LifeWave Patching Protocols for Symptoms of PTSD and other emotional trauma

Listen to this replay of the Ask the Doctors radio show with Dr. Dennis Lobstein and Dr. Karen Kan. The topic is about Chinese acupuncture theory and how to use LifeWave phototherapy tools to improve the energy flow of the body and relieving severe stress symptoms. For acupuncture point locations, please check

“The Devil burns up Yin” according to Jeffrey Wen. When we correct the energetic imbalances that have shifted us, we can regain our balance and homeopathic state.

Stress causes inflammation which then causes blockages which cause pain and decreased Qi balance which can compromise hormonal balance and immunity. This can cause unregulated cell growth too! The Y-age Aeon patches help balance these inflammation and hormonal issues.

An increase of dampness, due to challenges of the spleen energy. Spleen Qi deficiency abounds in many people! Spleen 9 acupuncture point is a great point to re-balance and support the spleen Qi. Worry causes damp as well as “overdoing”. When damp, we get more phlegm and it causes blockages as well and that blocks orifices. One of the most famous energetic orifices are the ones in the heart. We can get “heart blockages” from dampness.

Things that can cause severe stress:

  1. electromagnetic radiation dramatically increases stress and trauma
  2. bio-weapons – can increase infectious diseases for example Typhus coming into Los Angeles.
  3. traumas associated with rape (check out Heidi Lobstein's book on military sexual trauma called Silence is Violence), abuse, disasters, warfare, shell shock, automobile accidents, attacks, etc.
  4. vaccine-related injury (formaldehyde, adjuvants, mercury etc.)
  5. cancer, heart attacks, autoimmune diseases, miscarriages carry with it, a lot of stress

About 6.8% suffers from PTSD which came from one of the above traumas. That includes 9.7% women and 3.6% of the men. However, about 25% of military women suffer from MST (military sexual trauma) and only recently it is being recognized and compensated by the military.

Western Medicine Perspective

You are likely to have low cortisol in the blood and high catecholamines in the urine. We can rebalance our HPTA (hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid-adrenal) axis through the pineal body. The Alavida patch helps to signal epithalamin from the pineal which supports balancing of the HPTA axis. Corticotropin releasing factor from the hypothalamus signals pituitary and the result is signals going to adrenal glands and then produces higher levels of stress hormones. With increase stress, your memories can't form as well in the brain. Lower emotional memory and recall through the amygdala which may help to repress the trauma. Cognitive therapies may help unrepress stuck emotions.

Anti-depressants, Prazosin®, and anxiolytic medications may help with symptoms although not particularly efficacious in the long run because the energetic issues aren't being addressed.

One can have imbalances in serotonin, dopamine. Dopamine regulation can be addressed with the Nirvana system. The Silent Nights and Alavida patch helps to support serotonin and melatonin.

Chinese Medicine Perspective

This is a Shen disturbance: rumination, anxiety rumination, aggression, suicidality, impulsivity, joy deficiency, apathy, decrease in attention and focus, motor deficits, nightmares, psychosis, agitation restlessness and insomnia. Something as simple as aerobic exercise, helps move Qi and blood and helps to alleviate many of these conditions and rebalance our energy.

Depression symptoms

  • Pull the Qi up to the top of the Tai Chi pole, governing vessel 20. Put an Aeon patch to pull the Qi up to the top of the head. Yang Qi will be low in depression so we want to pull the energy up. GV 20 is the point.

Anger symptoms

The anger energy can go across the Yellow Court (between apex heart and diaphragm). Wood attacking Earth from that pressure cooker and that angry energy can attack the spleen! Spleen is supposed to keep blood in its vessels. When that doesn't happen it becomes “reckless blood” and a stroke or heart attack can occur!

Medications such as acetominophen and NSAIDs, can make liver stagnation worse and can become a vicious cycle of causing blocks and pain as a result.

  • Consider using IceWave on Liver 3, white on right, tan on left.
  • Gallbladder 40 is another option for the white patch. This relieves stagnation of liver qi, and releases being “pissed off” and irritability. It prevents liver yang from rising to create a headache.

Insomnia Symptoms

Put a Silent Nights patch called Shimian (bottom of the heal), which has an internal root to the brain. It is an “extra” acupuncture point. The shanghai book as all the numerology of the extra points


  • Very common with PTSD from high adrenaline surges. Pericardium 6 and Spleen 4 combination is good. Yin patch (tan patch or SP6C patch) goes on left spleen 4 and yang patch (white or any Y-Age patch such as Aeon) on right PC6.
  • SP6C patch on the left Kidney 6 is another great point and Triple burner 17 right side Aeon. That helps to balance the hormones and adrenaline. That also addresses night sweats!
  • Kidney 9 resets the Yin of the whole body. It moves Jing and blood. In autoimmunity and PTSD, Yin gets burned up as well as our Jing (essence). That gives us Yin deficiency. To reset the Yin of the whole body, you use Kidney 9. Sort of like de-gaussing the old computers so you can destatic the screens. You can use and Aeon on the right and SP6C patch on the left and that helps balance hormones at the same time.

The Three Sisters Protocol for Calming Shen

This is a triangle protocol start by finding GV24, 1/2 cun posterior to the hairline in the front in the midline. Then you go 3 cun bilateral to that point to GB13. That is a powerful combination for calming the Shen especially for people with PTSD symptoms. GV24 is the apex of this small triangle. You can use Aeon on the right GB 13 and Sp6C on the left GB 13 and Aeon or X39 on the GV24 in the center. Alternatively you can use a White Energy Enhancer or IceWave on the right, and Tan on the left.

Dr. Dennis' Clear Yellow Court Triangle for Stuck Emotional Energy

  • Use the Aeon brain balancing protocol first for 1-2 weeks to balance the nervous system first, then use the other protocols like this one:
  • Patch Bladder 43 with Aeon right and SP6C on the left medial borders of scapula and Conception vessel 15 on the front. CV 15 Alavida or Nirvana, (or carnosine or X39 if there is tissue trauma) is really important because what it does. It is the Source point for the Yin organs and it can treat Yin deficiency really well all over the body. It gives stability for people with PTSD. It supports the loss of stability of the heart. It transforms heart phlegm blocking orifices, then it releases the Shen disturbance and heart disharmony.

Spleen 21 – the great Luo

Psychologically or emotionally fractured. Disordered and they need a big “hug” from Source, the embrace of the One. Use Spleen 21 to restore original nature. This also tonifies YING nutritive Qi. It is really good for weakness all over the body not only from PTSD and fibromyalgia.

  • Patch Spleen 21 with Aeon on the right and SP6C on the left
  • Patch CV 15 to calm the Shen with Alavida/Nirvana/Carnosine/or X39. There is a disruption of DNA structure with military sexual trauma. In severe trauma DNA structure can be disrupted. If all the DNA is resonating with each other, it is works as a Tesseract. In severe trauma, this resonance is disrupted and cause lack of coherence, which then affects its structure. We then feel disjointed and out of whack.

Questions and Answers:

Tina's question: how to help heal bone shattering, emotional stress, Put X39 on right Bladder 65 to mend bone and Carnosine patch on the left (optional).

Jen: mom has pain in her hands. When her father was dying she held both his hands and the pain occurred after that. Dr Dennis suggested X39 on Pericardium 7 on the right and Carnosine or SP6C patch on the left Pericardium 7.

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