[LifeWave Radio] Patching for Itching: Grasping the Wind



LifeWave patches can be used to mitigate symptoms of itching when placed on certain acupuncture points.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), itching is known as a form of Wind or movement, which may be internal (yin) or external (yang). The Wind creating the sensation of itching is usually associated with Heat, known as Wind-Heat, or Damp, known as Wind Damp, or Heat and Damp is known as Wind Damp-Heat. Wind-Heat presents as itchy, dry skin. Wind Damp presents as itchy swollen areas. Wind Damp-Heat presents as itchy, swollen, and red areas that feel warm. Applying LifeWave phototherapy patches on certain acupuncture points can alleviate all of these symptoms. The effectiveness of the relief from itching depends on which LifeWave patches and acupuncture points are combined in strategies congruent with energy medicine and TCM.

During this Ask The Doctors LifeWave Radio Show, Dr. Dennis and I will be discussing how to patch particular acupuncture points of interest including examples such as the Wind Gate GV 16 for internal Wind such as tremors and flaccidity and windstroke, the Wind Market GB 31 for acute itching of the whole body, the Hundred Insect Burrow M-LE-34 Baichongwo (extraordinary point) for severe itching of the skin, the Woodworm Canal Lv 5 for genital itching, and the Wind Screen SJ 17 for itching inside the ear.

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