LifeWave Radio: How to make a Tesla Antennae to Amplify Your Intentions

Heart Merkaba

In this month's Ask the LifeWave Doctors radio show, Dr. Dennis Lobstein teaches us how we make a Tesla Antennae using LifeWave phototherapy patches to amplify intention, support symptom relief and calm the emotions. In quantum physics we'll be working with the heart. In that realm, we're looking at the whole Tao. So there is no polarity, which is why we're using the exact same patch for ALL the points in the protocols. Listen to the replay of the show here:

Some Basics

Yin and Yang is polarity, a split. Some of the LifeWave patches have two poles, yin and yang, negative and positive, (Energy Enhancer Patches and IceWave patches have both a White and a Tan) and other LifeWave patches have one pole.

In making a Tesla antennae, the heart is the Emporor in commanding the body to do whatever the heart wants. The hearts energy (Fire) can reach out and command the other organs in the other elements; for example, the Liver in the Wood, Spleen in the Earth, Lung in the Metal, Kidney in the Water.

How does the Heart Command?

When you set up a Tesla Antennae, think about holding a couple of tuning forks. You want to set up a frequency coming from one of the tuning forks and the vibe goes through the air and the second one will pick up the same frequency. Now they are vibrating and resonating together. That's called a resonance. In order to get resonance in the target area that you want to support, the heart has to send the signal. We can use the crystals in the LifeWave Patches that have frequencies within them/reflecting, put one on the area of the heart and then send those intentions and resonance out to the target area. The target area could be a challenge area of the body that has symptoms or it could be the influential points of an entire system (see below).

How does the heart work on the quantum level?

There is a vetor of electrical depolarization from the sino atrial node to the apex of the heart. The heart is actually a quantum portal to other dimensions. In the process of depolarization, there is a double helical wave, counter clockwise (inside) and clockwise (outside), as the heart muscle contracts. It's like twisting water out of a rag. Yin on the inside and Yang rotation on the outside. That is the main merkaba of the body. That sets up Zero Point energy portal in the center. The Merkaba is the light spirit body created by opposite rotations of two super-imposed pyramids.

Every acupuncture point in the body has a torsion field spin/rotation going on, right down to the point on the other side which spins in the opposite direction. When doing acupuncture, you're opening up a portal to another dimension in this theory.

The yang, positively charged patches rotate torsion field clockwise and the yin, negatively charged ones goes counterclockwise.

Healing Through Counterrotating Torsion Fields

You can take your intention and use the zero point access of the heart to make a shift/change a part of your body. One can heal with counterrotation fields. Torsion fields rotate one way on top and another way on the bottom. This happens in the chakras as well and these are known to spin in opposite directions depending on whether you are male or female according to Dr. Dennis' observations.

How to Thread Energy Needles through Acupuncture Points

Dr. Dennis threads energy needles through the patches driving intention plus frequency of the patches through the acupuncture point, passing through the zero point energy field at which point it can capture a quantum concept, (intention), and collapse that wave into 3D reality. Then that information gets sent through the meridian filled with liquid crystal.

Acupuncture Points around the Heart

For the Tesla Antennae, you'll be choosing one of the following heart points as the projecting tuning fork. then you'll be choosing a second acupunture point as the receiving tuning fork, thus setting up a heart-based resonant field.

  • Conception Vessel 17 – chest center – Mu point of the Pericardium (Yin, Traditional Chinese medicine TCM) and San Jao (Yang, heart protector in 5 Element theory). It is also an influential point for the Qi (see below). It accesses the Sea of Qi in the chest and it opens and unbinds the chest. As an aside, Dr. Dennis likes this point with Carnosine patches for mourning. CV 17 helps with cough and asthma.
  • Conception Vessel 15 is the front Mu point for the Pericarium in 5 element medicine, as well as the Yuan Source point for Yin (major importance). In five element medicine, it is a Constitutional Factor point (a very important point!). It can treat ANY Constituational Factor. It calms Shen, protects Heart Fire, sends Lung Qi down (helps with coughing) and also helps mitigate the pain of the loss of a loved one.
  • Spleen 21 on both sides of the chest. The “great hug”. It unbinds the chest, opens the Luo, the great connector of meridians emptying into the chest from arms and the legs. It is useful on the psychological level for treating a fractured psyche. If they are in disharmony this is a good point. When all else fails, people need a big “hug”. this point can be releasing anger. People that are demanding – helps calm them down.
  • Governing Vessel 11 – Calm shen, clears heat and wind, and gets one on the right patheway to empower your vision. This is a spirit gate.

Influential Healing Acupuncture Points

Ancestral body <—> Shen (spiritual) <—-> Qi <—-> Jing (physical). We can use our intention to specify which of these areas were focusing on. This applies to all the points. Since one patch will be one of the heart points above, you can use the second patch (exactly the same patch) on Hui meeting points, also called influential points. They are important acupuncture points that activate specific areas of the body that are involved with function and healing.

  • Zang/yin organs get influences – Liver 13
  • Fu/yang organs – Conception Vessel 12
  • Qi that moves around – Conception Vessel 17 (also a heart point)
  • Blood – Bladder 17
  • Sinews – Gallbladder 34 – decreases rigidity of wood
  • Marrow (includes Kidney Jing) – Gallbladder 39 – tonifies Kidney Jing too, nervous system, endocrine, and stem cells. Used to treat stubborn wood people. People who have fixed ideas – stuck in their ways.
  • Bones – Bladder 11
  • Vessels – Lung 9, Source point for lung, Shu Stream point. It treats Bi (wind, damp, joints being heavy and inflamed, arthritis). On a psychological level treats despair, chaos, revival or prana. Just remember: You have to use the same patch on both Lung 9's and Heart points.

Walk on Water Protocol

You can use Conception Vessel 15 and kidney 1 and patch all three points with Aeon patch or X39's or any of the Y-Age patch. Then you hve a nice triangular configuration. You don't have to concern with polarity when working in the quantum realm. You're activating Kidney 1 bubbling spring, Yin from the Earth and harmonizing fire/water and thus helps the psyche. (Shen balance). This also tonifies Yin at the same time. Yin anchors the yang. If yin is weak, yang flies all over the place. This protocol helps you become more coherent and focus.

Reset the Yin Protocol.

It's like deguassing an old computer to make the screen more clear. You can use Kidney 9 instead of kidney 1. For example you can use Conception Vessel 15 and Kidney 9 all at once. More mental clarity. Entity clouding their vision? This may help fractured psyche or if you are feeling unable to move forward.

This also helps with though chaos, disharmony, insomnia, fractured psyche: Use Spleen 21 as the heart point and then Spleen 6 on both legs as the target point. You can use 4 Aeons for all four points. (You can add Conception Vessel 12 in the center as an extra point to great symptom of chaos.) If you want to cut down on patches, you can use Left Spleen 21, Right Spleen 6 and one on CV 12. That uses 3 patches instead of 5. You can also replace Spleen 6 with Stomach 36 if you have more abdominal and yang issues.

Question & Answer

Marilyn – Is there a way to use frequencies in the jewelry with this spiritual protocol?

Answer: You can use both the Ascension 3 jewelry and the patches on the same intention (to amplify it) or two different ones synergistically. You can also ask your Ascension 3 jewelry to erase any subconscious need to manifest detox symptoms so that when used together with patches, you don't experience as quick or intense healing reactions.

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