will kick start emotional stability.

Small intestine 7, SI7 is used for frustration, mania and having PTSD symptoms (abuse). These can work together or separately for clearing excess heat out of the small intestine.

Conception Vessel 17, CV17 is a place where the qi comes together for the triple burner. It is the sea of qi and a place where a lot of heat resides. A lot of energy can be regulated from thsi point. It can spread joy throughout the “kingdom” when it is acting properly. Fire and metal – Heart and spirit balancing.

Large Intestine 11, LI11 clears excess heat from the upper body. In acupuncture practice, you can purposefully bleed someone and release the heat very quickly, including fevers.

Stomach 44, ST44 clears excess heat draining all the way from the head to the feet


  • Carnosine on CV17 on the chest
  • Aeon or glutathione on right SI2/5 or 7 point on the hand (based on the symptoms above). Optional: add SP6C on the left SI7 to draw the energy out to set up an electrical current between Aeon and SP6C to more powerfully sedate SI7 for PTSD, mania and frustration from trauma)
  • White icewave on right LI11 (elbow crease area)
  • Tan icewave on the left foot ST44 between 2nd and 3rd toe

Stomach Yin Deficiency Heat – epigastric burning caused by deficiency heat

Symptoms include dry mouth, constipation, thirst without desire to drink, Feels full after eating. Afternoon fever or burning sensation. Pulse is weak and floaty.

Bladder 21, BL 21, decreases rebellious stomach qi, tonifies stomach nd harmonized middle burner (stomach and spleen energy), treats stomach disharmony, resolves damp, stomach aches and vomiting. This is the back Shu point of the stomach. That reverses stagnation.

Pericardium 6, PC6 is the inner frontier gate and is the master of the Yin Wei Mai channel, preserver of the Yin. It is used to treat Yin deficiency. It is for heart, chest and stomach. It is a gate for the heart to keep the world out. Your drawbridge is up when you are protecting yourself. If you are protecting yourself too much, then you'll isolate yourself. It increases clarity of vision, calms fire, and lowers chaos. As an aside, it can be used to treat insomnia in conjunction with Heart 7.

Spleen 4, SP4, is a confluent point that syngerstically works with PC6 and reinforces its effect. it is used for the heart, chest and stomach. It especially tonifies stomach and spleen to create abundance and connects with the earth which is very nourishing. It can connect with your Higher self as you are connecting with earth. It decreases hyperacidity in the stomach. Emotionally it decreases misery, agitation cause by deficiency heat. It is the Chong Mai Master channel. Uterus disharmony can be aided by spleen 4.

Stomach 40, ST40 clears phelgm.

Liver 3, LV3, can be used instead of pericardium 6 and spleen 6. It is a shu stream point and source point on earth. It treats heaviness and stagnation and damp. It gets rid of wind damp heat and agitation caused by heat. Migraines, easily annoyed, dry throat, irritable, angry. Wood energy – is known to bust through blocks. To a certain degree it is a healthy thing to bust through obstacles. “Happy Calm Point” growth, strength and calm of the wood energy. You can even put a drop of lavender oil under the patch the add that frequency to Liver 3.

Gallbladder 41, GB41, shu stream point for damp, heaviness. clears wind damp heat and harmonize liver/glabladder, clears out rubbish and garbage, clears stagnation. It is a master point for the belt channel so it can move energy throughout the whole body.


  • OPTION A: If there is more agitation: use pericardium/spleen
    • Icewave or energy enhancers Bladder 21
    • Alavida right stomach 40
    • SP6C patch left spleen 4
    • Aeon on right percardium 6
  • OPTION B: If there is more chaos: use liver/gallbladder
    • Icewave or energy enhancers Bladder 21
    • Alavida right stomach 40
    • SP6C left liver 3
    • Aeon on right gallbladder 41

Stomach Fire Heat – epigastric burning

Epigastric burning pain. thirst cold fluids, bleeding gums, foul breath, constipation, nausea and vomiting. Stomach fire condition is excess heat rather than deficiency heat.


  • IceWave patches on BL21 at the level of the 12th thoracic vertebra. White on right, Tan on left.
  • Aeon or Glutathione or Alavida on right LI11 to clear heat
  • SP6C patch or Carnosine (relatively yin compared to the right handed patches) on left ST 44 to clear heat

Rebellious Stomach Qi Protocol – used when acid going up instead of down

The stomach qi is going on the wrong direction (up instead of down). It is usually the front MU point of the stomach that regulates the direction. That is CV12, conception vessel 12. Burning chest and stomach with hiccups, nausea or vomiting.


  • Icewave or Energy Enhancer with Bladder 21
  • Glutathione or carnosine patch on CV 12 (caution use in pregnancy)
  • Alavida, X39 or any Y-Age patch on right Percardium 6
  • SP6C patch on left Spleen 4
  • Alavida on right stomach 40 brain fog OR Aeon on the right ST 36 emotional instability or anxiety (butterflies on the stomach)

Patching Tips

Anywhere we have Alavida, Aeon, Glutathione above, you can replace with X39 if you like. Experiment to see what works better for you.

If you are patching for one of the top three protocols and you wish to treat rebellious stomach qi , you can just add conception vessel 12 to the protocol (over the stomach area). Dr. Dennis likes glutathione, aeon, carnosine or X39.


Kathy – been using X39 on CV 19 for her stomach and that's helping with the burning. She had polyps removed recently. Dr. Dennis explained that polyps usually means Qi stagnation in Asian medicine. She is on Prilosec and blood pressure. It was recommended she try the Stomach Fire Heat protocol above.

Gail – balancing low blood sugar and to strengthen kidney, adrenals to lessen bouts of fatigue. The simplist thing is to regulate blood sugar symptoms is to put Y-Age such as glutathione on CV12 to harmonize the middle jiao. The middle jiao controls the pancreas. Put a patch on the Life Gate Governing Vessel 4 right below lumbar 2 in the centerline. It recharges your batteries. You can use X39 here or any other Y-Age.

You can also use Energy Enhancer on Bladder 23 or Kidney 3 white on right tan on left. In extreme fatigue at the point of collapse, you could use Kidney 27 near the clavicle with an Aeon or X39 on the belly button hole. Salt and moxa on conception vessel 8, CV8 is the traditional way of using this. In this case you can use X39 underneath belly button for making a nice triangle of energy.

Alternate way of using Energy Enhancer white on right stomach 36 and tan on left spleen 6 is part of the five element rotation and great to support the kidney energy and adrenals.

Dr. Karen mentioned that SP6C is a great patch for supporting energy and blood sugars in her personal experience. For example you can use it on GV4 on the back, CV6 below the belly button, or left Spleen 6.

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