LifeWave Radio: LifeWave Protocols for Lungs and Breathing Support

Listen to Dr. Karen Kan and Dr. Dennis Lobstein on this show as we discuss issues related to lungs and breathing and how to use LifeWave phototherapy patches to support optimal breathing and oxygen exchange. For point locations please go to

Endorphins decrease the activity of the locus ceruleus that happens to activate with stress. By meditating you increase CO2 tension and that causes a shift in the ability of the oxygen to leave the hemoglobin to the tissues. Tapping the baroreceptors (there was a Star Trek episode with Lt. Barkley being told to tap his carotid bifurcation by counselor Deanna Troy, to get less anxious), you can tell the brain that the blood pressure is too high and that will lower the blood pressure. Meditation does very similar things. Sticking a patch on it may have the same positive effect!

The Nirvana patch in conjunction with the tablets would stimulate endorphins and if you stick it on the right carotid bifurcation, that would have a similar effect of relaxing and lower blood pressure. That helps us breathe slower and relax.

Breath is used to strengthen Qi and give us more powers. it indicates how strong our chest or Zong Qi is. Ancestral Qi that drives the heart and lung Qi and that's important because the heart houses the Shen and pumps blood around and the lungs (metal) receives Yang Qi from Sky. If our breath is strong like a martial artist who can break cinder blocks with fingers and breath! And martial artists with powerful breath control can “block” a thrust coming in, even if it is coming to the throat!

Reverberating circuits calmed by endorphins. Opiate receptors on catacholaminergic nerves in the brain. That calms us down. When adrenaline is high in the periphery, they are low in the central nervous system (brain). Great way to treat PTSD symptoms! They have increase Adrenalin and that causes shortness of breath. This can happen even in sleep. With Meditation and Carotid bifurcation pressure and focus, you can improve this imbalance.

Alchemy of the Breath

Prana (Sanskrit) also known as Ruach (Kabbalah) Vital energy of breath shows up in the blood if you have strong spirit and strong breath. Prana, or life force, also shows up in blood, semen and vaginal fluid. We can affect our life force with our breath! The Kabbalah spiritual alchemy, it isn't just about breath, but it does need to be developed or fostered. The animal part of the soul enters the body, Nefesh, at the time of conception. Ruach is the middle soul and needs to be developed in life. Our highest soul is called Neshamah. It allows us awareness of God and Source and that may also be developed in life. This cultivation is taught in the Kabbalah but most people aren't aware of it.

Fire – fuel, heat, oxygen. We get oxygen from the breath. Oxygen is required to make ATP the molecule of energy in our bodies. The breath is related to the Holy spirit of Inspiration Hakodesh. It is very “yin”. It is the Yin aspect of Source or the feminine aspect of God. Shakena representation is the halo around the head of Jesus. Shakena is related to breath and you can cultivate it using meditative breathing. When we drop to Zero Point energy and work the Merkaba so we can connect to Source. One of the ways is through breath. When DNA, acting as Tesseract, is aligned, we open up a portal to connect with Source. That is the bottom line of all ancient healing.

How to Correct Incorrect Breathing

Heart houses Shen. Lung houses Po. When we die Po separates from the body and goes back into the Earth. Liver houses Hun, which leaves when we sleep and comes back when we awaken. Liver Qi connects back with Lung Qi when we wake up. When we die, the Hun Qi leaves the top of the head and Po Qi goes back into the earth. Po is more like our corporeal soul that give animation to our movements.

“That which enters and exits with essence is the corporeal soul (Po)” Po is housed in the lungs and we can access it through the Lung Qi and the Zong Qi. Lung Qi is responsible for the Skin and the Wei Qi (protective qi field) and we can make the latter stronger through breath. We can expand our Wei Qi field this way. We can “raise our shields”. That means evil qi, disharmonious frequencies, are prevented from entering the body.

The patches make us more biocoherent and help us raise our wie qi field and help our breathing, thus strengthening our lung qi and zong qi.

CV17 conception vessel 17, between the nipples can reinforce our Lung Qi. Opens chest and reverse coughing symptoms. (rebellious lung qi). Favorite patch of Dr. Dennis' to patch here is Y-Age carnosine. Lowering lactic acid buffers Bohr effect and that has similar effect of releasing more Oxygen to tissues and supporting aerobic function. Carnosine is really good to support heart and the muscles. It is the front Mu point of the Pericardium which is called the heart protector.

CV17 has many beneficial aspects in 5-Elements training. Going through withdrawal of smoking cessation, it is a great point to patch with Carnosine. It greatly enhances the “opening of the chest”. So any heart or lung breathing issues can be supported by patching CV17 with Carnosine patch.

You can also use Tien Wei, stop smoking point, to help with smoking cessation. You can make a nice triangle with Aeon on right and SP6C Tien Wei points on the wrist and Carnosine on CV17 on chest; it helps cutting down on cravings and the drive to smoke and eat (or drug addiction symptoms). Dr. Dennis has used them on cocaine addicts and their cravings were down 90% (anecdotal)

LU1 with energy enhancer patches and carnosine on CV17 and you've made a nice triangle there that will regulate rebellious lung Qi and stop coughing.

Acupuncture Points for Difficulty Breathing

  • CV22 – conception vessel 22, throat chakra point
  • CV17 – conception vessel 17 – open chest
  • LU9 – lung 9 Source points regular Qi in the channel
  • BL13 – Bladder 13 – Shu point for Lung organs on the back. Is sore and blocked when people have allergies. If sore then patch this. Dr. Dennis loves Aeon on the right and SP6C on the left, but you can use Energy Enhancers or IceWave.
    • We can add third eye point like Glutathione, Carnosine, X39 or Alavida to make a triangle. The Alavida patch helps activate the pineal gland and thus helps to balance hormones.
  • GV16 – governing vessel 16 helps with internal wind – tremors, shaking, and twitches. Carnosine on GV16 would be good for twitching especially after a good workout.
  • LV3 – liver 3 increases blood flow.
  • LI13 – large intestine 13
  • LI17 – large intestine 17

Energy Enhancer patches help to shift our oxygen delivery and more relaxation as well.

Dampness – productive cough, phlegm

Fluid collecting in the lungs, rattling breathing are symptoms of dampness not to mention swelling under the skin. Use:

  • SP9 – Spleen 9 – usually sore inside knee – use a patch on the left such as TAN patch or SP6C.
  • ST40 – Spleen 40 for phelgm – use a patch on the right such as any Y-Age patch or White Energy or Icewave patch. Dr. Dennis likes Aeon on the right

Asthma and Breathing issues

Airways constricting and inflamed in asthma and causes smooth muscle to contract the airways. Qi comes in from sky to lungs and it is grasped by kidney qi. It helps to anchor the Qi from Sky. Use the following points:

  • LU1-9 are very useful
  • LI18 – large intestine 18
  • ST9 – stomach 9
  • ST40 (see above)
  • BL13 (see above)
  • Kidney 7 helps to anchor the lung qi coming from Sky. This will help resolve asthma symptoms.
  • BL23 and Kidney 3 will tonify kidney as well
  • CV22 and 17 as above
  • GV10 located just below T6 vertebra and great for asthma and detoxing poison (like chem trails etc.)
    • Use with Lung 8 to detox the lung channel to make a triangle.

Throat Support

CV22 Y-Age and triangle with Ding Chuan used for asthma and throat to dilate breathing tubes. It is found above 1 cun (inc) bilateral to GV14 right below Cervical C7. patch these points with Aeon on right and SP6C on left and Carnosine with CV22 you have a nice triangle to clear breathing and support the throat.

Questions from Audience

Joy – friend very ill with bacterial meningitis. She's in the ICU. Right knee still swollen. When she gets out, she's going to patch her. Where should she start with her? Daughter has terrible asthma and almost died.

Dr. Karen suggested X39 to support the immune system to being. Then add in Aeon for brain balancing at night and Energy Enhancer to support the organs. Dr. Dennis agreed and felt the familial ancestral issues can be cleared after the infection clears. (Heal the branch then go to the work).

One client on X39 and getting more energy! She's coming out of chronic fatigue. Nose bleeds less severe but wants to know what points would be helpful. Push up on GV26 stops bleeding right away. Patching Spleen 6, Lung channel or too much heat ST44 to drain.

Bryn – have been patching Alavida third eye. What can she do to optimize breathing? Never successfully able to use CPAP. The dental device isn't all that great either. Dr. Dennis mentioned: Carnosine 17 to open the chest, Energy Enhancers or SP6C/Aeon combo on lung 9 at night. Yes you can use Energy Enhancers at night.

Pat – Teenager with build up with fluid in the throat and season allergies. Dr. Dennis said draining damp protocol above would be helpful. Spleen 9 and Stomach 40 combo. Next person she wants to help snores and has repetitive polyps and can't breath through their nose. Narrowed throat area could be due to inflammation. Look at toxins exposure. X39 on point called Tong, which is middle side of the nose near where the cartilage starts or on top of the bridge of the nose. Bucky balls C60 supplement discovered by Buckminster Fuller, in conjunction with X39 it helps to shrink polyps in Dr. Dennis' experience. For throat issues, put Y-Age patch on throat chakra.

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