LifeWave Protocols so support a Healthy Heart

In this radio show, Dr. Dennis and Dr. Karen discuss patching protocols to support the heart and cardiovascular systems.  Listen to the replay here:

Dr. Dennis Lobstein is a metaphysical doctor and in this show he shares with us extremely valuable information on spiritual alchemy using LifeWave patches.  Join Dr. Dennis weekly for his free Acuwave clinic in person or online. For information click HERE. For acupuncture points listed below, please refer to for locations.

Jing well point Heart 9 releases heat and if someone is starting to have a heartache, the best thing to do is stimulate Heart 9, which might be, in the cases of emergency require “biting” the point or digging your fingernails on the point.  Dr. Dennis wonders if using patches would be helpful in lieu of cardioversion in an emergency by increasing biocoherence around the heart:  TAN patch on left Spleen 21 and WHITE patch on CV17.  There is an 80mV drop in voltage across the heart is usual.  The heart muscle becomes more irritable when it is deprived of oxygen, so all of that could start incoherence of the heart muscle where you get a lower depolarization threshold and that means you can get heart arrhythmias.

Carnosine and/or white icewave on CV17 and tan on Spleen 21 at the tip of the heart.  You make the whole heart muscle more coherent to decrease the irritability of the heart muscle thus lower the risk of irritable heart muscles causing arrhythmia. This may be supportive and useful for people with heart rhythm issues.

The 5G wireless interferes with body's coherence.  Cities are starting to put up the 5G.  Some cities don't want it.  The Milliwave put out by the 5G requires towers all over the place and will be more intense compared with 4G.  The body's biofield may be interrupted.  It may decrease available oxygen to the tissues increasing free radicals.

Western Perspective

ECG is the measurement of electrical conduction of the heart.  You can see the big wave in the middle that represents the depolarization of the ventricles that pump blood to the body/lungs.  If you look at the peak to peak that's called an R-R interval.  There is a physiological device called a Heart Rate Variability monitor. When the heart is beating really fast, you have a really short R-R interval.  When you relax or meditate or when you are wearing energy enhancer patches, you can slow down the R-R interview if it is too fast.  You can emulate being aerobically fit by putting Energy Enhancer patches on Pericardium 6 to support the heart.  This of course doesn't mean that you stop exercising!  However it calms you down and helps you relax.

Chinese Medicine Perspective:

The heart houses the Shen (mental).  In terms of five element medicine, we have five different phases called Wu-Shing (5 phases) that represents phases of the frequencies.  This Shen influences much of our body's health.  If we have healthy Shen, the body is going to be healthy.  In Chinese Medicine, we call the heart the Emperor.  If all of the elements are commanded by the heart with the emperors good Shgen then they all work in harmony and balance.

If the Shen is not right, then it can throw all the other phases out of balance.  The heart is thus very important.  The tongue is the window to the heart.  We can tell is the heart energy is in excess or deficiency just by  looking at the tongue.  If the tongue is super-red – then there is ‘excess'.  If the tongue is pale then we know there is a deficiency and then we need to tonify the heart.

Sedate the Excess:

Using 5 element graph, Fire is the Mother and Earth is the Child.  We'd go to the child point (earth point) in the Heart channel which is Heart 7.  if we stimulate heart 7, then we can sedate and drain the excess off to send the energy to the child.  With LifeWave patches, we would put a negative/tan energy patch on Heart 7 or Pericardium 7 on the LEFT.  to drain the excess (tongue red and too much heat in the heart) and at the same time, we'd use Small intestine 4 or Triple Burner 3 on the right with the positive/tan energy enhancer patch.

Tonify a Deficiency:

If the tongue is pale, then find heart 9 as it is the Mother point, it pulls energy from the mother (wood) into the heart (fire).  The positive/white Energy Enhancer would be on right heart 9 and then tan/negative one on left small intestine 4.  Balancing the heart, helps to balance everything else.

Obstructions of the heart orifice occurs with excess phelgm (example atherosclerosis and calcium deposits) that can trigger blood clots.  You want to open the heart orifice.  In Western medicine, nitroglycerin is used.  In TCM, musk oil is used (which isn't legal in California).

CV14 can open up the obstructions.  It is right on top of the xiphoid process.  Using Carnosine there, it will simulate the “open the heart” orifice and unobstruct the phlegm.  This is excellent support for a healthy heart.  This also helps with revitalizing the Shen spiritual exhaustion and sudden turmoil disorder as well as for palpitations.  Sacred geometry:  You can add Energy Enhancer tan on Pericardium 6 (left) and white energy enhancer on triple burner 5 (right).  These are complementary points inner and outer frontier heart protector gates.  Yin/Yang pair in Fire.

Yin Stupor – can't really move – very stuck…even just CV14 can help with this!  By putting Aeon on GV20 top of the head and that will draw yang qi up, you can counteract the stupor.  The other way to do it is to stimulate Kidney 1 (left with SP6C patch).  You're grounding the bubbling spring.  It is like stretching a rubber band so that the yin stupor gets pulled in both directions…both grounding and elevating.

If there is a lot of chaos in our environment, people can resonate with those chaotic morphic fields from our environment and feel ungrounded.  We can RESET ourselves through Kidney 9. It clears up the Yin and resets it.  If we use CV14 and Kidney 9, those are great chaos points – for extreme fear and mania. Kidney 9 – use energy enhancer on both sides and Carnosine on CV14 to make a nice big triangle.  You can get fancier by using Bladder 58 (right/white) instead of Kidney 9 to  make a yin/yang pair.  This three point combo takes heat out of the head, takes blockages that cause pain and reverses dizziness.

Revitalize Joy

Use GV11 Spirit Gate (Shen Dao) right below the 5th thoracic vertebrae (hard to reach on your own).  If someone is standing with arms outstretched, then the spinous border of the scapula is at T3.  If you draw an imaginary line, it will cross at T3.  Then count two spaces down, then that is T5 where Shen Dao is.  It is indicated by psychological shock, but also for cardiac shock issues.  It also unfolds ones Life Path and awakens the spirit and gets a person on their spiritual path. If you are doing spiritual work, if you patch GV11, it will help modify the spiritual journey when intending in a positive direction.

GV4 is Life Gate and it brings joy back into living and lifts the spirit and revitalizes the Heart Qi.  If you use GV4 and 11 in combination you have Spirit and Life Gates working together.  You can anchor both using Kidney 9/Bladder 58 and that makes two triangles.  You can turn it into a Merkaba you can use Heart 7 on the left and Small intestine 4 on the right with Energy Enhancers or combo of SP6C/Aeon.  Revitalize Joy.

These relationships, in balance, supports the authentic Self.

Question from Pat: How to support healthy blood pressure?

Dr. Dennis' clinical experience is using Energy Enhancer on Stomach 36 white on right tan on left the blood pressure may be supported.

Triple burner 5 is a heart protector and outer frontier gate.  Dr. Dennis suggests using it with Pericardium 6 on the left Triple Burner 5 on the right on alternate days to above. Putting Carnosine on CV14 or 17 helps to relax the area to increase flow to and from the heart.

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