LifeWave Patching Protocols for enhancing 5G Resilience

Dr Dennis Lobstein shares his understanding of 5G. In this episode of Ask the LifeWave doctors, Dr. Lobstein shares his view of 5G, how that relates to Traditional Chinese medicine and how LifeWave phototherapy patches can enhance and/or protect our body's health in the wake of the 5G roll out.

According to the Nuremberg code which is in the AMA code of ethics. Whenever there is a medical procedure done, there must be informed consent. Dr. Dennis has been on committees on research, so thus he is very familiar with informed consent. He's encountered situations such as dental amalgam and vaccines that get “pushed” on people without true informed consent.

The telecommunication companies that make 5G technology are announcing that “we're going to roll out 5G whether you like it or not”. Why are they doing it without informed consent of the public? More of the public is becoming more aware of 5G and its negative effects. Not all EMF is bad. Some EMF is very useful – the Rife frequencies for example are very helpful for the body. That technology has been suppressed, but newer versions of these machines are being made and more people are becoming aware.

5G is very harmful and pro-cancer and disease according to many sources, according to Dr. Dennis.

Is fear of 5G just “fear porn”? In Chinese Medicine, we talk about “evil” qi being energies not conducive to health and life. Examples of things that can help us include structured water, antioxidants, Faraday cages, Orgonite, crystals, etc. And of course the LifeWave phototherapy patches can make us more energetically coherent which makes us more resilient to “evil qi” a.k.a. negative disruptive energies. Dr. Sharon Goldberg MD internist and academic shared a report to politicians in Michigan.

Robert O. Becker wrote The Body Electric. He is a pioneer in tissue regeneration and related electrical fields. Dr. Dennis learned about tissue regeneration back in the 1970's. “I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time, that the greatest polluting element in earth's environment is electromagnetic pollution”.

5G is being rolled out in places without public consent – Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas. Is it true? That 5G rollout is the most dangerous technological development of the millennium? Human, insect, plant and animals will be affected. It will radically change the morphogenetic fields…womb, especially in delicate pivotal stages in the fetus. The wave lengths are milliwaves not microwaves. The 4G changes the molecular spin in our cells. 5G would disrupt the bonds between oxygen making it difficult to bind to hemoglobin. It makes breathing difficult and uncouples the ability to make ATP in our mitochondria. That makes less oxygen available in our cells. Oxygen in our cells lowers the risk of cancer. If you lower oxygen delivery you thus increase the risk of cancer.

Symptoms of EMF/EMR toxicity

Despite what you want to belief, here is a truth: We are being exposed to 100 million times more EMF radiation that our grandparents: Brain cancer, ALS, Tiredness, weakness, fatigue, insomnia, Dizziness, nausea, skin disorders, mental impairment, poor immunity, reproductive disorders, mitochondrial dysfunction, accelerated aging, depression and anxiety, and depleted glutathione, our master antioxidant are some symptoms that may come from exposure to harmful EMF. Dr. Dennis has a Faraday cage over his router to protect himself.

There are cities that have filed lawsuits – property rights. Call the FCC is 888-225-5322 to say you don't want 5G. Then the Federal science and technology committee 202-224-1251. Putting pressure on local politicians – you might be able to block it.

Alternative technologies to 5G without health hazards that are faster, more secure and more reliable such as light fiber cable. Attempt to put in hard wiring instead of wireless. Harm being done is exponentially worse as you go from 4G to 5G. You definitely get more data but you also get more harm. Data traffic in 4G is 7.2 exabytes per month and 5G is 50 exabytes per month for example. Latency of 4G is 10 ms, and 5G is less than 1 ms. You get more speed, but at what health cost?

History of Cell Phones

First generation was analog huge brick phones by Motorola. 1991 digital cellular tech under Global systems for mobile communications 2G. They were like flip phones. It wasn't until 2001 HSP 3G innovated data streaming using more bandwidth. That used more energy than its predecessors. Then LTE (long term evolution) is broadband and that came out 2009 – 4G.

We have a perceived need for speed. The roll out of 5G that is occurring – for AI grid and driverless cars. That's also a double-edged sword. Both can be helpful or harmful if the control of the technology is in the wrong hands.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Concepts

  • Pain is caused by blockage
  • stiffness is stagnation
  • fatigue is deficiency
  • skin disorders Lung Qi problems and Wei Qi protective field
  • dizziness, vertigo, and nausea rebellious stomach Qi
  • anxiety depression mental impairment Shen disturbances or 5 element fire-water disharmonies or heart-kidney energy disharmonies
  • compromised immune – spleen Qi deficiency, kidney and liver
  • reproductive issues – kidney and yang qi deficiency
  • urinary tract problems – damp heat
  • mitochondrial – yang deficiency
  • free radical and oxidation damage – excess heat cause by toxic heat, poisons, including EMF
  • inflammation is excess damp – accumulation of excess fluids – transform into phlegm which causes blockages which causes pain
  • accelerated aging – deficiency
  • depleted glutathione – deficiency

You can use the symptoms above to give you hints on how to customize your protocols (Advanced).

We are reinforcing our biochoherence, our DNA tesseract. 5G breaks DNA. DNA is a fractal antennae. The DNA tesseract when harmonized, in biocoherence in meditation or wearing patches or by doing qigong, we can access our multidimensional selves through the DNA. We don't want our DNA integrity compromised with EMF. That can harm our access to our multidimensional selves and keep us stuck in 3D (and not evolving)

Notable Acupuncture Points:

  • Drain Damp – Spleen 9
  • Drain phelgm – Stomach 40
  • Rebellious Qi – CV 12 the front Mu point or the Yuan Source point to regulate the Qi.


Repair and Protection

  • Modified Aeon brain protocol with the x39 for repairing the brain. If you use the protocol with X39 instead of Aeon, you can potentially repair the brain from the damage of the EMF. Increases brain derived neurotropic factor which increase neuron formation and dendritic connections and neuroplasticity…thus enhancing brain function and reverse damage from EMF. You can stack these two or just alternate Aeon and X39 every day. The points used for the brain protocol are: CV 20, third eye, CV 19 thymus, TB 17 behind right ear. Choose one of these points each day.
  • Enhancing the entire nervous system: Instead of X39 on GV20, Dr. Dennis likes to rotate them through these points (one per day): the GV16 (back of the neck which takes care of wind and movement) GV14 (crossing point of all the yang channels in the upper body) GV11 (spirit gate, Shen Dao affecting the heart which regulates all the other organs/officials), GV4 Life Gate to recharge batteries between kidneys, GV2 on the horse shoe of the sacrum near the tail end of the tai chi pole. Repair and enhance the nervous system. We're addressing our main conduits of qi plus our marrow/nervous system.

Fatigue – Powerful Overall Protocol

  • For fatigue or atrophy, deficiency and counteracting effects of 4G and 5G: use x39 on right GB39 which is the influential point for the marrow. It is an alternative doing the rotation on the Tai chi pole (above).
  • CV8 is spiritual connection to Source. Mental or Shen disturbances good to put moxa with salt base on the belly button. Use X39 patch instead on the belly button for a powerful effect.

Extreme Fatigue or Collapse Protocols

  • Kidney 27 – on either side of the breast plate. Put Energy Enhancer on either side white on right, tan on left. You can make a triangle with CV 8 – for example X39 or Aeon. Helps with fatigue and atrophy in the body.
  • Make a powerful Triangle! Options:
    • Ki 27 with Energy Enhancer or Aeon right/Sp6C on left or X39 right/Carnosine left,
    • then CV8 with X39 or Aeon or glutathione (depending on what you've already used above)
  • CV4 tonifies yang qi – deficiencies with EMF – glutathione or X39 on this point
  • Triple burner 17 behind the ears on the mastoid. Helps endocrine point on the reverse ear lobe but reticular activating system responsible for sleep and arousal. If having behavioral issues from EMF exposure, then put X39 on the right to maintain consciousness (and balance with carnosine on the left)
  • Heart 3 is on the inside of the elbow – opens up heart orifice and calms shen treatment tremors and spasms. X39 right/Carnosine left
  • Heart 6 treats stagnation of blood and yin/yang collapse. Put the edge of patch on the wrist crease you'll cover the heart 6. X39 on right and carnosine on the left. That's good for night sweats as well. If you have kidney Yin depletion and causing night sweats, heart 6 (right Aeon) and kidney 7 (left Sp6C) combination is really good for this.
  • Liver 8 is great for tonifying liver blood, relaxing muscles and clearing damp heat. If you have difficulty of blood flow or accumulation of damp heat, or prolapse of tissues, all of those issues can be caused by EMF exposure. Liver 8 is good for all that. Put the X39 on right and Carnosine on the Left.


Joni – been diagnosed with multiple things. Does 5G enhance those symptoms? What is the best thing to do for neurolyme and mold with supporting the body through patching?

Dr. Dennis said 5G can weaken the immune system. He suggested the Aeon Brain protocol and 5 elements, then start analyzing your symptoms to figure out more specific points to treat those energy patterns. For dizziness, you can use glutathione or X39 on CV 12 on the stomach. For depression for example use Aeon on GV20. For overall body pain, you can use two sets of IceWave patches with both tan on Kidney 1 and white on HT3 both sides. For Chronic fatigue, you can refer to the above protocols focusing on Kidney 27 and CV8. You can also use CV4 and GV 4 combo with Y-Age patches. For sleep issues, use TB17 behind the ear (Silent nights on right and carnosine on the left) or pericardium 6 carnosine left/Silent Nights TB5 right combination.

Nan -noticeable difference the weekend before. She went three days later there were fewer people in the store including the Whole Foods workers. She felt whole body burning. People were looking down and away as if they were really stressed. She was able to notice 5G. What can she do with this whole body burning. And noticing arrhythmias, magnesium and potassium. What points are the best?

Dr. Dennis: It's called Poppers by the military. The patches can reinforce the wei qi field and helps evil qi/EMF from coming in. Dr. Dennis suggested Support Mountain Protocol (triple/quad triangle) Kidney 1 or Bladder 57 with Energy Enhancers white on right tan on left or both sides with TAN (as long as you have positive patches above), GV 2, GV4, GV14, GV16 and/or GV20.

Simpler Triangle Protocol for Nan: Kidney/heart 3 protocol with energy enhancer patches or icewave (you can either use tans on feet and white on heart 3 or white on right and tan on left), with apex of the triangle(s) on CV20 Aeon and X39 on the CV 8 umbilicus.

Heart protection protocol: X39 on CV17 and Carnosine on the left spleen 21

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