[LifeWave Radio] Advanced Patching Protocols for Symptoms of Grief and Sadness


In this month's Ask the LifeWave Doctors radio show, we've asked Dr. Dennis Lobstein to give us some simple and advanced protocols to help us relieve the symptoms of sadness and grief. Listen to the replay of this enlightening show here:

Lots of people are dealing with grief of all sorts: not being able to see loved ones, loss of economic stability, loss of one's business…and then there is a collective sense of loss on top of all that…

Western Medicine Approach

There is behavioral bereavement therapy that is available when it comes to dealing with sadness and grief. Grief increases frontal cortex activation. That can involve a cytokine inflammation process. The Limbic Brain is connected with that activation (amygdala fear, anxiety, and aggression). The Alavida that helps release epithalamin, which helps support the limbic brain so it will be featured (see below). He's been using CV17 middle of the chest (releases chest Qi from being locked up) and on the third eye. He uses the former protocol to relieve the stress from mourning. The third eye point helps with sleep.

The DSM-V doesn't have a category for grief and sadness at this time, which, if it changes, can cause prescriptions being written for this symptom.

Traditional Chinese Meridian Approach

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has been very successful in regulating their sadness. That makes sense even in Asian medicine in the 5 Elements Chart: fire, earth, metal, water, wood. The earth is the grandmother for the water but the mother for the metal in the chart. The earth helps hold the water, but gives energy to metal. If cognition is one of the properties of earth, it will feed energy to the metal which is the spiritual energy that we have that is related to sadness and grief. If the earth isn't doing its job, then the metal isn't going to get enough energy.

If metal is fed well, it won't have any deficits and will clear sadness and grief well. That's how CBT might work in Asian Medicine terms.

Each element has an energy of “Soul”.

Shen is the soul of the Fire element. the Heart is in fire and is the emporor of all. Wu Xing (5 phases) model is what we're referring to here. The Yi is the soul of the Earth element. The Po is the soul of the Metal element that resides in the lung. Grief and sadness restricts the Po, causing lung stagnation. The soul of the water is Zhi and the soul of the wood is Hun.

The Hun actually travels around in the etheric realms while we sleep. The essence, crystal matrix in our body, has an energy, Po, which sinks out of the anus when we die (bottom of the Tai Chi pole) into the earth as we transition. The Hun flies out (top of the Tai Chi pole), with the Shen, to meld with the etheric field when we die (back to Source).

The Po is the soul of matter. Po is the soul that animates all physiological activities.

We're talking about crystals or “stone” when we talk about Po. The body is made of liquid crystal water which is what is traveling through our acupuncture meridians. The biophotomodulation from the LifeWave patches and connects it, sort of like optical fibers, to our cells. Inside our cells is a trabecular fibers from our cell membrane right into the DNA. The information goes both ways – from the skin into the DNA and back out. We are actually are luminescent.

So all biochemical reactions in our bodies are animated by the Po according to Asian Medicine. Qi is the energy of the life force and it is viewed as being a duality of Yin and Yang. What we're talking about now, is about Soul energy of each phase which is at a certain frequency. Each organ (heart, spleen, lung, kidney, liver – the solid, yin organs of the five elements). The vibration of the lung is Po.

Torsion Field Physics and Chinese Medicine

The Po is linked to Gui (ghost energy). The Gui is like a trace of energy that is spiral or turning or moving in a conical shape. It can easily be described as a torsion field.

The Gui is the torsion fields in the center of matter.

In the center of these fields, if you put two pyramids together (counterclockwise below and clockwise above), you can create zero-point energy and access the quantum – a resonance between energy waves and physical matter. This Gui can be accessed and controlled by breathing. Meditation helps us access the subtle control of that.

Po is the (soul of matter) animation through Gui and breathing.

If we increase our breathing rate, we get more oxygen. Breathing controls chemical reactions as well as the torsion fields. The Po is an agent of transformation! That means that because it is the crystal soul, as an extension of that, theoretically, the patches may be agents of change that can change the crystal matrix of the body (Po).

Trauma can injure the lungs and cause Grief

Trauma can cause an accumulation of phlegm and damp in the lungs. Crying, sobbing can result. Those that re-live the trauma (eg. PTSD) can cause a blockage of Qi. The trauma prevents the lung from liberating Qi, so it can cause stagnation which then manifests as grief. In our Yin, we get depression sadness worry, and fear which blocks the Qi. Trauma affects the yang which causes anxiety, anger, mania, and rage, which arouses the Qi.

Breathing helps us achieve the quiet and the stillness/emptiness through which our etheric soul, Hun, can connect with Source. The Po works with the Hun during controlled breathing during meditation.

Considering the metal phase where lung is yin and large intestine is yang. Refer to Vetruvian man by Leonardo Da Vinci. The lung is taking energy from the top and the large intestine is on the bottom, letting go of waste. The filters in between are small intestines which is also a heart protector. It is a filter between what we take in and what we usher out. The flow of metal is disrupted by trauma and the heart protector filter.

This filter filters out energy. If we have blockage from trauma, we aren't going to be able to filter the Qi or spiritual energy very well. The lung plays a big part in this filter process as well because it develops grief and sadness when there are blockages in the lungs.

We get stagnation in the lungs with grief. The upper Jiao is where the lungs and heart are. The grief will affect the upper Jiao, especially where the Qi is made (constructive Qi, which is Ying Chi – creating the Zong Qi, the Qi of the chest). When Zong Qi is stagnant or blocked, then we have symptoms! It gets blocked from emotional and psychological trauma.

Lung deficiencies can develop from unexpressed grief.

It can show up increase phelgm that obstructs heart orifices. It can manifest as not being able to eat properly and even stroke in Chinese Medicine.

Skin is considered the third lung. (The first two are the left and right lungs) It exchanges gas with our environment and it is exchanging nutrients, waste, and light. When we put LifeWave patches on the skin we are activating the third lung.

Dragon Rises and Red Bird Flies by Leon Hammer: Grief that doesn't release naturally sinks to the kidneys. Depression is also related to Yin sinking. We can relieve depression symptoms by pulling the yang qi up. You can activate the top of the Tai Chi pole via Governor vessel 20 point. The anxiety usually happens first, then leads to frustration and depression. So if you have anxiety, pull the energy down, but if you have depression then you'd pull the energy up.

If putting a LifeWave patch on the top of the head helps it, then leave it on. If it makes the symptoms worse, take it off and any effect dissipates quickly.

Between the bottom of the heart and diaphragm is where stuck emotional energy is often lodged (Yellow Court)

By dissipating the blockage in the Yellow Court often releases stuck emotional energy, even if it ha been there for decades. These blockages doesn't just come from stagnant wood attacking earth (liver attacking spleen energy in the five elements theory), it can come from the highest point in the highest kidney channel kidney 21 (associated with the Chong Mai) passes through the yellow court. Excess or lack of kidney energy can block Yellow Court and causes deficiencies and precipitate at grief.

Most modern people tend to burn out their kidney energy, so excess kidney energy is very rare these days. People who have asthma have weak kidneys as they are not anchoring the lung qi.

Allergies can often result from weak lung and kidney Qi energy

Dr. Dennis will often go to the Bladder 13 on either side of the spine on the back. He will unblock this area and the allergy symptoms go away. The bladder is the yang phase of the water, which is connected with the kidney energy, but also it is the back SHU point of the lungs (regulates and controls lung energy). You can use a back scratcher and double-sided tape to adhere the patch to yourself (put the tape on the other side of the adhesive backing which you will peel off).

Bladder 13 is on the inner bladder channel in a line that runs 1.5 cuns bilaterally on either side of the spine. One cun is the width of your thumb. It is just below thoracic vertebra 3. If you stand with your arms to your side, the scapular spine will point and intersect at the midline below T3.

The entire inner bladder line deals with the basic energy of the physical organs, however, if you go to the outer bladder line, that regulates the emotions, psyche and spirit! What corresponds with BL13 is Bladder 42 points. It is the Po Hu “door” – the door to the corporeal soul. If it is closed off or block, then it is closed to spirit and sets up a trap for inspiration so it can't come in and can set up depression. The Po can travel at night as well as the Hun, but connects to more material energies.

Bladder 42 is on the same horizontal plane as Bladder 13 and is 1.5 next to Bladder 13. So it is 3 cuns bilateral of the T3 spine.

Patching Protocols for Grief and Sadness

For acupuncture point locations, please refer to this helpful site, YinYangHouse.com

Simple Protocols

  • Bladder BL42Aeon on the right and SP6C on the left can help with depression symptoms of grief. It helps Yin rise and opens up the Po door. It opens up inspiration so you don't feel depressive symptoms anymore.
  • Conception Vessel CV17 – put a Carnosine patch here that opens up the chest qi, unblocks the chest, to help with grief
  • Lung LU3 – where your nose hits the outside of your biceps when you smell your armpit. it resonates and releases the Po. The energy “makes life worth living. gets rid of dark and inside emptiness. Reconciles injury with original qi – replaces damaged qi with harmonious qi which decreases grief and increases self-worth.
    • You can use Energy Enhancer or IceWave patches – white on right, tan on left.
    • Or you can use Aeon on the right and Sp6C on the left.
    • Or you can use Alavida on the right and Carnosine on the left.
  • Conception Vessel CV 15 – source point of the Yellow Court and front Mu point of Pericardium of 5 Element medicine. You can use Carnosine, Alavida, Glutathione or X39 on this spot.
  • Governor Vessel GV13 – on the back body, just below T1 thoracic vertebrae for “lack of happiness and joy”. It increases warmth and affection. This point in Asian medicine, is a treatment for depression, anxiety, dizziness, and vertigo. It helps protective qi. Calms Shen and dispels wind and wind-heat. Use Aeon, X39 or Alavida. It helps them be more oriented and more happy.

Simple Combination Protocols

  • Option 1: You can combine Lung 3 (as above) and CV17 into a triangle
    • Conception Vessel CV17 – put a Carnosine patch here
    • Lung LU3 – You can use Energy Enhancer or Icewave patches – white on right, tan on left.
      • Or you can use Aeon on the right and Sp6C on the left.
      • Or you can use Alavida on the right and Carnosine on the left.
  • Option 2:
    • Conception Vessel CV17 Carnosine,
    • Conception Vessel CV15 SP6C or tan patch from IceWave or Energy Enhancer,
    • and Governing Vessel GV13 Aeon/Alavida/or X39 (apex or triangle) would make a great triangle through the sagittal plane of the body

Advanced Combination Protocols

BL42 combined with BL43 just below (on the line of T4 bilaterally). The latter is the Yellow Court gate. Those two points are very interesting. BL42 is the Po door and the BL43 is the profound release of stuck energy, grounding Po with earth, and the likely attachments of the “angels wings”. These patching protocols are adapted from the information found in the book, Chinese Medical Psychiatry, by Bob Flaws.

  • heart deficiency and lung heat pattern – grief, crying for no reason, great heavy sadness, mental vexation, insomnia, flushed red face, five palms sweating and front of the chest.
    • Drain FireHeart 6 opens up the heart from a higher perspective. Clears heat and draws on yin for support and tonifies the heart. Use Aeon on the right
    • Support Yin – Kidney 3, shu stream points on the inside of the ankles to get rid of wind damp and heaviness. It is the earth point for water and the source point for kidneys and decreases stagnation. Use SP6C patch on left KI 3
    • Bladder 43 – the Yellow Court Gate – use IceWave or Energy Enhancer patches on both points on either side of the spine.
    • Embellish it more with pericardium 6 left with Carnosine and Spleen 6 point on the right with Alavida patch. this decreases chaos and calms fire.
  • heart-lung qi deficiency caused by prolonged grief, tendency to cry, short of breath, fatigue, enduring weak cough, tendency to catch a cold, faint voice. slight exertion causes sweating. We need to tonify heart and lung qi – the Zong Qi.
    • Bladder 42 on either side or Governing Vessel 12 GV12 below T3 on the back. It is the pillar for spirit for breaking stress. You can use a glutathione patch.
    • Pericardium 7 right white IceWave or Energy Enhancer patch
    • Pericardium 5 or Bladder 15 on the left tan IceWave or Energy Enhancer patch
      • BTW in Bob Flaws book, he suggests alternating Bladder 15 (back shu point for the heart) and Bladder 20 (back shu point for the spleen), the latter is good for tonifying and getting rid of damp.
  • liver fire invading the lung – liver wood heat attacking the metal (lung/LI) instead of the metal controlling the wood. This causes lung deficiency resulting in frequent sorrow, Shan Bi, and lability of emotions (swinging emotions) and irritability. It is an alternating pattern of wood. Burping as well as chest and pain between the ribs, distension, frequent sighing, giving up and bitter taste in the mouth. We need to drain the fire to increase lung qi and restore the central chest qi
    • Liver 2 – drains fire very profoundly (look in the archives on the Shu Stream Points post). It cools the blood and decreases yang qi. Liver 2 on the left – use a TAN IceWave or Energy Enhancer
    • Lung 7 – master point for the conception vessel and it decreases toxins, like heat toxins, and frees emotional stagnation related to grief specifically and circulates Wei Qi protective Qi. It regulates gonadotropin hormones. Use the WHITE Icewave or Energy Enhancer on the right.
    • Bladder 42 – the Po gate. Put a Glutathione on the right and Carnosine on the left on the back body.
    • Bladder 47 – known for treating liver chaos. Increase sense of purpose and from the higher self, Realizing the Divine plan which crumbles when people are grieving. Put on Aeon on the right and SP6C on the left.

Questions & Answers

Debbie – Wants to understand the Schumann Resonance. The atmosphere of the earth has a frequency. If we are vibrating in resonance with the earth's resonance, it is very healthy for us. Recently, there have been changes in the vibration of the earth naturally. The solar system is passing a part of the Universe in a space that is releasing a higher vibration. So that pushes the Schumann Resonance to a higher dimensional frequencies. When you get over 25 HZ, you're vibrating at 5th dimensional energies. We keep flipping back and forth between 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional energies.

Part of our Qi and Hun are interacting with 5th dimensional energies whereas the Po interacts with 3rd dimensional energies.

Catherine – since last year at Christmas, she got this pain near her shoulder above her breast and it comes and goes. It's been a long time since she lost anybody. Her twin flame is around her a lot. Put a Carnosine patch on Conception Vessel 17 will help unblock chest Qi and flow more freely. That may help if it his related to grief. Dr. Dennis has a lot of experience with this point on the chest.

The stagnant stomach fire protocol – 3 days of the week (Carnosine, glutathione, icewave), then X39 for the other 4 days of the week. Dr. Dennis said she can use CV12 point with X39.

Rose – Her daughter was diagnosed mycobacterial intracellulare avium – an autoimmune disease in the lungs. She is on a nebulizer and trying to cough up phelgm in the lungs. She is into holistic therapies and would like a protocol to support the symptoms. She is currently X39 and glutathione. She is cleaning up her gut and is very careful for her diet. She's using them for two months. She's noticed her sinuses have cleared up and was able to reduce her nebulizer. She is down to one time a day.

Dr. Dennis said we need to strengthen the body's energy and releasing blockages and it doesn't matter what the pathogen is, the body's immune system can heal these on its own when it is healthy and balanced. Draining damp-heat and supporting the immune system can be helpful for symptoms.

X39 – belly point – alternate with center of the chest conception vessel 17. With glutathione, you can put that right wrist Lung 9 base of the thumb.

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